iOS 7 beta 4 Released, Directly Download Without UDID

We just said the iOS 7 beta 4 download links leaked, now it seems Apple released iOS 7 beta 4 as scheduled, if you have upgraded beta 3, then congratulations, you can upgrade to beta 4 just by checking updates in the “Settings -> General -> Software Update

iOS7BETA5If you encounter an update error, when you update beta 4, because Apple server is overloaded, please try multiple times.


iOS 7 BETA 4

How to update iOS 7 beta 4 from beta 3 with OTA feature

How to install iOS 7 beta 3 before updating

Checking for Update...

Checking for Update…

Unable to check for update

Unable to check for update, please re-try until it works

Download and install iOS 7 beta 4

Download and install iOS 7 beta 4

Terms and Conditions

Agree Terms and Conditions



iOS 7 beta 4 Downloading

The official download links only for developers, click here to download.

We will also post the unofficial iOS 7 beta 4 download links for iOS 6.x users. Stay tuned

Download iTunes 11.1 for iOS 7 beta 4 installing (Now only for Mac).

B4 Release Notes

Download iOS 7 beta 4 ipsw & dmg Without Developer UDID {Un-official Links}

This firmware will expire on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 12am GMT. 

 Now Expired, download iOS 7 gm from here.

  • iPhone 5 (Model A1428) {US & CA GSM} – Mirror link1; Link2; Link3
  • iPhone 5 (Model A1429) – Mirror link1; Link2; Link3 {US CDMA & Rest of the world GSM}
  • iPhone 4S – Mirror link1; Link2; Link3
  • iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A 8GB)
  • iPhone 4 (GSM)
  • iPhone 4 (CDMA)
  • iPod touch (5th generation)
  • iPad 4 (Model A1458)
  • iPad 4 (Model A1459)
  • iPad 4 (Model A1460)
  • iPad mini (Model A1432)
  • iPad mini (Model A1454) {US & CA GSM}
  • iPad mini (Model A1455) {US CDMA And Rest Of World GSM}
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + GSM (Cellular model for ATT)
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + CDMA (Cellular model for Verizon)
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A)
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)

[alert-announce] Directly click the green device name to download iOS 7 beta 4 dmg file from Mega server.  [/alert-announce]

[alert-note] Device name, link1 and link2 are dmg format, you need to extract the dmg file to get an ipsw firmware (How to get a ipsw file from dmg package) If you find it troublesome, please click on the device name to download a ipsw format.[/alert-note]

Link2 from baidu server, click here for downloading.


[alert-success] Link 3 is ipsw format, without extracting, simply use them with iTunes. [/alert-success]

4 Important things Before Upgrading iOS 7 beta 4

Declare: This upgrade process has some risk, be sure backed up your personal data before operation. If you are not very familiar the whole process, please learn more from Google or Youtube first. Once your phone can not boot or error loops, we will help you as possible, please forgive my late reply.

My status: I am offline, if you have any questions, please leave a message, I will reply to you at a later

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  1. 1
  2. 2

    hello i was wondering if anyone could help me. I’ve finish downloading the firmware for model 1429 for the iphone 5. I’m ready to proceed updating (alt/option & command(key) for my iphone 5…but the firmware isn’t allowing me to click on it.

    hel please, and thanks

  3. 3

    I am having a problem with my iPhone 4S after instaling iOS 7 beta 6 and downgrading to iOS 6.1.3. After a week of iOS 7 the iphone was overheating and discharging too fast so i decided to restore it to 6.1.3.
    I did it using non DFU mode and also using it but the problem remains.
    Problem: after 2 days in 6.1.3 my iPhone can’t make/receive calls. The carrier signal bar is null even with another 2 sim cards. (Sometimes “No Service” appears).
    I have called Apple suport and they told me to wait iOS 7 oficial and i’m not covered by any warranty anymore because iOS 7 was supposed to be used only by developers.
    I think Apple has blocked my activation or something like that so my iPhone 4S is useless for now.
    Some people are saying it’s blacklisted but i checked and it’s not (see picture).
    This iPhone is not jailbreaked.
    Thanks for helping me out.

