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iOS 7 beta 6 11a4449d Ipsw Now Available for Download

iOS 7 beta 6 11a4449d Ipsw Now Available for Download

Last week, we had predicted that Apple would release the sixth beta for iOS 7, which will be the final beta before iOS 7 GM launch in September, but the surprise is Apple released iOS 7 beta 6 build 11a4449d today, that earlier again than we expected. This version only fixed some bugs and crashing issues, the size of update package in OTA is only 12.7 MB.

iOS developers can directly download beta 6 dmg from Dev Center. If your device already installed iOS 7 beta 5, then you can safely upgrade to beta 6 from Software Update in Settings app. Even without a registered developer UDID.

iOS 7 beta 6 released for developers

If your device is still in iOS 6.X, and want to upgrade iOS 7 beta before the public version launch. Then you can directly download the iOS 7 beta 6 ipsw files listed below, and then update via iTunes.

Download iOS 7 Beta 6 IPSW Without developer udid


  • Please ensure that your device is iOS 6.1.4 (iPhone 5), iOS 6.1.3 (Other devices) before upgrading.
  • You’d better restore a new iOS 6.X firmware, to get a clean new system for the iOS 7 upgrading smoothly.
  • If you get an Error 3194 when using iTunes, then you probably need to modify the hosts file on your computer, to ensure iTunes can connect to Apple’s update server successfully.
  • If you frozen the Apple logo and progress bar screen, then you must installed many applications in the previous iOS 6, resulting iOS 7 update extremely slow, to fix that, you can only restore the device to iOS 6.1.4 from DFU mode, then try again.
  • If you get -1 Error When upgrading, try replacing another USB port or computer. If it still not works, enter to DFU, then restore back to iOS 6.x. This error may be due to the damaged baseband hardware.
  • If the iOS 7 Activation error occurred, fix it follow this guide we posted.
  • If iTunes prompts unknown error 6, follow this tutorial for fixing.
  • If you iTuns prompts an incompatible firmware, then you must download  wrong firmware, please check your device model to download a correct file, click here to learn how to download the correct firmware based device model.

Download the iOS 7 beta 6 IPSW Firmware {Unofficial Links}

The beta 6 ipsw for all devices done!

iPhone 5 GSM A1428 CDMA A1429

iPhone 4S All Models

iPhone 4  GSM Rev A 8G  GSM  CDMA

iPad 4  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad Mini  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad 3  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad 2  Wifi  Wifi Rev A Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPod touch 5  All models

If the firmware you downloaded is dmg format, you need to extract it to get an ipsw firmware. HOW TO EXTRACT

This update addresses an issue with iTunes in the Cloud, where some purchases may download or play unexpected items. If you have any devices running previous versions of iOS 7 beta, you must:

1. Install iOS 7 beta 6
2. Install the ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries configuration profile [Clicking the download link in Safari]
3. From Settings > Music, tap the Reset Media Library button
4. Restart the device

Install ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries

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  • Iperzampem0
    16/08/2013 at am 7:46

    Thanks for posting links very quickly!
    BTW I’ve updated to beta 6 directly from my previous beta 5 on an iPhone 5. Do I need to apply that script?
    Otherwise I can erase all, installing iOS 6.1.4, and then upgrade back to the latest iOS7 beta 6 just to have all things working, does it?

    • Iperzampem0
      16/08/2013 at am 7:55

      Ok, I’ve just installed the config file just to avoid issues, as stated by Apple. Thanks again.

  • lray47
    16/08/2013 at am 8:03

    I keep getting bothered by the “non developer” business..

  • guestuser
    16/08/2013 at am 11:00

    may I ask you what’s the name of the girl from your background?

  • Usman Ahmad
    16/08/2013 at pm 2:40

    skype crash problem resolved or not?

    • JailbreakiOSX
      16/08/2013 at pm 3:04


      • Usman Ahmad
        16/08/2013 at pm 4:31

        great. but iOS7 beta6 didn’t install today. :-( i downloaded beta 3 from this site and it installed easily with clicking update button + control key.

        today i did the same it started and in between itunes gives an error simply :-(

        now downgrading to iOS 6.1.4

  • Jon
    16/08/2013 at pm 4:01

    If I have beta 4, is it safe to update to beta 6 on my phone?

