How to Fix iMessage & FaceTime Issues on iOS 7 beta 2

facetime-imessageMany people are already using iOS 7 beta 2 on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Because they can successfully upgrade to beta 2 from 6.X with iTunes, even no developer account and developer UDID, but this is a beta version, which exists many issues and bugs, that may affect the user experience for someone. For example, many people met the activation issue, iMessage and Face Time not working and so on. If these issues happen to you, then you may wish to try the following methods.

Some generic solutions via igeeksblog

Here are possible fixes, if iMessage is not working on iOS 7 beta 2:

1. Check Network Settings / Wi-Fi Proxies

iMessage works on the network (3G/Wi-Fi). Occasionally, iMessage doesn’t work even if there is an active connection but it’s weak. For Wi-fi, make sure you’re closer to the source/router and if you are on 3G and the thing ain’t working, try restarting the cellular connections.

Also, make sure proxies don’t hinder the network flow.

Less than a handful of people face iMessage issues due to network problems so in all cases, this isn’t your problem. Jump to the next one.

2. Turn OFF and then Turn ON Again

Head over to Settings -> Messages and turn OFF iMessage if it’s switched ON already.
Switch it ON back again and wait for the activation to finish. Make sure there’s an active network.
Wait for a while and then send an iMessage to someone using an iPhone with an active network. Make sure you send the message only to an iMessage-user.
Should this not work, you might have to sign out of Apple ID (go to Send & Receive) and then re-sign in again. Repeat the turn OFF-ON after this.

3. Send & Receive Options

In many cases, it’s the problem with these options.

  • Go to Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive
  • You should see your number and an associated Apple ID listed in this list. You can configure this list.
  • You’ll have to try a variety of methods to get iMessage working again. These would include:
  1. Removing the email ID and using only the Phone number
  2. selecting either email or iPhone to test if iMessage works with any of these
  3. select an email AND a phone number. After this, you’ll see another section “Start New Conversion from:” – select your phone number for this.

4. Set the date to auto-updates.

This has fixed the issues surrounding iMessage (and FaceTime, too). In order to do this, go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time and toggle the switch on Set Automatically to ON.

[youtube id=”ynfy3oWzpx4″ width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

A Video Guide from Youtube on fixing iMessage and FaceTime not working

If you have a developer UDID and registered on iOS 7 beta 2, then you can try to fix the iMessage and Face Time issues by RedSn0w, but if the UDID is not registered with Apple iOS Developer Program, please don’t do the following steps.

Step 1: Download RedSn0w from our Download Section. Once downloaded, extract it to your Computer desktop.
Step 2: Connect your iDevice to the computer with the USB cable
Step 3: Launch RedSn0w 0.9.15 b3, tap on Extras -> Even More -> Deactivate, then your device is deactivated and should show an activation screen
Step 4: Running iTunes, iTunes should detect that the deivce is connected and try to activate it
Step 5: If all is good and apple sends the activation tickets, your device goes back to normal, only this time – with Push Capability.

I can not guarantee that all these methods can fix the issues, if you have fixed them, share it with everyone on the comment area.

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