• Third-party Keyboards for iOS 8 You’re Probably Looking For

    It is no exaggeration to say that a massive new features added in iOS 8 allow you to completely get rid of jailbreak. Keyboard as the most commonly used features, Apple has made a compromise to which that allow users to add third-party keyboards to iOS. We have introduced this ability in previous iOS 8

  • How to Add Third Party Widgets in iOS 8 Notification Center

    iOS 8 has great scalability, now users can freely add third-party widgets, keyboards, extensions in iOS 8. Which also is the major reason that many people give up jailbreak. This post will guide you how to add a third-party widget in Notification Center. After iOS 8 updating, you should have noticed that there is an

  • How to Add Third-Party Extensions in iOS 8 Safari

    iOS 8 is simply a significant innovation that allows users to add various third-party widgets, Keyboards and app extensions. This post to guide you how to add, use the share extensions in iOS 8. Usually these extensions are embedded in web page with share button form, you need to click on them when sharing. Now

  • How to Fix ‘Software Update Failed’ and ‘Server Could Not be Contacted’ Errors When Updating iOS 8

    Apple has officially seeded iOS 8.0 public for all users, as the firmware just released, many people around the world are beginning to check their phones to get updates from the OTA or iTunes. But precisely for this reason Apple’s server is down, users received some fail tips ‘Software Update Failed‘ on iOS devcies and

  • Download iOS 8.0 Public for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    After testing five betas and a GM version, Apple finally released iOS 8.0 Public for all iOS devices. If you’re a long-awaited, quickly pick up the phone to check for updates from Settings app, Software Update, or directly download the complete iOS 8 ipsw firmware from the below links for a brand new restore. By

  • Pangu Team Reminds Jailbreakers Upgrading iOS 7.1.2

    Apple to launch iOS 8 public in few hours later, however, for the jailbroken devices on iOS 7.x, the iOS 8 update means losing jailbreak. This is because Apple will soon stop signing iOS 7.1.2 firmware within few hours, once iOS 8 available for download. Jailbreak team pangu also alerts the users to upgrade their

  • ‘AppBuyer’ Malware Steals Apple ID and Password on Jailbroken Devices

    Recently, news reports always said iOS jailbreak exists some unknown security risk, and the fact confirms this is true. Palo Alto the Network security research firm reported a new iOS malware called “AppBuyer” last weekend, this malware is affecting the jailbreak devices. As the name suggests it is used to steal the user’s Apple ID

  • Apple Adds Three New Tutorials in iOS 8 Tips App

    Earlier today, Apple added three new tutorials for Tips app in iOS 8 by over-the-air update. Apple now given more detailed explanations for “See when a message was sent”, “Siri knows the ture” and “Share with your family . “this is the second update of Tips app, last one was iOS 8 beta 4 in

  • How to Check iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Pre-order Status at Various Sites

    Apple’s new generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus been pre-ordered 4 million units in the first selling day, which breaking the iPhone Pre-order history. If you’re lucky, become one of them have pre-ordered iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus over the weekend. Then checking the order status is probably your most important thing in

  • How Much RAM Does iPhone 6 Plus Have

    iPhone’s RAM has been very little, even pitiful compared to other flagships. Now 1GB RAM is still the standard configuration for the current iPhone 5 / 5s and iPhone 6. Is Apple’s system optimization can really never need to increase the memory capacity? Obviously the answer is no. Recently, GSMArena published a sheet of iPhone 6 Plus