Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Summary

iPhone 5 is the focus of the Apple’s next generation product, which is undeniable. Confusing news, exposure analysis for the final iPhone 5 release date and related features, remains very mysterious, but the truth is only one, the following we organize various rumors about the next generation iPhone 5 in the past six months , restore the truth behind.

Before WWDC 2011 held in this June 6, the speculation on iPhone 5 more complex, because as usual, the fifth-generation iPhone is likely release on the WWDC in June, finally the WWDC focus iOS 5 system. iPhone 5 is not predictable, so provides more possible for the later various rumors.

1. Starting from the iPhone 5 concept

February 16, 2011 Concept

The same with the previous product, the related speculate of new iPhone all begin from the Concept, The following concept image posted on 2011 is still very abstract, and more are some of the ideas expressed.

Apple iPhone 5 imaginary image

There are also some abstract concept, even after rendering, and it seems realistic, but that is not reality.

In the early leaked pictures, even such an aluminum alloy iPhone 5 pictures, it is very consistent with Apple’s existing products in temperament , but remains some mechanically.

2. Interface components and the case leaked

March 1, 2011

First let iPhone 5 out from pure rumors, it should be the interface components of real materials leaked out.

New component code is 821-1300-02, the same model component in iPhone 4 is 821-1093-A, CDMA version of iPhone 4 was 821-1281-A, so the credibility is high.

Then, the first iPhone 5 case leaked, we view from this time, the design of this case is designed similar with the latest leaked case pictures.

3. iPhone 5 release date rumors.

4. iPhone 5 Concept Video.

5. And there have been many iPhone 5 Concept design again.

The rumors in endless loop, until Apple issued a so-called rumor.

Apple not disclose any the real information on new iPhone, so these rumors are mostly fake. We have to wait until the real iPhone 5 release, otherwise, all news are hype.

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