White iPhone 4S 16GB Model A1387 Packaging Label Leaked

    Previously someone has released a similar iPhone 5 picture, saying it with a 8MP camera, and the 3.75-inch screen extended to both sides, more larger and thiner, 512MB RAM and A5 processor. Today, someone leaked a called the packaging label of the White iPhone 4S 16GB (Model A1387).

    It is unclear how high credibility of this picture, all have to wait until October 4, the conference officially open.


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    1. 29/01/2012 @ pm 9:34 paul poliard

      i have a iphon model a 1387 is not new i cant find sim card to activate it please send me one or tell me what i have to doto unlock it my address is 5531marvell ave orlando florida 32839 thank


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