How to Block Annoying Call and Message Alarms in a Given Time by Do Not Disturb Feature

“Do Not Disturb” is a very useful feature in iOS, which allows the device to keep silent at the desired time period, to avoid the annoying message, FaceTime call or notification awakes you at night, or during an important meeting.

We know the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 6 works only when the iPhone is locked. But when you’re typing messages or playing games, this feature will not restrict calls and notifications, so the work at hand had to be interrupted. Apple improved this condition, in iOS 7 you can silence incoming calls and notifications while the iPhone is unlocked.

Do Not Disturb is similar to Airplane mode, but the it is more simpler and effective. It works by completely silencing your device between a determined period of time, for example midnight and 7AM. During this time, your iPad won’t make a noise, light up or vibrate. You can, however, tell it to allow notifications and calls to still come through from specified contacts.

 How to Quickly Enable Do Not Disturb in iOS 7

Go to Settings app, scroll down you will see Do Not Disturb option, click it, then toggle the Manual switch at the top of the screen. This will instantly enable Do Not Disturb, preventing any calls, messages or notifications from alerting you.

In iOS 7, you can also quickly enable Do Not Disturb feature by clicking the crescent moon icon in Control Center. Swiping up from the screen bottom to call control center.

Enable Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 7

Once enabled, a little crescent moon icon appears on the left of the battery indicator in the Status bar.

 Enable Schedule to Set the Silence Period

Toggle the Scheduled switch to On, to set quiet hours, then the Do Not Disturb will kick on at 10:00 PM, ending at 7:00 AM.

Set Quiet hours

 Enable important contacts

If you’re expecting an important call, or need to let certain contacts get in touch at all hours, then tap the Allow Calls From button. From here you can let anyone call, no one at all, or those in your Favourites list (created in the Contacts app).

Favourites list

There is a more user-friendly design, Repeated Calls in Do Not Disturb feature, once it enabled, a second call from the same person within three minutes will not be slienced. If the people call repeatedly, so indicate that they urgently need to get in touch. You can let secondary calls through by toggling the Repeated Calls switch to On.


If you want to silence incoming calls and notifications while the iPhone is either locked or unlocked, simply select one you want.


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