How to fix iOS 5 Error 3200, Error 3004 and 3194

There is an error prompted when you updating iOS 5? Such as error 3200, 3004, 3194 even 31xx. These errors mean that Apple does not have enough space to accommodate updating your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad at this time, so the error itself is not caused as device.

iTunes always prompts “An internal error occurred.” What does this mean?

This case is definitely happen when you are updating iOS 5 for your device, you just need to re-attempt the operation to solve it. Simple as that.

The Simple operation and demonstration to fix Error 3200, Error 3004 and Error 3194:

1. Download the full version of iTunes 10.5.
2. Turn off the computer and the antivirus software firewallk.
3. To determine the hosts file has not been modified.

Open the Hosts file, and see if there is no such “” field, or any “apple” words, If any, add the “#” sign in front of these lines.

4. Make sure the correct USB port.
Best using the rear USB port of desktop computers (on the motherboard) Do not use the front USB (chassis)
5. Directly use the original USB data cable.
6. Directly download iOS 5 with iTunes 10.5
The Apple server is likely to break, depends on luck.
7. Error 3200 and 3004 caused by the server validation failure
Now the server load is relatively high.

Wish you good luck!

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