How to Change the Toggle in iOS 7 Control Center Without Jailbreaking

iOS 7 brings a brand new interface – Control Center, which integrates several commonly used system features and control toggles. So far, iOS 7 jailbreak is iffy, but we can slightly modify the iOS 7 codes to get some desired features.

We all know that by default, there are five system toggles at the top of control center, they are the Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Not to Disturb and Portrait Orientation Lock. But the “Portrait Orientation Lock” changed to “mute” on iPad. For some iPhone users, perhaps the “Mute” toggle is a more commonly used feature. Here, we guide you how to replace the “Portrait Orientation Lock” to “Mute” toggle through some simple plist editing, the whole process without a jailbreak.

Control Center

How to replace the Portrait Orientation Lock button to Mute in iOS 7 Control Center

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with iTunes and backup device.

backup iPhone

Step 2: Step 2: Download and install the iTunes backup manager “iBackupBot” (Official download link)


Step 3: iBackupBot will auto search for the backup files just saved by iTunes, Windows users should run the tool with administrator, then navigate to “Systems Files/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences” directory and double-click to open the “” file.

iBackupBot 2

If iBackupBot pops up a window ask you purchasing, click Cancel to ignore.

Step 4: You will see all codes of the plist file.

Add the following code in <dict> below:



Then press Ctrl + S on the keyboard to save this modified file.

Step 5: Restore the modified backup files to your iPhone via iTunes. Note: Please disable Find My iPhone before restore. Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone -> Off.

Restoring iPhone

Step 6: After iPhone reboot, you’re done.

In fact, the above codes was originally only exists in the iOS 7 for iPad. If you remove the codes mentioned in step 4, the Mute icon will back to Portrait Orientation Lock button

Therefore, we can remove this code on your iPad to get a “Portrait Orientation Lock“ toggle.

Note: Although we did not jailbreak the iOS devices, but the above behavior has been modified for the device, that may lead to product warranty failure, so be careful. In addition, the above steps are slightly complex, for the inexperienced users, must be careful and patient.

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    Hi bro how should we add code if i want to change toggle to on/off data cellular. Please kindly detail for me.


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    I would highly appreciate it if you’d be so kind to replace the (Not to Disturb and Portrait Orientation) with the following : (Location Services and Network 3G) for iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.3
    Thanks a lot!

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    I was wondering if there were no way to replace an other toggle by cellular data or 3G/4G?
    Thanks by advance

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