  4. 4
  5. 5

    update didn’t work. Using iTunes 11.0.5, there is no 11.1 for my MacBook Pro running OS Version 10.8.4, my iPhone 5 is on iOS 6.1.4, it is backed up to my hard drive. I extracted the ipsw file just fine, held the option key when clicking “check for update”, I navigated to my iOS 7 file that is the A1428 you recommend for iPhone 5 users with AT&T. It went through a process of extracting the software and then it came back with the error, “The iPhone couldn’t be updated. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.” HELP! It didn’t update the iOS, it just brought me back to the iTUnes menu with my iOS 6.1.4 still showing as the current iOS.

  6. 6

    i have downloaded bitzipper and i downloaded link 1 for my cdma iphone 4 extracted file than held shift and update sucessfully updated this i am trying to do it for my two gsm iphone 4 and i downloaded both link 1 for gsm iphone 4 the second gsm link 1 keeps starting the update than says an unknown error has occured ive tried diff things like restarting comp phone unplugging using diff usb to no avail. than i tried the gsm rev iphone 4 link 1 and it says that it is not compatible with my device.. all link 3;s say they are no longer available .. i am now trying to download second gsm link 2 that is in chinese and am not sure why it is taking so long but it finally said i had like 40 mins left and now i just looked down and now it says failed network error which i know is not my network .. idk whats going on. maybe you have some suggestions for me ???

  7. 7
  8. 9
  9. 10

    i had ios7 but then my phone got stolen and im trying to download it again but it wont let me. is there any way i can redownload it

  10. 11

    Why are all the commenters with the issue “the iphone could not be updated. an unknown error has occurred 3194” being ignored? i’ve gone through nearly all the comments, and they have no replies. Coincidentally, that’s the same problem i’m having. Help!

    • 12

      Please check your Hosts file, this error is caused by your own network environment, please Google search a detailed fix.

  11. 13

    So i’m a bit concerned on what to do… i just recently got my white iPhone 5 (AT&T) 16gb replaced at the apple store with what seems to be a T-Mobile unlocked iphone 5 model NE487LL/A and idk what to do. How do i get ios 7 on my Iphone 5 with this new model number or is it even possible. Please Help 🙁

  12. 15

    shows error3194. tried rebooting,checking usb,checking file host but still shows error3194. what more can I do? itunes updated,ios updated too. i using ip4s.

  13. 16

    Ive attempted to do the restore and it has come up on my itunes that there is an activation error, “this device is not registered as part of the Iphone Developers Program. If you are a member of the program please register your device in the iPhone Developers Program Portal’, and in my device is comes up with the same message after I attempt to enter a network connection! I have tried to do a hard restore but doesnt do anything, please help!

  14. 17
  15. 18

    Hi I’m having trouble in updating to the beta 4 from my beta 3 iPhone 4S. I downloaded the right firmware, and completed the ‘4 important things before upgrading’ points. I’ve tried clicking both ‘Alt/Option + Left Click -> Update’ and ‘Alt/Option + Left Click -> Restore’ option but iTunes is still giving me an error saying that “The iPhone ‘Device Name’ could not be updated. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.” What’s wrong I really have no idea. I also searched about how to fix this error by deleting “” line from hosts file but I don’t even have that line in my hosts file even while I have completely quit my iTunes. Thanks.

    • 19

      I’m having the exact same problem, but it seems that the 3194 error is being ignored here :/
      Does anyone have any idea how to bypass this? I’ve tried tinyumbrella too but then I get errors like 11 or 3004.

  16. 20
  17. 21

    Hi all,

    i hv beta 3 on my mobile. Since den my ota doesn’t show any update. I dont hv the dev id.. My settings sw update says my software is up to date but i know its not. It doesnt even show any updates

    If anybody having sutuon please let me know

  18. 22
  19. 23
  20. 24

    I have downloaded the right file for Iphone 4 CDMA , and when i click shift and go through the process it extracts the software in itunes and then when it verifies with apple is says error 3194 . What is the problem ?

  21. 25

    itunes is prmpting an error message sayin that “the iphone could not be updated. an unknown error has occurred 3194” using both an iphone 4s and 5, with the correct ios 7 beta 5 ipsw, any ideas?

  22. 26

    I have iphone 4 gsm 8gb
    I downloaded the gsm Rev A ipsw for iphone 4 itunes says it is not a compatitive firmware then i downloaded the other GSM ipsw itunes says the same after i downloaded the cdma ipsw and it says the same i have not a clue what to do now so please help me

  23. 28

    i downloaded the one for the 4s, but when I finished extracting it… the update would always say “the iphone couldn’t be updated. an unknown error occured”

  24. 29

    hey, i downloaded the ios 7 beta and it went fine up until it had to reboot and it started to fill the bar but stopped and froze for like 30 mins

  25. 30
  26. 31

    I just have beta 3 from you links and its working fine.. Wondrin how can i update the OTA beta 4? Its says my OS is up to date. Why is that? Thanks!