  • john
    16/08/2013 at pm 5:10

    I’m having problems to download and have the 4s ipsw, what should it be?

  • andrew pacheco
    16/08/2013 at pm 7:04

    how do i change the dmg folder into the IPSW? macbook pro

  • Sid
    16/08/2013 at pm 7:09

    If i upgrade to ios 7 beta 6 , when the official ios 7 comes out , will i be needing to downgrade to 6.1.4 before the final update? Please help!

  • AdamRose
    16/08/2013 at pm 8:08

    Anyone know if they have fixed the Find My Iphone Crash? I know there is a Beta Version, but 2.0.3 FMI, only lets you track other devices running iOS 7.0, I have other devices running 6.1.4- not looking to upgrade all to beta.

  • GiantsLi
    16/08/2013 at pm 9:09

    the ipsw dont work they’re fake

    • iPhoneIPSWHelp
      16/08/2013 at pm 10:10

      Not fake my friend, you have to delete hackphone off the end of the file where it says .ipsw hackiphone <—– delete that!

      • jessie
        19/08/2013 at am 1:34

        but im on a mac and even if i do delete hackiphone it still doesnt work there isnt a DMG file to extract the ipsw file like in the other betas

        • Paul
          25/08/2013 at pm 6:26

          Dude, just download the file, backup your phone completely, then restore it to ios 6.1.4, once that is done, press the option key on your keyboard and the update button with your mouse, then choose the downloaded ios 7 ipsw file.

          This would update your phone to ios 7. Let me know if this works….

      • snazz
        21/08/2013 at pm 4:47

        i spent probably the whole day downloading the same ipsw file and finally got my answer with this comment! thank you! it was so simple and i never figured it out…THANK YOU!

      • bilal
        29/08/2013 at pm 3:14

        i cant download this can u tell me how can i download

  • Lils
    16/08/2013 at pm 11:48

    How do you delete the hackiphone part?

    • guest
      17/08/2013 at am 12:13

      just wait for the official release would you..

    • meeron
      17/08/2013 at am 8:26

      go to folder options and untick the hide extension arrow
      then click on the file,rename and remove the hackiphone

  • toni-marie
    17/08/2013 at am 12:30

    I deleted “hackiphone” and it still said it wasnt compatible. Do i have to delete “.ipsw hackiphone” like that whole thing?

  • sumanth
    17/08/2013 at am 9:59

    where to find hackiphone text

  • leprechaun
    17/08/2013 at am 11:20

    they state “The iPhone “abc`s iPhone” could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (3194)”

    how to solve this problem?

  • Guest
    17/08/2013 at am 11:58

    Do i need to extract?

  • einstein
    17/08/2013 at pm 12:19

    ..i cant download io7 on this site,how.?

  • aditya
    17/08/2013 at pm 1:47

    a cpgz file is cuming not ipsw

  • Taylor
    17/08/2013 at pm 2:30

    Wanna get ios7

  • alex
    17/08/2013 at pm 4:12

    my iphone has been updated before but I’m afraid so that’s why I restored it back to IOS 6.1.4 but my sister’s iphone 5 is still working great w/ ios 7 beta 6 now. please how can I update it again? am using window7.please

  • alex
    17/08/2013 at pm 4:13

    I’ve been trying to update it again however there’s an error message. Am here in the PHP so how can I update my iphone 5?

