Check iPhone 5 Origin Online And iPhone 5 Model List

You definitely want to know where is the you iPhone 5 from, if you are not a regular way purchases. iPhone’s Model Number contains a lot of information, with it you can check your iPhone’s Country of Origin.

How to check the iPhone 5 Origin:

Step 1: Go to Settings -> General -> About -> you will see the Model number, its format: MDXXXOO. Record the model number.

Step 2: Open this site with Safari.

Step 3: Follow the prompts to enter the Model Number you just recorded. Tap Check Button.

Step 4: The page refreshed, you will see some information about your iPhone 5: Device name, Capacity, Color and country of origin.


iPhone 5 Model List

United States iPhone 5

Model MD634LL = 16GB Black ATT
Model MD635LL = 16GB white ATT
Model MD636LL = 32GB Black ATT
Model MD637LL = 32GB white ATT
Model MD644LL = 64GB Black ATT
Model MD645LL = 64GB white ATT

MD638LL = 16GB Black ATT
MD639LL = 16GB white ATT

Model MD654LL = 16GB black Verizon
Model MD655LL = 16GB white Verizon
Model MD658LL = 32GB black Verizon
Model MD659LL = 32GB white Verizon
Model MD664LL = 64GB black Verizon
Model MD665LL = 64GB white Verizon

Model MD656LL = 16GB Black Sprint
Model MD657LL = 16GB White Sprint
Model MD660LL = 32GB Black Sprint
Model MD661LL = 32GB White Sprint
Model MD667LL = 64GB Black Sprint
Model MD668LL = 64GB White Sprint


Canada iPhone 5
The Model MD293C = 16GB Black Slate
Model MD294C = 16GB White Slate
The Model MD295C = 32GB Black Slate
Model MD296C = 32GB White Slate
The Model MD642C = 64GB Black Slate
Model MD643C = 64GB White Slate


Australia iPhone 5
The model MD297X = 16GB black
The model MD298X = 16GB white
The model MD299X = 32GB black
The model MD300X = 32GB white
The model MD662X = 64GB black
The model MD663X = 64GB white


Singapore iPhone 5
Model MD297ZA = 16GB Black
Model MD298ZA = 16GB white
Model MD299ZA = 32GB Black
Model MD300ZA = 32GB White
Model MD662ZA = 64GB Black
Model MD663ZA = 64GB white



Model the MD297B = 16GB Black
Model the MD298B = 16GB white
Model the MD299B = 32GB Black
Model the MD300B = 32GB white
Model the MD662B = 64GB Black
Model the MD663B = 64GB white


Hong Kong

Model MD297ZP = 16GB Black
Model MD298ZP = 16GB white
Model MD299ZP = 32GB Black
Model MD300ZP = 32GB white
Model MD662ZP = 64GB Black
Model MD663ZP = 64GB white



Model MD297DN = 16GB Black
Model MD298DN = 16GB white
Model MD299DN = 32GB Black
Model MD300DN = 32GB white
Model MD662DN = 64GB Black
Model MD663DN = 64GB white



Model MD297J = 16GB Black
Model MD298J = 16GB white
Model MD299J = 32GB Black
Model MD300J = 32GB white
Model MD662J = 64GB Black
Model MD663J = 64GB white



Model MD297KH = 16GB Black
Model MD298KH = 16GB white
Model MD299KH = 32GB Black
Model MD300KH = 32GB white
Model MD662KH = 64GB Black
Model MD663KH = 64GB white

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