Motion – Make Your Icons Dance On Springboard

We know that Apple’s App Store already stop auditing the applications before Christmas. However, for jailbreak users installing apps via Cydia certainly is the preferred, because that they can use free application while no cost. We can see new tweaks available every day, today, I would recommend a cydia tweak called Motion which has been available on the Cydia App Store yesterday.

What is special about Motion ? The developer’s introduction, this tweak allows you to move all apps icons of the Springboard randomly. With up to eight choices – to make your application icons to rotate, resize, tilt, rotate, jump, transparent, vertical / horizontal fluctuations.

The Motion tweak allows you to make the springboard icons dance around such as:

  • Rotate: Make your icons rotate
  • Scaling: Make your icons grow
  • Skew: Make your icons tilt sideways
  • Flip: Make your icons flip upside down
  • Jump: Make your icons jump
  • Transparency: Make your icons fade in and out
  • Waves: make your icons move in waves

You can download and intall the Motion tweak in the BigBoss repo for $1.00.

Note: No new icons be added to your Springboard after the Motion installation, you can config it via the

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