Top 14 Must-Have Cydia Repos (Repositories) for iOS 6.1.2

    We all know that the jailbreak makes you get a higher file permissions, and brings a lot of free apps and tweaks for iOS. To get these, provided that your device must been jailbroken, and added some available Cydia Sources. The Cydia Source iis an apps repository, referred as Cydia Repo, a repository can timely provide the latest jailbreak tweaks and free apps, and some can even provide all free tweaks. Currently, you can only jailbreak the iOS device up in 6.1.3, we have collected some great Cydia repos for you, believe that these repositories have enough for you to use in iOS 6.

    Top 14 Cydia Repositories (Sources) for iOS 4 – 6 in 2013

    1. BigBoss Repo

    BigBoss Repo

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    This is the largest repository for iOS, which offers the latest genuine tweaks, Themes and Apps.

    2. xSellize

    Xsellize repo
    One of the most famous Cydia Repo. xSellize Repo offers many popular tweaks for free. A good choice to save money.
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    3. ModMyi


    ModMyi repo is another massive source that comes as a default repo in Cydia. This is one of our most favorite repos as the team behind ModMyi is enormously active. Their forums and social channels are rich in new tweaks compatible with the latest iOS versions. Most of our favorite tweaks are from this repo. Contains themes, tweaks and more stuff.

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    4.   SiNful iPhone Repo


    Sinful iPhone has the huge number of users as compared to any other repository on Cydia. Main reason is that it is the source of providing free applications to users free of cost. You can get a number of famous Cydia apps, tweaks etc from this repo.

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    5. iHackstore


    If you are on the hunt for huge assortments of apps, tweaks, themes, ringtones, mods, cheats, hacks, and many others, then the iHackStore repo should be one of your better choices. This repo hosts a good deal of content which are generally the typical offering of apps and tweaks. A good number of these tweaks and apps are free which means you can download them for free. So overall, this is a good repository to consider if you wish to test out a jailbreak tweak or app before you proceed to buy the real thing.

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    6. iHacksRepo


    iHacksRepo is an all in one repo that offers utilities, tweaks, HD winterboard apps and things that shouldn’t be missed out on. SBSettings, and GUIs with layouts are also available.

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    7.  Hackulous


    Installous is a must-have tweak for iOS,which allows users to download install free apps for free, and the apps were the one that were on the App Store and were usually priced. Installous is no more, but the soruce does offer themes, mods and tweaks as other cydia repos.

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    8.  Iforce


    There are tons of tweaks available in this less famous repository. A popular one is AirBlue Sharing that allows transfer of files between devices on iOS and other platforms like Linux, Windows and Mac. Some other names include iTether and Siri0us (not the Harry Potter one).

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    9. BYA (BiteYourApple)


    Excellent Italian source for Cydia apps/themes, e.g. Full Screen for Safari, GroupSMS,Home Page in Safari and Wifi Sync.

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    10. Appcake


    This is an amazing repository if you want app store applications to be free or free. This is having tons of applications free for your iOS device. This application is often called “Free App Store” because of its features. If there is an application which is very costly or you cannot buy it then you must try this repository. If you like that application, please buy that application from App store to support the developer. It is same like of SinFul but with some applications less.
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    11. Insanelyi


    If you are free application lovers then you might do not like this application but if you like show-off (Customizing) your iPhone device then you must try this source because it has many things to customize iPhone.

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    The following are four Chinese sources, the contents same powerful.

    12.  25pp repo


    25PP is a Chinese jailbreak assistant, with it you can achieve one key to jailbreak devices on iOS 6.1.2, the repo contains AppSync for iOS 3.x – iOS 6.x.

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    13. Weiphone repo


    Weiphone repo is the largest Chinese source, rich contents, all free.

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    14. 178 repo

    178 repo

    Another Chinese Cydia source, the same rich content.

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    How to Add Sources to Cydia:

    • Open Cydia
    • Tap on the Manage tab
    • Tap on Sources
    • Tap on Edit and then on Add
    • And then type the repo source you want

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