How To Unlock HTC One X On Any Carrier

If you have just purchased a locked HTC One X, then you want to unlock your HTC One X phone to use it on any GSM Carrier. This is a tutorial and instructions on how you can unlock your HTC One X to free its network. Simply enter an unlock code and your HTC phone will be unlocked to use any GSM Simcard.

1. You can unlock HTC One X with an Unlock Code obtained from Cellunlocker.

We can Unlock all networks of HTC One X including:


+ all other GSM Carrier which have the HTC One X

Clicking here to get the HTC One X Unlock Code, then simply input the 8 digit unlock code we email to you and it will Unlock your HTC One X phone in Minutes!

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*No Rooting or complicated software involved
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How to unlock HTC One X:

1. Switch ON your phone with a not Accepted SIM Card,
2. Device will display “Sim Network Unlock Pin”
3. Enter the 8 digit Network code emailed to you
4. Phone will display “Pin accepted” and will restart

2. You can also unlock your AT&T HTC One X just by IMEI number and a microSIM card form another service provider.

First, you need to obtain your HTC One S SIM unlock code from AT&T.

  1. Locate your handset IMEI number within Settings > About Phone > Phone Identity > IMEI
  2. Write down your IMEI number
  3. Call AT&T customer service at 1-800-331-0500 or 611 from your HTC One X
  4. Ask customer service for the SIM unlock code for your HTC One X
  5. Customer service will ask for your IMEI number and will fill out a request form. Once the SIM unlock code request form is processed, the code will be emailed to you (typically 1-3 days later)

The SIM unlock steps of the AT&T HTC One S:

  1. Once you receive your SIM unlock code from AT&T, turn off your HTC One X
  2. Remove the AT&T microSIM card from the phone
  3. Insert a microSIM card from another service provider and turn the HTC One X back on
  4. When prompted, enter SIM unlock code provided by AT&T
  5. Enjoy your HTC One X on any GSM carrier of your choice.

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