Download Seas0nPass to Tethered Jailbreak Apple TV 2G On 5.2.1 IPSW [10B329a]

FireCore Dev-Team just updated Seas0nPass to support Apple TV 2G on 5.2.1, Seas0nPass 5.2.1 is a jailbreak tool for Apple TV, Seas0nPass only provides a tethered jailbreak for the 2nd gen Apple TV running on 5.2.1 (iOS 6.1.3 – 10B329a) As 5.2.1 firmware patched the Evasi0n exploit used in Apple TV 5.2 jailbreak by Seas0nPass. If you don’t mind sacrificing your Untethered Apple TV Jailbreak you can update to the 5.2.1 firmware and then re-Jailbreak using the latest version of Seas0nPass.

Seas0nPass 5.2.1

What’s new in Apple TV  5.2.1

  • A new redesigned Hulu interface
  • Adds support for Music in the Cloud in Japan and Israel.
  • Includes improvements for software update, subtitles, and general performance.

How to jailbreak Apple TV 2 5.2.1 with SeasonPass

What is tethered jailbreak

Tethered jailbreak means you must connect iOS device to computer when turned on. If the Apple TV is not plugged into a computer and booted with special software the device will not enter a jailbroken state.

Using and Booting a Tethered Jailbreak
You have to do the following if the jailbroken iOS device is rebooted:

  • Connect the Apple TV to your computer
  • Relaunch the same Seas0nPass you used to jailbreak the device
  • Select the “Boot Tethered” option (shown in the screenshot above).
  • The jailbroken hardware will now boot with the aid of Seas0nPass

boot tethered

After the device has been booted you can then disconnect it from your computer and use it as usual, just remember that if the battery dies or you reboot the Apple TV you will need to connect it again. These tethered jailbreaks work with both Mac OS X and Windows.

Download Seas0nPass for Apple TV 2G 5.2.1

Seas0nPass for Mac [10.6 or later]
Seas0nPass for Windows [XP or later]

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