• Apple 2014 Event Invitation “Wish We Could Say More”

    Today, an exact news that Apple just sent out media invites for the September 9 event, the company to hold an annual event in Cupertino on September 9th, complete with a typically confusing-but-also-probably-revealing tagline: “wish we could say more. ” By then, the long-awaited iPhone 6, rumored iWatch, iOS 8, OS X and maybe even more

  • 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 With Amazing Price Up to €950

    Rumors always said 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will use a “Different” advanced material, and this material should be the sapphire screen. Sapphire screen will bring greater scratch resistance for iPhone, but due to this material is difficult to process, is likely to result in supply shortage. Some analysts said that this year’s iPhone 6 with sapphire

  • iPhone 6 Screen to Size Ratios Only 65.8%

    In the feature phone era, it seems that people did not argue the ratio of phone’s screen occupied. But now in smart phone era, increasing screen occupies almost the entire front panel of the phone. Obvious people’s demand contributed to this change, also another important reason is the competition between manufacturers. What followed is users

  • How to Change the iOS 7 Keyboard into Lock Screen Style

    Some observant users may find that there are two different appearance of the keyboard in iOS 7. One is the traditional keyboard with gray background and white buttons, and the other is the key surrounded by white lines match with semi-transparent background. The latter only be called out when we enabled complex lock screen passcode.

  • How to Change iOS 7 Font With BytaFont 2

    To change the iOS 7 font, the only way is to jailbreak the device then install some cydia tweaks with the ability to change the system font. BytaFont 2 is the best one, With this tweak, user can freely customize the system fonts, such as homescreen, lockscreen, keyboard, apps among others. If you are willing

  • 20 Stunning Tilt-shifted iPhone Wallpapers

    Today I trimmed some pretty tilt-shifted pictures for iPhone wallpapers, very amazing, you can set them as lock screen or Home Screen background. Tilt-shift photography refers to pictures created using tilt-shift lens. The photographs effect like a miniature model, very special. Shift lens is mainly used to correct perspective problem when taking pictures with the

  • Apple Alerts Developers to Update iOS 8 Beta 5 & Yosemite DP 5

    It is now the end of August, Apple did not release the sixth beta of iOS 8 as scheduled, but pushed the beta 6 directly to the testing partners. And today Apple sent an email to developers alerting them to the fact that starting from August 26 , CloudKit, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, Mail

  • How to Replace a New Battery for iPhone 5 from Apple

    The new generation iPhone will debut next month, whereas before that Apple has brought a new welfare program for older users. We all know that there is a power button failure problem exists on some early batch of iPhone 5, Apple has provides a free replacement program for these machines. This time, Apple provides a

  • Apps Gone Free: Stackables, True Skate, Third Eye Crime and Atom Run

    Here are the latest eight paid apps for iPhone and iPad for free in limited time. Just searching the app name or scanning dimensional code for downloading. Stackables is a relatively unique filter app for iPhone and iPad, which lets you transform your photos from plain to extraordinary with the use of layers, filters, textures, and more.

  • Some Anti-theft Settings on iPhone You Should Know

    In my life, I have heard several friends lost their iPhone, and most are not found. And some of them even do not know what the Find My iPhone is, so here I listed a few anti-theft or security settings on iPhone, if some of which you don’t know, then set up them as early