UDIDFaker 2.3.6 Fakes iOS UDID for Apps Cracking

    UDIDFaker now updated to 2.3.6 for iOS 6.x by eni9889. UDIDFaker is a jailbreak tweak allows you to modify or camouflage a fake UDID for games, apps hacking and authorization.

    What is UDID

    UDID, or “Unique Device Identifier,” is simply a specific serial number for your iOS device. It is a 40-number, alphanumeric string that is not replicated on any other iDevice. To find your iPhone’s UDID, plug your iPhone into iTunes. Click on your iPhone in the list of devices and look at its summary. You will see Name, Capacity, Software Version, Serial Number and Phone Number. Click on the Serial Number and it will change to show you your UDID.

    udidfaker 2.3.6

    UDIDFaker can fake the UDID for every app you select. You can set different fake UDIDs for each app.

    What is it useful for:

    – Many apps collect date about the user (for example UDID, if the app is free, …). Fake the UDID for all free apps and the devs will never know your UDID.
    – Have you been blacklisted by Beejive for using a free version? Use the UDID faker and enjoy Beejive (With a fake iTunesMetadata.plist).
    – You can even back into other peoples app accounts if: you know the other ones UDID and the app only uses the UDID for identification :D So from now on be careful who you give your UDID.

    How to install UDIDFaker

    v2.3.6 Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 6.x.x

    Step 1: Launch Cydia, tap Manage -> Sources
    Step 2: Tap Edit button on the top right
    Step 3: Tap Add on the top left
    Step 4: When the prompt appears, replace http with http://cydia.xsellize.com
    Step 5: Search “UDIDFaker” and install it for free

    How to use UDID faker

    After installation, the UDIDFaker icon appeared on your Home Screen, click it, you will see all apps and cydia tweaks you installed be listed in UDIDFaker. Just select an application you want to change.


    Now you can manually enter a new UDID (40 characters) Of course, you can also let the system automatically generate a random UDID or restore to the original UDID from buttons below.


    You can replace multiple UDIDs until you are satisfied.

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    THIS POST has 14 comments

    1. 11/12/2013 @ pm 3:19 Jackson hong

      I install udid fucker ready but still can’t change udid in ios7.0.4. Before that I use iOS 4.3.3 is very good app for me. After my iOS hang that why I upgrade to 7.0.4. Where I setting wrong for that?


    2. 26/12/2013 @ am 6:07 Dee

      I think is still not updated for ios7 . We jus have to wait . I am stuck too


    3. 23/01/2014 @ am 1:16 DirtyHarry

      Any updates for ios 7.0.4 ??


    4. 04/02/2014 @ pm 10:55 John

      Is there any working version for iOS 7?


    5. 02/10/2014 @ am 7:28 Giwfyl

      Hey guys is it working for ios 7.1.2???


      • 20/12/2014 @ am 10:24 Anami

        I think it will work in 2015, but first we may* manually change udid via ifile.
        But how ? That is very big question stuck in my mind.


    6. 10/11/2014 @ pm 3:45 Ali

      yes it works on ios 7.1.2 i have it on my iphone 4


    7. 15/11/2014 @ pm 6:08 salameh

      for ios8 ?


    8. 26/11/2014 @ pm 3:29 tom

      not working with iOS 8


    9. 20/12/2014 @ am 10:22 Anami

      Apps not showing in udid faker. Some apps are missing like my little pony after an update of that apps. Can someone please tell me how to manually change udid of an apps via ifile ? The consequent would be great. Thank you


    10. 25/12/2014 @ pm 3:57 Cazzalz

      Is ther still nothing for ios8?..


    11. 02/01/2015 @ am 4:50 Frk

      Didn’t work on iOS 7.1.2 Atleast for apps/games with gamecenter log in ….pushed cloned app and same gamecenter account was in use…:(


    12. 29/01/2015 @ pm 12:43 David Jhon Craig

      do not work on ios 8?update please?


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