iOS Simulator – tests Apps on a PC or MAC

iOS Simulator is a very convenient and practical tool that allows developers testing iOS Apps on the computer directly, especially those applications will mentioned to Apple. Video shows iOS Simulator via a Dell touch monitor. After installed the iOS Simulator, developers can testing development application any time, no need to connect the application to iOS devices each time.

In addition, from the video we can see the touch-screen PC or laptop is not considered a bad idea. As a touch screen device king, even though the user assuming that Apple will develop a touch-screen Mac, but Apple seems to be not agree with this idea. Apple’s Worldwide Product Marketing senior vice president Phil Schiller said: “If we try to multi-touch built into the display, we found that this operating position is not ideal and you hand hanging in the air for multi-touch, this position is very comfortable. ”

Last year, Steve Jobs has also expressed attitude to the vertical multi-touchscreen , although that seems feasible, but after a lot of user testing found that after a longer time of operation, user will feel fatigue, and soon wanted to hand down.

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