The Cydia founders Saurik attend Google 2011 Developers Conference

Google’s 2011 annual developer conference, earlier than the WWDC opening month. The two-day Google I/O 2011 Conference attracted from around the world Android developers and manufacturers.

The Cydia founder Jay Freeman – in fact we are more familiar with his screen name: Saurik, also appeared in the meeting room, attracted a lot of attention. Saurik created Cydia is an important part of the iOS jailbreak work, he has publicly said it would not develop Android Cydia, but he appeared as a guest in Google’s developer conference.

Saurik with many Google developers for cooperation and common development of app engine. Many developers on the Android, while also not been released in Cydia Apple Store reviewed by the application. But obviously, Cydia in Android, and there is not much longer necessary.