Ready to Download iOS 7 Beta 3 iPSW & DMG on July 8

iOS 7 as a major innovation in the iOS history, it brings a lot of improvements and humanized features for us. Since from WWDC 2013, Apple has released two beta for developers testing, of course, it is not limited to developers, each of us can upgrade to the beta smoothly even though without a registered developer UDID, to experience Cook’s innovations.

For the current iOS 7 beta 2, Apple has added a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements in which, but it still exist some issues. Apple will fix and improve them one by one in the next beta 3, 4, etc.

iOS 7 beta 3

Now you can download iOS 7 Beta 3 iPSW directly, to upgrade your existing 6.1.x, the b3 expired date is August 29. But before that, Apple will release the for beta even if b3 not expire, the iOS 7 beta 4 release date may be scheduled for July 23th. Once Apple officially release it on that day, the b3 users can update their iOS devices to b4 smoothly. The iOS 6.x users can also restore a iOS 7 beta 4 ipsw with itunes, of course, we will publish the download links for dmg or ipsw formats in the first time.

# Update, iOS 7 beta 3 has been officially released, we are uploading ipsw file for your download, please continue to focus on this page.

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