How to Input Symbol Emoticons in iOS 7, not Emojis

Not long ago we taught you to add the Emoji Keyboard in iOS 7, although the Emojis already rich enough, but you may not know that we can enter another emoticons in iOS. Some simple smiley with characters consisting.

You can not find them in the default English keyboard, you need to add a extra Chinese keyboard to input these interesting symbols on iPhone.

How to add a Chinese keyboard

Go to Settings app in iOS 7, tap on General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Select “Chinese – Simplifiled (Pinyin)

add a chinese keyboard in iOS 7

How to input a Symbol Emoticon in iOS 7

Into the input state, click on the  Globe icon in the lower left corner. Select the Chinese keyboard just added, then tap on “123”  to enter the digital keyboard, tap on “#+=”  then click  “^_^” you will see the expressions selection bar above the keyboard, tap on “^”  All symbol emoticons listed.

Input Symbol Emoticons in iOS 7

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