  27. 32

    I haver the ios beta 3 installed and tried to update OTA. It shows that I have one update but when I try to open software update tab, it says “you already have ios 7.0 installed. I have the version 11A4414e installed. What can be the problem? Thanks

  28. 34

    Well I’m absolutely positive I downloaded the correct thing and I’m still getting “could not be updated because the firmware is not compatible.”

  29. 35
  30. 37

    Basically I’m just confused about what link to download. I don’t know if to click the device name, or download link 1, 2, or 3. I have an iPhone 4 8GB.

  31. 38
  32. 39

    hey i have beta 3 on my 4S. An update to beta 4 over OTA doesnt work, it just says my software is up to date. now beta 5 is out, wondering what do to. I tried going from 6.1.3 straight to beta 4 but that never worked after 8 attempts. maybe it will work now, since im on beta 3? any thoughts?

  33. 41
  34. 42
  35. 43
  36. 44

    i just tried doing this on my 4s phone and its stuck on the apple logo loading screen and wont connect to my laptop or let me restore it… when i goto boot it it just freezes again, please i need help

  37. 45

    I had to get a new phone so I lost iOS 7 beta 4. However, when I try to use the same file I used to upload it to my phone before, I get error 2002, sending my phone into recovery mode, and I have to keep restoring it back to 6.1.4. Why isn’t iTunes allowing me to install beta 4?

  38. 46
  39. 47
  40. 49

    What happens when the expiration date arrives? Will my device no longer function? Will iOS 7 be publicly released by then?

  41. 50
  42. 51
  43. 52

    what happen to all device using the ios7 beta version even ur not a developer and did not register ur udid… when apple release the official ios7..can we continue using it or we need to restore to the official ios7

  44. 53

    hello brother can you plz help me

    iTunes tell me firmware not compatible

    my idevice is ipad2

    version 6.1.3(10B329)
    model MC980AE/A

    waiting for you

  45. 57
  46. 58
  47. 59
  48. 60

    why is their only one option for the 4s? I tried it but it does everything correctly then it freezes on the apple logo and the loading bar stays the same!

  49. 61

    someone tell the developers that the youtube is kinda glitch after going full screen, and did u update the beta 4 in the download file already?

  50. 62

    hey someone tell the developers that the youtube is kinda glitch after going full screen, and did u update the beta 4 in the download file already?

  51. 63

    4 days ago i’ve found beta 4 available on my iphone (with beta 3 installed) but i was unable to update with OTA because i haven’t any wifi connection (i’m on vacation 🙂 ). After 2 days i found a wifi hotspot and i’ve tried with OTA again. From that day I am no longer able to see the OTA update, but I just get an annoying “Unable to Check Updates”. Actually i’m stucked with this error; i’ve tried various reboot, retry and reset. Nothing. Is it possible that Apple has put some kind of UID check even in the OTA servers? Is there anybody here with the same problem? How can i fix it?

    Thank you

  52. 65

    Hello My question is..
    I got Iphone 4s and If I update to 7 beta 4 will my carrier lock that I can`t call?
    Please I need a response.

  53. 67

    downloaded the gsm ipsw for iphone 4 itunes says it is not a compatitive firmware then i downloaded the other GSM ipsw itunes says the same after i downloaded the cdma ipsw and it says the same i have not a clue what to do now so please help me ?!

  54. 70

    @ JailbreakiOSX & friends
    I installed ios7 beta 4 using ipsw .. So I can ota for upcoming beta right it won’t ask fr developer acc ?? Or I gotta start the whole procedure again like bringing back to 6.1.3 n download ios7 beta 5 ipsw ..??

  55. 71
  56. 72

    when i installed the ios 7 beta 4 on my iphone, i’m stuck on the home page with the black screen and the apple logo in white. you can see the installation just below but it doesn’t advance. i don’t know what to do. even when i’m rebooting the iphone 5 it’s still the same.
    I need some help please.

