iPhone Serial Number, Activation Time And The Models List

Recently many of my friends asked the question whether the iPhone refurbished, and now teach you how to query your iPhone version and model as well as the activation time.

Why do check, you know.

The following are contract iPhone Models of countries and regions lock (too many countries and regions, only the classified order common).

United States
MC608LL/A – 16GB Black
MC610LL/A – 32GB Black
MC318LL/A – 16GB Black
MC319LL/A – 32GB Black
MC603C/A – 16GB Black
MC605C/A – 32GB Black
* This day
MC603J/A – 16GB Black
MC605J/A – 32GB Black
MC603KH/A – 16GB Black
MC605KH/A – 32GB Black
MC603PP/A – 16GB Black
MC605PP/A – 32GB Black
MC603X/A – 16GB Black
MC605X/A – 32GB Black
MC603DN/A – 16GB Black
MC605DN/A – 32GB Black
MC603B/A – 16GB Black
MC605B/A – 32GB Black
MC603FB/A – 16GB Black
MC605FB/A – 32GB Black

The following are unlock iPhone:

MC603CH/A – 16GB Black
MC605CH/A – 32GB Black
Hong Kong, China
MC603ZP/A – 16GB Black
MC605ZP/A – 32GB Black
Macao, China
MC603ZP/A – 16GB Black
MC605ZP/A – 32GB Black
China and Taiwan * Bay
MC603TA/A – 16GB Black
MC605TA/A – 32GB Black
MC603ZA/A – 16GB Black
MC605ZA/A – 32GB Black
MC603ZA/A – 16GB Black
MC605ZA/A – 32GB Black
New Zealand
MC603X/A – 16GB Black
MC605X/A – 32GB Black
United Arab Emirates
MC603AB/B – 16GB Black
MC605AB/B – 32GB Black
MC603RS/A – 16GB Black
MC605RS/A – 32GB Black
MC603GR/A – 16GB Black
MC605GR/A – 32GB Black
MC603IP/A – 16GB Black
MC605IP/A – 32GB Black

How to view the iPhone factory time by the body serial number.

iPhone’s body serial number 3,4,5 is bits factory time, three is year, 4 and 5 said which weeks this year. Such as body sequence 850424UTA4S of iPhone, its factory time is 2010, the first 42 weeks.

How to check iPhone activation time by the device serial number (or IMEI number)
This is Apple’s official website address https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do, to this page then fill in your device’s serial number on “Enter your hardware serial number” box (or IMEI number), then “Continue” to submit the query, the next page is the result of your query. As shown:

The first means that your equipment has been officially registered in the apple;
The second tells you to experience the 90-day evaluation period, during this period you can choose replacement, failures or retreat, as the device hardware problems, the figure shows the query evaluation experience of iPhone deadline for March 8, 2011.
The third is to tell you the device activation time, that the deadline for one year free warranty.

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    how to file details of the i phone i.e. date of manufacturing etc.

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    how to find details of i phone i.e. date of manufacturing etc. from the serial number of the phone ??