FaceTime not working on iOS 6 devices, How to Fix?

Few days ago, MacRumors reported that some users complain about they got a “connection failed” message when attempting to FaceTime on their iOS 6 devices. According to the discussion thread on Apple Support Communities, it also doesn’t seem like a carrier related issue, as users are unable to make FaceTime calls either over Wi-Fi or cellular network. Users who have contacted Apple support have been told to update their Apple device to take the leap to the latest version of iOS. Continue reading…

auxo 2

Get the Auxo 2 deb for Free Right Now

A few days ago, we reported A3tweaks to release Auxo 2 (Jailbreak tweak) at Cydia Store. Today, the tweak arrival with brilliant features for iOS 7. Auxo 2 1.0.1-2 now officially available for download at cydia Bigboss repo. Auxo 2 compatible with iOS 7.0.x running on iPhone, not compatible with iPad, but do not worry the author promises to add iPad support in v1.1. The tweak also compatible with other tweaks, such as: CCToggles, Polus, CCControls or LockHTML3. Continue reading…


Auxo 2 for iOS 7 Soon be Available With Dazzling Features

Today, the development team A3Tweaks announced that their app switcher Auxo 2 will soon be available for download at Cydia Store on April 2. Auxo 2 is a sequel of Auxo, but it has a big difference in terms of work with the previous generation. In order to allow jailbreak fans full of expectations, A3Tweaks released a short video introduction for Auxo 2, which we can only use the “dazzling” to describe. Continue reading…

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