  57. 74
  58. 76
  59. 78

    whats the eaisiest way to do this way cause i did before but with utorrent bot got the link from imdzl something like that please help asap

  60. 79

    The dictonary option is blank when you use the define option. Can’t install the dictionary. Anybody wants to tell how they fixed theirs? I am missing this option fierce. lol

  61. 80

    I downloaded the file using link 3 that is directly compatible with iTunes and followed the instructions for installation but now my phone has crashed. Has this happened to anyone else? All I can see now is the Apple logo with a loading bar underneath. I have tried plugging it into iTunes to restore but iTunes won’t pick it up at all. I’ve also let the battery die and tried to charge it from scratch to no avail. Not sure what to do next.

  62. 81

    i have beta 3 installed and then did the OTA upgrade to 4 everythingn worked great! Has been for 3 days!!!!, BUT would you recommend a fresh clean install of Beta 4, or am i fine just using the OTA upgrade to 4 like I did?….

  63. 82

    NOTE-the firmware for link 1 in iphone 4 gsm ISNT WORKING….!! people who want the firmware should download link 2 or 3…!! i have experienced it…..!!

    • 83

      ok no i actually go it…!!
      but when i am setting up i phone after the wifi activation it sayz “activation erroe…!!” 🙁
      this device is not registered as a part of iphone dev program…………

      • 84

        dis thing totally suks….i mean it isnt working……!! i hate it til da core… i went to istore nd gave it….!!! he told me dat it would take 1 day to get it to ios 6.1.3

  64. 85
  65. 86

    how will you know if its a gsm model it says in the box GSM/EDGE P.S : My iphone is the korean model (16gb) i need immediate response

  66. 88
  67. 90

    I managed to install iOS 7 on my iPad 3 and while I know it’s still in beta i was suprised but how laggy things still were in beta 4, maybe it’s just my iPad?

  68. 91

    I am stuck at the reboot loading screen, where the loading bar is empty. I tried replacing the USB outlet and restarting my computer. What should I do?

  69. 102

    I got an Activation error when setting up my iPad 3. it downloaded ios7 fine but since it needs to be part of the developer program. what do i do now?

  70. 104

    I originally downloaded beta 1. Since then I’ve been using OTA updates up to version 3. Now number 4 can’t find the update. What should I do? Can I use the direct downloads for iTunes or is that only if you’re starting from iOS 6xxx?

  71. 105
  72. 107
  73. 109
  74. 114

    i just downloaded the iphone 4 dmg file, i then used TransMac to change it to .ipsw, the file then says iPhone3.3 instead of iPhone 4.1. What do i do and where do i donload the actual file for ios 7 beta 4 from???? please help

  75. 116
  76. 117

    i just downloaded ios 7 beta 4 tio my iphone 5 using the link 3 for the A1428 model and while it was downloading. it stopped and has not been updating for the past 2 hours.

  77. 129

    someone pls help no matter what firmware i download for any beta my iphone 4 cant update to it or restore itunes just keep saying i have the wrong firmware even tho i have the right one????

  78. 133

    NVM download was simple easy and smooth no bumps 1 try and done well. can’t wait for the full version with the jail break

  79. 134
  80. 136

    I downloaded A1248 for iPhone5 link 3 (through itunes), and it was working great the software was updating and my phone was beginning to update, and then it froze on the apple logo with the loading line below it only 1/16th of the way full. unfortunately my lock button is broken so I can’t restart my phone and it wont connect with itunes, so I figured if I let the battery die then I could connect my phone back to itunes and restart my phone. The battery began charging and it was the ios7 charging logo (different than ios6) but now it is frozen on the apple logo and no loading bar…what do I do?

  81. 138

    when i click shift and click in itunes the ios 7 wont show in downloads but it will if i go to start then downloads .

  82. 140

    i downloaded it from mega after downloading
    when i tried to put ios7
    the file was not able to be selected !!

  83. 142
  84. 144

    I’m currently running ios7 beta 1 on my iPhone 4. How can i update to beta 4 by using the simplest & easiest way ? ( i’ve tried updating through the settings > software update but it says > it’s already the latest software) help me 🙁

  85. 147
  86. 148

    Is it a safe way to upgrade to iOS 7 beta 4? I use an iPhone 4… I saw no comments about iPhone 4 so please tell me.

