Adam Bell Finally Released MessageBox Tweak for Facebook Chat Heads

A week ago, we reported that Adam Bell to release a new jailbreak tweak specifically for the Chat Heads, Chat Heads is a new feature on Facebook app. The tweak “MessageBox” now arrived, MessageBox allows you to enable Chat Heads feature system-wide on iOS. In this way, you can enjoy the same Chat Heads experience as it on the Android platform.

Of course, to get this effect on iOS, your device must first be jailbroken and installed the official Facebook App.

MessageBox tweak is now available at Cydia BigBoss Repo.

*Note* It’s much easier if you have the Facebook Messenger app either logged-out, or uninstalled. That way you won’t get confused with the push notifications.



How to install MessageBox tweak

Before installation, make sure that your phone is jailbroken, and installed iFile on your device.

Install MessageBox With the DEB file

Step 1: Download and install the latest official Facebook app from the App Store

Step 2: Download MessageBox.deb while on your iPhone

Step 3: Open the file with iFile, and select install

Step 4: After installation is completed, completely reboot your device

Install MessageBox frome Cydia

Launch Cydia, tap Search botton searching MessageBox, install it.

After rebooting, load up the Facebook app, login, and initiate a conversation using the Messenger button in the upper right-hand corner. Once a chat is initiated, you should see a Chat Head appear.


Once the Chat Head appears, you can press the Home button to get back to the Home screen, and the Chat Head should still be present on the screen. Tap the Chat head to open the conversation view, and tap the head again to close the view.

Chat Heads should be accessible while on the Home screen, or in any app. You can move the Chat Head around the screen by tapping and dragging. You can remove the Chat Head from the screen, by tapping and dragging down to the bottom portion of the screen.

The tweak comes with a preferences pane where you can adjust the refresh interval for your messages. Notably, the higher the delay interval is, the less battery life is used – the developer notes that with higher delay intervals, it will take messages longer to become available to you.

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