New iPhone and iPad release frequency raised to twice a year

Belem Berg Bank analyst Adnaan Ahmad said Apple may up the release frequency of iPhone and iPad to twice a year to better compete with rivals.

Insiders pointed out that the iPhone 4 has been available one year to become the best-selling mobile phones, so the strategy of Apple release a mobile phone each year is successful.

Ahmad said that Apple will release a price of around $300 (before operator subsidies) cheap iPhone, with other low-cost smart phone for the market. iPhone 3GS in this range, its current price of two-year contract only 50 dollars. Apple’s newly released iCloud will lead to the expected profits of the company’s new round of growth. Commenting on the reasons for Apple’s stock price fell, Ahmad said that the market is concern the Non-Steve Jobs (of Apple CEO Steve Jobs) times. he still remain target of Apple’s Stock price at $445.

Ahmad said, RIM, Nokia and other big handset makers would be difficult situation, RIM will be the next Nokia. He said, “We are worried, including Nokia, Android to enter the low-end phone market, Apple will launch price of around $ 300 iPhone, Nokia’s transition period, Symbian has been eliminated, staff morale, and Microsoft reached a non-exclusive agreement .

We believe that analysts expect Nokia’s performance the next two years does not reflect the company’s profit margins, average selling prices and market share will continue to face pressure. We expect that within the next 12 months, RIM, Motorola Mobile, MediaTek, ST-Ericsson’s stock price will still be disappointing. Time-consuming due to intense competition and restructuring plan, Cisco stock will also be disappointing.