    • 149

      Now fewer people using the iPhone 4. You’d better upgrade to iOS 7 beta 4 from a clean iOS 6.1.3, so error chance will be much smaller. Also note download the correct firmware for your device. Good luck

  87. 151

    Hey hench01..just giving you a quick update, I actually went back and installed iOS 7 beta 3 and then did an OTA update to beta 4, and it worked like a charm, no freezing, no bricking. If anyone is having issues with freezing, I’d suggest this method, it’s a lot faster and easier 🙂 Once again thanks again for all the help!

  88. 152
  89. 154

    I installed all the links for the 4s and i didn’t have a problem until it told me it can’t activate because I’m not an apple developer or whatever.

  90. 155
  91. 157

    I tried installing the Beta 4 straight onto my iPhone 5 which is on 6.1.4 and it says I’m not a registered developer?

  92. 167

    Every time I sync my phone I get this message that says iTunes was unable to load data class information for sync services. Reconnect or try again later. What do I do?

  93. 168

    Just Updated to ios7 beta 4 and went through smooth the very first try
    Thanks for the DL link and your help

  94. 169

    I do not have a internet connection where I am right now. Which is why I first fucked up by using my iPhone 4S as a router, and since the updating required Internet also during the installation, it got stuck halfway like a paradox. The update could not be done because of the lack of internet, and the internet could not be established because of my iPhone 4S is updating …

    I managed to fix it with a crappy connection I borrowed, before I fucked up by not reading the instructions well enough, and got stuck on the “not registered developer” activation screen.

    I needed to go DFU and restore to iOS6. Since iTunes forces me to restart the downloading of iOS if the internet connection is broken for a short while, and the fact that the connection I borrowed was super slow, I used several hours to download iOS6. When it finally was done, it would not work. Something about a corrupted file. And ask me if iTunes saved the ipsw for me to try again? Nope.

    The next day, that is today, I had to go to the Apple Store, physically the actual store, to make them reset it since I don’t have internet.

    When I got back, I needed to restore my phone, and then try and install iOS again. This time I alt-clicked the “Check for Updates” button. I was expecting a pop up to ask me whether to start from a recovery-file or from scratch, but this did not happen. I waited, and success!

    But no. ‘Your iPhone has been updated, and is restarting. Please leave your iPhone connected. It will appear in the iTunes window after it restarts.’ It did not appear in iTunes. I got stuck with the apple icon and an empty loading bar on the iPhone screen.

    Looks for me that I have to put my phone in DFU once again, to download iOS6 once again. And hope it’s not “corrupted” as it was yesterday.

    This has been a hell of a journey. This is my thought. IF it works to install iOS6 after me spending a couple of hours of downloading, I’m doing a fresh install. Like a new phone, no restore. Then, if I have the guts and patience in case of failure, alt-click update and install iOS7 beta 4. And GOD if it doesn’t work this time, I probably will throw the phone through a brick wall. And if iTunes didn’t save the ipsw this time either, do the walk of shame to the Apple Store.

    • 170

      And please arrest me if I’m wrong again. I’m pretty sick of not making it work. What should i REALLY do?

    • 171

      Please. I have it in DFU. I finally downloaded iOS6 via iTunes. When I install I get the message “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. This device is not eligible for this build”
      Why? What’s going on?

  95. 172

    just installed ios7b4 on my a1428 i5!!! i had 2 prior freezes on the restart of the install so i restored my i5 as a new device and restarted the process and it worked! apparently if you have a lot of apps and data it can cause the re-start process to lag/freeze. i used the 1st link. now i gotta go about syncing up all my data… let’s see how that goes

    **update** successfully restore and synched all my apps, texts, photos, notes, cal, etc.

    running the beta with all my content. but the “find my iphone” keeps crashing- apple devs need to fix it!!!

  96. 174
  97. 176
  98. 178

    hi any one can help me i want to download ios 7 beta 4 in the middle of download it ask me user and password what is this user and pasword

  99. 179

    omg!!!!! im loving it. iv done it on my iphone 5 since last night. works like a charm. done mine through windows 7. link 3 (ipsw) on ios7 links above

  100. 180

    I am running on ios 7 beta 3 without developers license, the update for beta 4 downloaded automatically on my phone and is ready to install. Should I just install it like that? Or will I be asked for a developer id?

  101. 182

    I tried updating my iOS and once I got to about 90% complete on my iPhone 5, it rejected the download and gave me a “recovery mode” page. Then the only option I had was to restore the software on the device. ???

