How to Enable Emoji Keyboard in iOS 7 beta

If you frequently send messages on iPhone, then maybe you don’t know how to add the Emoji Keyboard in iOS, so you can send send someone a funny, light-hearted message with the vivid, lovely graphical icons.

If your device just upgraded to iOS 7 beta 3, then enable it to enjoy the wonderful communication. Emoji Keyboard is disabled by default in iOS, so you need to enable it manually by a few simple steps.

How to Enable Emoji Keyboard in iOS 7 beta

Step 1: Enable it from Settings app

Launch Settings app from Home Screen.  Tap General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard. You will see Emoji in the list, tap it.

Settings app


Tap keyboard

Tap Keyboard Option

select keyboards

Select Keyboards

Emoji keyboard  be added

Emoji keyboard be added

Step 2: How to Access Emojis on the Keyboard

You can access Emojis at any time by tapping the Globe key on the keyboard.

Emoji keyboard

Select Emoji keyboard

Step 3: Selecting Emojis

YNow when you can not express what you mean in words, you can select any icons in the Emoji panel by just tapping on it. Swipe left and right to view, or tap on an icon at the bottom of the keyboard top choose a different Emoji subject.


emojis in iOS 7 beta

Step 4: How to  back to the regular keyboard

Just tap and hold the Globe button again, then select your usual keyboard layout to return it to its usual state.


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