What is AirDrop? How to Enable and Send Something via it in iOS 7

AirDrop is a unique new feature for Apple’s Lion system, used to share files between multiple devices, just drag the file to the friends avatar while they also using AirDrop, so you can transfer files one to one (Likes Bluetooth) Now AirDrop not limited to Mac OS X, it also supports iOS 7 since WWDC 2013, However, due to hardware capabilities, AirDrop currently only supports iPhone 5, but the older devces not supported.

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With AirDrop, you can share pictures, contacts, notes, and more between two iPhones without the need for a wireless network. Instead, it uses an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth to share with anyone near your device.


  • AirDrop will auto find Mac in wireless communications range;;
  • Auto creates a firewall and TLS encryption links;
  • Drop Box can only be sent, can not view;
  • Apple ID is not required, but if there is Apple ID, you will be able to see contact information and avatar.

Airdrop Supports iOS Devices:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPod touch 5
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Mini

Note: This feature only available for the above devices on iOS 7. Now you can update your device to iOS 7 beta 3 without developer UDID.

How to enable Airdrop in iOS 7

Step 1: To use AirPlay, you need to enable it. Pull up the  Control Center  from the bottom of the screen by swiping your finger up on to the screen from off it at the bottom.


Step 2: Tap on the AirDrop option.


Step 3: Select Everyone or Contacts Only. One will allow anyone around you to send you things and the other will only allow people who are saved in your contacts to send you things (even if you select everyone, you’ll still have to accept anything they send you so not a huge issue with security there).


Step 4: Have the person you want to send something to enable it as well.


How to send something via AirDrop

Step 1: Go to whatever you want to share on your device. You can share places on your map (when using Apple Maps only), photos, notes, contacts, and anything from any app that has the Share icon enabled.

Step 1: Once you are viewing the thing, simply tap the Share button  located on the bottom left.

Step 2:Tap AirDrop.

Step 3: People around you with their AirDrop enabled will show up as circular icons. Tap the person you want to share it with.

Step 4: The other person must click Accept.

Step 5: The item is transferred and automatically opened on the other person’s iPhone.

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