• How to Quickly Enable “Night Mode” in iOS 8

    iOS always hide some little features or tips we never found. If you often read books, news or novels on iPhone before bed, then you must be suffering dazzling light, and this will seriously affect your vision and sleep. Luckily, iOS make it easy to invert screen colors for an instant “Night Mode.” In fact,

  • How to Check iPhone UDID Directly in iOS Settings App

    Typically, to know the UDID (Unique Device Identifier) ​​of any iOS device, we must first connect the device with iTunes, then check the UDID number from the iTunes panel. Course you can also check the it by accessing some specialized websites in Safari. For ordinary users, udid no special meaning, it is specifically designed for developers

  • How to Remove Recent Contacts from iOS 8 App Switcher

    Recent contacts be added in App Switcher is undoubtedly a major change in the iOS 8, users simply double-click the Home button to call up the app switcher to view the recent contacts upon the apps view. Just tap on one of the contact bubbles and an assortment of options appear—call, message, or FaceTime, very

  • Brevity Tweak Quickly Response Messages With Pre-set Shortcuts

    Messages app is an extremely popular native application on any smart phone, especially Apple constantly adding new abilities to enhance the stock Messages app, send audio, video clips and more. However, in most cases, these operations are done manually by the users themselves, today there is a new jailbreak tweak called “Brevity” with a special

  • Somethings You Should Know Before Participating in Yosemite Beta Program

    Yesterday, Apple officially opened the OS X Beta program to public, inviting users to help them build the next version of OS X best yet. Users can get the redemption code of OS X 10.10 Yosemite sent by Apple, to install and experience OS X Yosemite in Mac App Store in advance. To get the

  • iOS 8 Beta 4 Bugs, Changes and Apps Compatibility List

    iOS 8 beta 4 seeded for developers few days, we have seen Apple really added many changes and bug fixes in beta 4, the control center is the most obvious change in this version. Another is Apple removed Bug Reporter app in beta 4, which seems to imply that the public version is coming soon.  However, even so, beta 4

  • Spigen iPhone 6 Case Preview: Thin Fit and Thin Fit A

    We have seen multiple iPhone 6 mockups in the past few months, but they are all stereotyped, rounded corner, larger screen and ugly three-back design. Three-antenna seems to become a foregone conclusion, which is a mandatory for all-aluminum body as Apple to ensure the signal strength. If you are temporarily unable to accept its ugly

  • How to Trim The Video You Captured on iPhone and iPad

    Apple is constantly improving photos and video capture capabilities of iOS devices. The current iOS not only allow us to take photo and capture video, but also allows users to trim, share and edit a photo or video on iPhone and iPad directly without any third-party apps.

  • Apple “Inadvertently” Admitted the iOS Backdoor Existence

    Recently, Apple responded to the well-known iOS hacker Jonathan Zdziarski on the existence of iOS backdoor. The company issued an official statement saying they never create a “backdoor” in iOS for any government agency, but this statement soon be questioned by hackers. The Statement says “We have designed iOS so that its diagnostic functions do

  • How to Set Up Two-Step Verification for Apple ID

    Two-step verification is an optional security feature for Apple ID, which can greatly strengthen the security of the user’s Apple ID. Two-step verification added an extra barrier comes in the form of a four-digit code, which will be sent to a device of your choosing via the Find My iPhone app or SMS, after you’ve