    • jr
      19/08/2013 at am 9:10

      im from the philippines also.. currently updating my fone now… here what i did..
      1st update ur itunes.
      2nd download the correct link. got my fone from globe and its says on the back modelA1429..( at first i keep on getting an error msg saying firmware not compatible when i tried doing it on itunes, then i realized that i was dwnloading the incorrect link.. just choose A1429 regardless if its gsm or cdma..
      3rd. justfollow the procedure in itunes.. click update while pressing shift..that should work.. it did for me

  • alex
    17/08/2013 at pm 4:14

    w/c one should I download?gsm or cdma for my iphone 5?plz

    • aron
      25/08/2013 at am 9:38

      At the back of your iPhone, look below if it is A1429 or A1428 ( GSM/CDMA)

      • Valle
        30/08/2013 at pm 4:23

        its the other way around. fuck, now i wasted a bunch of time downloading the wrong file.. gsm for 28 and cdma for 29 =/

  • gus
    17/08/2013 at pm 6:22

    hey, i got it downloaded but after i enter the wifi at startup it says “activation errror” nevice not registered as part of dev program. what to do??

  • surinder
    18/08/2013 at am 8:39

    i am getting error 3194… help

  • Ethan
    18/08/2013 at pm 10:24

    for an iphone 4, should i download from the Revision A link or just the GSM link?

  • waz
    19/08/2013 at am 4:12

    hi i clicked the download section on download started but when it completed no file was actually downloaded on me laptop., confused, help plz!

    • Morality
      21/08/2013 at am 8:57

      You should have seen the site. It works differently, you’d have to click on the right button on the site after it finished to TRANSFER the file into your downloads folder

  • luke
    19/08/2013 at am 10:39

    Hi, i have a iphone 4 a1332 and all the links i download dont work, does anyone have a link?

  • jr
    19/08/2013 at pm 12:31

    What is the size after downloaded ? Mine says its 1.18 Gb while the website says it is 1.19

  • Guest
    19/08/2013 at pm 1:12

    Please upload to PutLocker. It’s much better :)

  • dg06248
    19/08/2013 at pm 6:02

    so i was about to install the update but itunes sent me the message “iTunes will update your iPhone to iOS 7.0 and will verify the update with Apple.” is that safe?

  • finnsablo
    19/08/2013 at pm 9:43

    thanks it worked and it delete my contacts !!! thank you

  • finnsablo
    19/08/2013 at pm 9:43

    it didnt***

  • Sanju Baeby
    20/08/2013 at am 2:33

    Sorry guys its as usual an activation error…
    but great job guys ….

  • scifi
    20/08/2013 at pm 2:32

    im on a mac and i download the ios 7 beta 6 for my ipad 4 however even though there is much talk about this ‘hackiphone’ extention, it does not come out for me does that mean that i do not have to delete anything?

  • ALDY
    20/08/2013 at pm 10:42


    Activation error

    This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program.If you are a member of the Program, please register your device in the iPhone Developer Program Portal.”

    • Morality
      21/08/2013 at am 8:52

      Get in DFU mode, shift (if pc) or option (if mac) + click Restore, and restore to ios 6.1.4 if you’re on Iphone 5, or 6.1.3 for all other devices. After that, repeat the instructions carefully. You have to shift or option + click UPDATE, and choose the ios 7 firmware for it to work. If this helps, enjoy your updated firmware beta 6

  • tata
    21/08/2013 at am 6:21

    im having a prob updating it, it says error 3194. can someone help to solve this prob?

  • WZRD
    21/08/2013 at pm 1:04

    Could somebody clear up what I should do about backing my phone up before installing iOS 7? I’m so, so confused. I don’t want to install iOS 7 and lose all my contacts, messages, pictures, music etc. Although not so much music because I have that on my iTunes anyway but I definitely don’t want to lose all my messages

  • gita
    21/08/2013 at pm 5:10

    i am using iphone5 model MD638LL/A CAN ANYBODY HELP ME to download ios7 for it

  • WZRD
    21/08/2013 at pm 5:12

    I have an 8GB iPhone 4 and I downloaded the GSM Rev A 8 G and its saying firmware isn’t compatable. How’s that the case when I downloaded the correct one?

  • am135
    21/08/2013 at pm 5:59

    Can somebody help me? I’ve restored back to 6.1.3 like it suggests and I downloaded the GSM Rev A 8G for my iPhone 4 and it’s saying it’s not compatible. How can that be the case even though I downloaded the correct one?