  102. 187

    I followed the instructions and did the ‘check for update’ thingy and gave it the files. Itunes then Extracted the Software, but when this finished it returned with an ‘Unknown Error (3194)’. Can anyone help me?

  103. 189
  104. 190

    everytime i try to upgrade my ipad 3 wifi to ios 7 i always get stuck at recovery mode. i tried alotta links too from diff websites. and im using windows so recboot doesnt really work so i have to drive and go to a friend’s who has a mac. the latest recboot works like magic on mac. just one click and im out of recovery mode. do you know the problem with it? 🙁 thank youuu

    • 191
      • 192

        iTunes is at its latest version, the usb interface i think is working okay, since it recognizes iPhone and iPad plus I upgraded my iPhone using the same usb port and it worked fine. So I’m left with the files. I keep downloading iPad 3 Wi-fi only ispw, latest was in your website and I tried to upgrade it earlier but it’s still getting stuck at recovery mode.. what should I do now…

  105. 193

    Hi, i downloaded everything except when I started to set my phone up it says my device isn’t registered as part of the iphone developer program…. what do i do?

  106. 194

    i dont want this to ruin my phone so does this actually work cause my friend said it didnt work for his i pad. i was also wondering if windows vista would work for this.

  107. 195

    I download ios 7 beta 4, but everytime I get to the set up screen, it skips the backup restoration page altogether, so I’m unable to get backup files! Please help

  108. 197

    Everytime I download IOS 7 beta 4, everything works perfectly, but it skips the set-up screen, so I don’t get to pick a backup or find previous backups at all since it skips the page altogether… help?!

  109. 199

    My iMessage and FaceTime sevices aren’t working for some reason now that I successfully installed iOS 7. It says that they are “waiting for activation”. Any way I can fix it?

  110. 202

    I just wonder, how come there is 2 kinds of download link (for my iPhone 5, one dmg file has 400MB and another has 1.16GB). Is there any different between them?

  111. 204

    My phone is stuck at the apple logo with the bar underneath it and is no longer connected to iTunes, please help?

    • 205
      • 206

        I did both steps, now my phone has been stuck with the progress bar and it hasn’t moved in about 15 minutes..what’s the normal wait time for updating, should I just put my phone into DFU mode and go back to iOS 6? This is taking way too long..thanks for your help in advance

        • 207

          If you installed many applications in the previous iOS 6, then this upgrade process may longer than normal, I suggest you wait much longer, if it still not work, enter DFU and back to 6.

          • 208

            thank to both you and hench01 for your replies, unfortunately I need my phone for work tomorrow morning, so right now I am restoring back to iOS 6, on the weekend when I have more time to wait I will backup my apps on my mac and then try again without having so many apps on the phone.

            Thank you both for your help and responses!

          • 209
        • 210


          IF the i5 is BRICKED (screen bar under the apple not updating) during the restart of the phone WHILE you were sideloading ios7b4:

          TAKE THESE STEPS============>>>>>>>

          1. PLUG your i5 back in your mac/pc via lightning/usb CABLE, make sure the i5 acknowledges the power source (itunes MAY NOT recognize the i5)

          2. make sure you can see the apple logo with the BRICKED status bar

          3. SOFT-POWER OFF the phone via HOLDING DOWN SIMULTANEOUSLY the HOME + POWER button until the BRICKED screen is off and a NEW apple logo is showing. COUNT 10 seconds from the of the new apple logo and THEN let go of the power button while CONTINUING to hold down the home button. IF successful, the mac/pc attached to the i5 will recognize that your phone needs to be in recovery mode and will boot you into DFU MODE.

  112. 211

    To anyone who has upgraded to Beta 4 via OTA update, is your Siri functioning correctly?

    Each time I try I get the “I’m really sorry about this but I cannot take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while”

    Is this due to the .ipsw I had originally used for Beta 2 being used by too many people?

    Is Siri being worked on perhaps?

    Any info from people with Beta 4 running would be great!

  113. 212

    I started updating mine about 14 hours ago and its still at the updatig screen and the progress hasn’t moved. It will go dead though and it will have the ios7 battery thing, and when I charge it it goes back to updating making no progress please help!

    • 213
      • 214

        i cant. it wont show up in my itunes and my lock button does not work. It’s plugged into my computer and I’ve tried every usb

        • 215

          Plug your device into your computer.

          Turn off the device.

