Runic Sorcerer for iOS Coming Soon

If you like to play 3D game on iPad, then should never miss “Runic Sorcerer” which is a real-time strategy game for iOS, developed by game studio ‘PlexusGame’ in Geneva, Switzerland.

You can play solo campaign or Mutiplayer mode in Runic Sorcerer, this game with 21 playable characters and 34 different spells, the more important is that PlexusGame company developed tons of possible builds and strategies for playing. The exquisite images and top sound effects enough to make you wait for it.

Runic Sorcerer

Runic Sorcerer currently under development stage, it is expected to available on iOS platform in 4Q 2013.

Regrettable that developers not leaked other details of this game, on more game information please pay attention to our follow-up reports.

Runic Sorcerer for iPad

Runic Sorcerer Preview

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