  • Aarón Gil
    21/08/2013 at pm 6:01

    I have an iPhone 4 GSM (A1332) 8GB, I downloaded 3 times iOS 7 in differents sites and itunes always put a message saying “The firmware file is not compatible”… Help!!!! Should I download the GSM REV A??

    • am135
      21/08/2013 at pm 6:46

      I have the same issue. I also have the same phone as you and even the GSM REV A one is saying “The firmware is not compatible”. Now I don’t know what to do as I restored it back to 6.1.3 like it said and I’ve lost everything on my phone

    • JailbreakiOSX
      22/08/2013 at am 1:33

      Try iPhone 4 GSM

  • yan
    21/08/2013 at pm 8:48

    will this delete my factory unlock?

    • Yuna
      27/08/2013 at pm 10:16

      no, i have an iphone 4 32GB factory unlocked and its working perfectly after the update to ios7

  • Kevin
    21/08/2013 at pm 11:43

    Thank you for this great info!

  • Tia
    22/08/2013 at am 3:25

    after the file extract I keep getting error 3194. What am I doing wrong

  • Aaron
    22/08/2013 at am 3:48

    I have an 8GB iPhone 4 (A1332), so I’ve downloaded many times iOS 7 beta 6 for iPhone 4 GSM and it doesn’t work. iTunes leaves me a message saying “firmware file isn’t compatible”…

  • tia
    22/08/2013 at am 3:49

    I downloaded evasi0n to fix the 3194 error but the version i have only jailbreaks for 6.1.2 and below… what do i do now?

  • Sitender
    22/08/2013 at pm 6:21

    great i got ios 7 on my phone

    thnx a lot

  • frodriguez
    22/08/2013 at pm 7:56

    my iphone 5 is unlock to t-mobile i updated to this but it keep saying searching help!!!!

  • the apple comunity
    22/08/2013 at pm 11:47

    my iphone 5s is factory unlocked will take the factory unlock or not

  • the apple comunity
    22/08/2013 at pm 11:48

    my iphone 5 is factory unlocked will take the factory unlock or not

  • dpbhyd
    22/08/2013 at pm 11:59

    I could not get past the activation error on my iPhone 5 … Tried the guide as well…

  • Dre
    23/08/2013 at am 12:19

    Which link is proper for iPhone 4 is it GSM? i tried that and got the 6 error

  • Aaaaj23
    23/08/2013 at am 12:38

    I have an iPhone 4 8GB and the REV A (which is apparently the correct one) didn’t work yet the regular GSM one did? I’m running it now so I’m just wondering if you’ve got the links mixed up or not.

  • Will P
    23/08/2013 at am 5:41

    I have an iphone 4s and it’s says that whole “firmware is not compatible”. Help! Please

  • Abdl
    23/08/2013 at am 8:05


  • Kevin R.
    23/08/2013 at pm 8:40

    Where Do you download it?

    24/08/2013 at am 5:23

    works like a charm….you guys are the best. The new iOS 7 is sleek and crisp thank you!!!

  • Jodi
    24/08/2013 at am 8:29

    Error 3194 when using iTunes, then you probably need to modify the hosts file on your computer, to ensure iTunes can connect to Apple’s update server successfully.

    How do I modify host file?

  • Luisana
    25/08/2013 at am 2:43

    i cant do this on my itouch 4th generation??

  • paul
    25/08/2013 at pm 12:45

    This doesn’t seem to work… Downloaded the GSM file and got an error message stating that its not compatible. The CDMA one managed to get installed but gives an activation error… Inspite of this being a GSM mobile, it still uses the CDMA ipsw file.

    • Paul
      25/08/2013 at pm 6:23

      Managed to get it installed, having issues with ios 7 detecting my cellular network. Trying to fix this now… hopefully will succeed…

      • Paul
        25/08/2013 at pm 6:42

        Fixed the issue i was having with the cellular network… lets see how good / bug full this release is….