          Hold the Power button for 3 seconds

          Hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds

          Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home button

          Keep holding the Home button until you are alerted by iTunes saying that it has detected a device in Recovery Mode

          • 216
          • 217
          • 218
          • 219
          • 220

            but i think he’s saying that it will take a long time for the phone to restart if you have tons of apps/music/pics/p0rh/books

          • 221
          • 222

            TO EVERYBODY WHO IS BRICKED (u2cait)

            IF the i5 is BRICKED (screen bar under the apple not updating) during the restart of the phone WHILE you were sideloading ios7b4:

            TAKE THESE STEPS============>>>>>>>

            1. PLUG your i5 back in your mac/pc via lightning/usb CABLE, make sure the i5 acknowledges the power source (itunes MAY NOT recognize the i5)

            2. make sure you can see the apple logo with the BRICKED status bar

            3. SOFT-POWER OFF the phone via HOLDING DOWN SIMULTANEOUSLY the HOME + POWER button until the BRICKED screen is off and a NEW apple logo is showing. COUNT 10 seconds from the of the new apple logo and THEN let go of the power button while CONTINUING to hold down the home button. IF successful, the mac/pc attached to the i5 will recognize that your phone needs to be in recovery mode and will boot you into DFU MODE.

          • 223

            4. RESTORE yourself into ios6.1.4

            5. CHOOSE from a BACKUP

            6. voila you’re back to NORMAL

            RINSE AND REPEAT 😉

          • 224
  114. 225

    Fantastic, the update route worked like a charm. I was concerned that I was not using the 270mb update IPSW (as the download links are for 1.13gb IPSW – Link1 is a corrupt DMG for me) but i downloaded the full iOS 7 beta 4 update and as long as you ALT clck update after setting up the phone as a new 6.1.4 device itll be good to go. FYI i am not using the iTunes beta.

    Just restoring my phone from my icloud backup now.. I wandered to android for 4 weeks.. Never again! android is so very broken. HTC One on ebay 🙂

  115. 230
  116. 231

    I tried upgrading today at noon. I had the same problems others here have mentioned: after installing the apple logo appears with a bar and the whole thing is just stuck. Although I made a backup, for some reason it failed while I was downgrading back to iOS 6.1.3
    Basically, I lost mainly my photos…

    Any idea why it happened?

  117. 232
    • 233
      • 234

        it says

        Safari is not fully compatible with MEGA

        Safari lacks the HTML5 features MEGA relies on to perform client-side in-browser cryptography. HTML5 file transfers will be emulated through a very limited Flash workaround. Please consider upgrading to a modern browser at your earliest convenience.

  118. 236

    I just downloaded the ipsw for iphone 4 cdma and it is telling me the firmware file is not compatible. I have a 8gb verizon iphone 4, I’m fairly certain it is the cdma model.


  119. 238
  120. 240
  121. 241

    Okay, I’ve downloaded the ipsw file but when I try to do it on iTunes, the bar won’t fill up and it keeps saying “verifying software.” How long is this supposed to take? It’s been around 10 minutes already!

  122. 243
  123. 245

    I tried downloading the iPhone 4 file (CDMA) link 3 (ipsw file) but whenever I tried to update it said the firmware file is not compatible. I’m pretty sure a Verizon 16GB iphone 4 is a CDMA phone, any tips?

  124. 250

    The first few times I tried updating, I got error 2002 which sent my phone into recovery mode and I had to restore it to a 6.1.4 backup. I just tried again with beta 4 and I’m getting error message -1, which thankfully did not send it into recovery mode. What am I doing wrong? I’m 99.9% sure I’m downloading the right version. I have a Sprint iPhone 5 so I’ve been downloading the A1429 version.

  125. 253

    I have successfully installed it. Except one major problem. When I started the iPhone 4S again, it prompts “Activation error” and I can go nowhere from here. Neither on the iPhone 4S nor on iTunes. Both of them prompts “Activation error” and gives me no option except

    “This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program.If you are a member of the Program, please register your device in the iPhone Developer Program Portal.”

  126. 257

    I have finished downloading and synching it to my iPhone 5 but it is not update my phone has been stuck at the apple sign with a bar under that is not filling up and it had been some time since I update. Is my phone messed up now?

    • 258
      • 259
        • 260
          • 261
          • 262
          • 263
          • 264
          • 265
          • 266
          • 267

            I have finished installing both the itunes 11.1 and the mobile device installer what do I do from here my phone is still at the apple sign and not loaded bar?

