iLEX RAT – Remove All Cydia App Tweaks At Once, without Restore Firmware

ILEXRATI believe that many users will encounter a variety of issues, crashes, errors and battery drain faster after jailbreak, the reason of which may be related to too much Apps (especially tweak) installed. In this case, many people will choose to restore device, however, but the restoration not applies everyone. Because when Apple stop signing the earlier firmware you want. Especially you forget to backup SHSH files, or your device is non-A4, you can only feel powerless and frustrated.

However, the jailbreak make everything as possible. Recently, the famous jailbreak developer iLEX released iLEX RAT 1.10-80, this is a magic tweak to clean up all installed apps, tweaks, settings and dependencies without firmware recovery. iLEX RAT let iOS quickly restored to its original state, as a new jailbroken device.

iLEX RAT 1.10-80 Removes All Cydia Tweaks, Settings Installed After Jailbreak.

How to install iLEX RAT


  • A jailbroken iOS device [How to jailbreak]
  • Add source: to Cydia

Step 1: Launch Cydia, tap Search button.

Step 2: Input “iLEX RAT” to the Search bar, you will see iLEX RAT, tap it.


Step 3: Tap on Install ->  Confirm.

Step 4: Return to Cydia after installation.

Setp 5: Don’t exit Cydia, Click to Search button again.

Step 6: Input “MobileTerminal” and install it.


Step 7: Back to the iPhone Springboard, you will see Terminal, launch it and type ‘rat’ . You will be presented with the following choices. Use carefully…

MobileTerminal_on_springboard ILEX RAT

Step 8: Type a number and press enter:


 1. Remove All Cydia App Tweaks At Once.

2. Remove All Twerak Settings.

3. Clear Cydia cache.

4. Cydia troubleshooting.

5. Cydia repair.

6. Install or update – iLEX CYDIA TWEAKS PACK.

7. Apply iLEX PACK settings.

8. Restore icons arrangement stage before update.

9. Restore Notification Center state before update.

10. Install DEB packages.

How to use iLEX RAT

If you know what SSH is – after installation, type the command “rat” in terminal.
If you do not know what SSH is: install ifunbox on PC, start\third tap \ Terminal SSH (if a dialog appears – press cancel) \ type the command – rat.


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    can you please provide a actual/newer version of deb-Package to download?
    That would be really awesome … thanks!