    25/08/2013 at pm 1:37

    Hey Ive been having the same problem as the other guys with the ”firmware is not compatible” but I’m guessing its beacuse I took the wrong model (GSM) and of course that i forgot to remove the hackiphone thingy at the end of the .ipsw. But I have two questions, 1. ´The .ipsw file sais jailbreakiosx at the begginging, should I delete that to? 2. Does ios 7 beta 6 support all apps on appstore, does appstore even work on ios 7 beta 6?

  • Jodi
    26/08/2013 at am 11:19

    Hi Kevin, Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SITE AND YOUR INSTRUCTIONS. The IPSW links you clearly provided and the answers to all the questions to errors. Everything we need to know is exactly specified in your instructions. I had a few installation issues but all three of them have been addressed above in your instructions. I just want to say to anyone who is doing the IOS 7 before you waste Kevins time, scroll up and look at the instructions really close and you will find your answers. I have been all over the web prior to this site and was unable to clearly understand the entire process. Now I have IOS 7 beta 6 running flawlessly and perfectly on my phone without Kevin ever responding to either of the questions I asked due to coming back to his instructions above and re reading them and whalaaa the answer were there. Thanks Kevin for all your patience and hard work in helping me and other get the updates. YOU ROCK!!!!

  • abdul joy
    26/08/2013 at pm 11:59

    thanks :’)

  • Jenny
    27/08/2013 at am 5:19

    It’s so weird that some people are able to update and some get the activation error even though they FOR SURE clicked the update button… :(

  • Pau
    28/08/2013 at am 3:37

    everything went well thank you very much ^_^

  • brandon
    28/08/2013 at am 4:41

    error!? it made me restore back to 6.1.4

  • hezz
    28/08/2013 at pm 5:56

    where do i download the ios7 beta 6 at some are fake plz help

  • Abdl
    28/08/2013 at pm 11:31

    Iv not heard much about ios7 on ipads yet, im just curious. Are they not as good?

  • Brandon
    29/08/2013 at am 4:52

    I skipped the restore part, but made sure my iphone was the same number, it works perfectly, and everything is still on my iphone

  • Karl
    29/08/2013 at am 7:22

    My previous ios 7 has already expired. how am I supposed to update it to beta 6? will it delete all my files on my iPhone? thanks!

  • Valle
    30/08/2013 at pm 5:20

    Wow, that was so simple! I just downloaded the firmware, backed up my phone in case anything would go wrong. I installed the new firmware in about 8 minutes completely without errors and all files and applications are still on my phone. Only fooled around with it for a couple of minutes and i love it! The only thin i dont like is that it fucked up my wallpaper since its moving when you tilt the phone but ill just edit some edges onto it on my computer. GOOD LUCK ALL!

  • Aniq
    31/08/2013 at am 12:28

    sorry, is ipod 5th generation all models is compatible too for ipod model mc540zp/a ?

  • Aniq
    31/08/2013 at am 12:31

    Where is Ipod model mc540zp/a ????? please help!!!! @18a9bd43dd45cddc16ae8cbbf040fa41:disqus @18a9bd43dd45cddc16ae8cbbf040fa41:disqus @18a9bd43dd45cddc16ae8cbbf040fa41:disqus @62fc288eba26e5b51b1d4c131e3e3602:disqus helppp plszzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????

  • mack
    31/08/2013 at am 1:02

    where is the dowmload thing

  • <3
    31/08/2013 at am 2:51

    restart everything and do again, go google or youtube for help ! :)

  • George
    31/08/2013 at pm 1:34

    hello all
    as kevin said, i would be able to run an update to ios 7 beta 6 version straight from iOS 7 beta 5. however when i do tap on software updates on my settings app all it gives me is that the software is up to date… any suggestions on how to fix this??

  • boom
    01/09/2013 at am 8:24

    is the reset music and videos library required?

  • Curiosity Art
    01/09/2013 at am 8:33

    Who’s the girl in the pic??? sitting on the chair, asian, gray background, navy shirt and gray pants? It’s a dope picture!!! where can i find it?

    you can see it above the how to photos^^

  • Guest
    02/09/2013 at am 7:31

    what is the game name= =

  • hahaha
    02/09/2013 at am 7:32

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  • HM
    02/09/2013 at pm 12:39

    Doesn’t work guys, after installing the software via ITunes it has an activation error as the Iphone is not registered for the Iphone Developer program, so doesn’t start up.