          • 268
          • 269

            So I should restart my computer and then try to restore my iPhone again? The thing I want to fix is my phone I just want it to start working again I am not going to bother with iOS 7

          • 270
          • 271

            Ok I restored my iPhone its working now but I lost all my data its not a big deal but is there any way to get it back. My itunes doesnt have any apps or music so I cant sych and get it back

          • 272

            I am glad that the issue been resolved, if you have been enable iCloud sync, then log iCloud Server, check whether you personal data stored before. If so, sync them. But just photos, contacts, memos…

          • 273

            I’m having the same issue on a iPhone 4s (OSX). Originally, I didn’t read through the instructions, so I didn’t download iTunes 11.1 nor Mobile Device Installer. So I downloaded those applications, restored my phone, and tried again. Same result – The software installs properly (it gives me the ‘Your iPhone has been updated, and is restarting. Please leave your iPhone connected. It will appear in the iTunes window after it restarts.’) and then the phone restarts and sticks. It has the iOS7 ‘Loading’ screen, but never gets further than the attached image. I’m on a Macbook Pro, I’ve changed USB ports, and I’ve even tried the good old IT Crowd Approach (Turning my computer off and turning it back on again). It always sticks at the same place. I’m going to try it on my iMac when I get home and with other d/ls, but any help you could provide would greatly be appreciated.

            EDIT: I got it to work by setting it up as a ‘New Phone’

          • 274

            i downloaded A1428, made sure my mobiledeviceinstaller was good, made sure the was good, clicked on check for update with the alt/option button and used the ios7b4 ipsw, and got stuck at the restart of the phone. went into dfu, restored with the same ipsw, got to the ios7 activation screen where it said i was not registered with apple dev prog. very annoying… now i am going to downgrade to ios6, restore a backup, and MAYBE try one more time.

            ps. itunes 11.1 mega dl link is freezing at 9% for me. so i am running on 11.0.4(4)

          • 275

            I found that I HAD to have 11.1 in order to restore my phone… You might want to find somewhere else to run it.

          • 276

            actually, i installed beta 4 successfully on my 11.0.4(4) itunes. i didn’t need 11.1. but in order to successfully install the beta you have to have a pretty clean device (not too many apps, data) and you can always restore from backup for the rest of your data, texts, photos, etc.

          • 277
          • 278
  127. 279
  128. 280

    when i extract the file in 2hfs what do i do from then? do i drag it to the desktop and try to update then? and i also tried downloading on firefox and its asking me if i should open the file with dmg_auto_file(default) or other

  129. 284
  130. 286

    Attempted this process with 2 different 4s and failed both times, says ”
    Device isnt eligible for requested build” is there something im
    missing here?

  131. 288

    Hey. When I try to update to beta in itunes it tells me the iphone could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible. It’s already ipsw file. I tried to restore to 6 but also it said the same thing. Is there a way you could help me?

  132. 299
  133. 301

    Have been trying to update OTA from beta 3…failed once already. Taking long time to download. Any known problems? Any fix?

  134. 303
  135. 304
  136. 307
  137. 309

    Hi.. Is that safe if update ota from ios 7 beta 3 to ios 7 beta 4 for non registered ip5(non developers)..??? Tq 🙂

  138. 311

    I believe I did everything as instructed, but once I try to update, iTunes prepares my iphone for a while and then there is an error message, says that the iphone cannot be updated due to unknown error (oxe80002d)


    • 312
      • 313
      • 314

        ok, so first of – it worked! thank you!
        it just got stuck at some point… after the installation was completed, iTunes was showing a message saying that the installation was completed successfully and iOS7 is now my current software.
        Then it told me that it’s now restarting but it just got stuck at the screen with the apple logo and the measuring-bar underneath it…
        after almost an hour of being patient, I had to restore it…

        if anyone else get’s the same issue, here a link with a youtube video that shows you how to get out of this mess…

        if anyone knows what happened or how to correct it please help.
        thanks! 🙂

  139. 315
  140. 316
  141. 317

    I just downloaded the .dmg file for iphone 4s (i clicked the name but it was still a .dmg file). I opened it with 7zip but I can’t find an .ipsw file. I see a large file so I’m assuming it’s that but the file name is 2.hfs. Help plz?

  142. 328
  143. 330
  144. 336
  145. 337

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