How to install iOS 7 Font on iOS 6.X With BytaFont

If you have installed some Cydia tweaks to make the current iOS 6 looks more like iOS 7. Such as these tweaks:
iOS 7 Lockscreen Theme
– Theme complete
– Control Toggle Icons
– Calculator Theme
– Signal Bars Theme
– Auxo Theme
– Velox Theme
– Messages Theme

These can disguise your current iPhone 6.x, make it look like installed a new iOS 7 system. But you should not miss one of the most important elements – iOS 7 Font, which is different with the previous iOS font, it is more slimmer and beautiful, with the existing 7 theme tweaks, allowing you to experience Apple’s new UI further.

iOS 7 font tweak

iOS 7 Font is now available at Cydia ZodTTD & MacCiti Source for free. It must be used in BytaFont tweak.

How to install iOS 7 font on jailbroken iOS 6.x

Step 1: Of course, first you have to make sure your phone has been jailbroken on iOS 6.X,  if not, click here to view the jailbreak tutorial.

Step 2: Launch Cydia on the SpringBoard, then add this Source:

[alert-note] [/alert-note]

  1. Tap on the Manage tab
  2. Tap on Sources
  3. Tap on Edit and then on Add

Step 3: Search iOS 7 font from the Cydia Search Page, then directly install it for free. This tweak will auto install the BytaFont tweak, so that you can configure the system font.



BytaFont respring


Step 4: Return back to Home Screen, launch BytaFont app, tap Basic Option in the bottom, then click the iOS 7, Bytafont will prompt you, “If you proceed, your device will resping.” Click Yes.

Step 5: After reboot, you will see the new iOS 7 font be installed on your iPhone, enjoy it.


iOS 7 font VS 6 font

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