  • hjuarez
    02/09/2013 at pm 5:00

    so i need to restore my device (iphone 42 6.1.3) am i going to loose my photos?

  • B
    02/09/2013 at pm 6:15

    won’t let me open the website. Could someone give me an alternative download link for iphone 4 gsm or email it to me?


  • mr andrews
    02/09/2013 at pm 10:06

    it wont let me go any further it says my device isnt set up with the developer program what do i do now??? i need help asap!

  • mr andrews
    02/09/2013 at pm 10:18

    can someone please help me

  • lacky
    03/09/2013 at am 11:57

    I just update my iphone 5 but it gives me an erro so what should i do please help me

  • Kat
    03/09/2013 at pm 1:29

    Won’t work pass set up, says my account isn’t a developers.

  • ANDROIDman
    03/09/2013 at pm 4:18

    wheres the fucking dowload link?? no one wants file opener programs full of virus and spamware

  • JOB
    03/09/2013 at pm 10:26


  • Jeremy Gomez
    04/09/2013 at pm 11:55

    can you do it without a sim card in an iphone 4s.

  • James
    05/09/2013 at pm 3:14

    can i install this even if without registered udid?

  • heyyoo
    05/09/2013 at pm 10:26

    where do i click to download????????? please answer :( thank you

  • kensey
    06/09/2013 at am 2:00

    if i do this will it make my apple care void?

  • Ahmed Amr
    07/09/2013 at am 8:35

    plz help after I download is iTunes gives me “Activation Error .. The device is not registerd as part of the iphone developer program” what should I do ????

  • suckmyleftnutsack
    07/09/2013 at am 9:58

    how do i get the ips
    and it says the firmware is not compatible what do i do

  • IHax
    07/09/2013 at pm 6:06

    iPhone 4S Ipsw not working

  • hahaha
    08/09/2013 at pm 12:34

    Hey guy..where did you get krystal jung photo??can u send me??PLease or tell me the link..

  • Donny
    08/09/2013 at pm 4:10

    where is the download link??

  • Owais Sayani
    08/09/2013 at pm 6:57

    hi there i tried downloading iphone 4 link for gsm and it said that it was temporarily unavailable. could someone just message me on FACEBOOK OR EMAIL ME AT

    thank you! :)

  • TheStevenG
    09/09/2013 at pm 8:16

    Unknown Error Occurred (1602)… HELP!

  • remy
    09/09/2013 at pm 11:12

    how can i download beta from this website

  • asapangel
    10/09/2013 at am 1:26


  • asapangel
    10/09/2013 at am 1:27

    i have apps on this one will they trasnfer over

  • Zaid
    10/09/2013 at pm 12:15

    Thnx it worked!!!

  • maks
    10/09/2013 at pm 1:17

    where do you download it ?
    PLEASE PLEASE tell me

  • Mark Anthony Anasis
    10/09/2013 at pm 4:20

    I already have iOS 6.1.3 on my iPod Touch 5Gen a long time ago. Do I still have to restore it or can I update it right away?

  • Ashley
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:15

    Where do I download it?

  • shaun
    11/09/2013 at pm 9:24

    I click on the website for my 4s but I cant find where to go on the website.. help

  • G
    12/09/2013 at am 6:18

    Why does my download always stop all of a sudden? Isit a problem with the download file?

  • G
    12/09/2013 at am 6:47

    Is there another download link? The link for iphone5 cdma always hangs at 57%.

  • Mih Ella
    13/09/2013 at am 5:06

    3 successful updates on 3 different devices! Thank you so much!

  • Han Lee
    14/09/2013 at pm 9:48

    I don’t get why only iPod 5th gen can use this. iPod 4th gen is 6.1.3 too :/

  • Zaid
    18/09/2013 at pm 6:14

    when i updated on my iphone 5 CDMA A1429 it was beta 5 not beta 6 can please anyone help me?

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