Apple Released iOS 7 Beta 5 Firmware for Developers [Build 11A4449a]

ioS7_BETA6Today Apple unexpected released the fifth beta for iOS 7, now developers can directly download iOS 7 beta 5 dmg from dev center. We can also update beta 4 to beta 5 via OTA. The update package size of 106 MB, this beta version of iOS 7 contains bug fixes and improvements.

 iOS 7 beta 6 now available for developers, download beta 5 from the below links for OTA updating, or directly download b6 ipsw form this page. (for someone still in iOS 6)


What’s new in iOS 7 beta 5

  • Black Apple logo with white background when booting
  • Canceled unlock sound
  • Optimize the shutdown and lock screen
  • New icons in Settings app
  • Fixed Plants vs. Zombies 2 crashes
  • Added access within apps option in Control Center
  • New call interface
  • Added provider for Notification Center
  • Added a new noise cancelation settings under accessibility
  • Fixed  Earpods issues in iOS 7
  • UI more smooth
  • Fixed marks issues in Mail app
  • Find My iPhone will crash when opening the map

Directly update to beta 5 (Build 11A4449a) with OTA (Also safe for non-developers)

How to update: Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, the system will automatically check for updates, you need to be patient, while ensuring that your Wifi or 3G network  connection is well.

iOS 7 beta 5 OTA UPDATE

The iOS 7 beta 5 ipsw & dmg file is downloading, we will upload them later. If you can not wait, please download the fourth beta first, then OTA.

This firmware available for the following iOS devices:

Download iOS 7 beta 5 {Unofficial links}

iPhone 5 GSM A1428 CDMA A1429

iPhone 5 Mirror link (IPSW Format)

A 1428  A1429

IPSW Mirror link 2:

A 1428  A1429


iPhone 4S All Models

iPhone 4S Mirror link (IPSW Format)

All Models

IPSW Mirror link 2:

 All Models


iPhone 4  GSM Rev A 8G  GSM  CDMA

iPhone 4 Mirror link (IPSW Format)


IPSW Mirror link 2:



iPad 4  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad 4 Mirror link (IPSW Format)

 Wifi  Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

IPSW Mirror link 2:

 Wifi  Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA


iPad Mini  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad Mini Mirror link (IPSW Format)

 Wifi  Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

IPSW Mirror link 2:

 Wifi  Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA


iPad 3  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad 3 Mirror link (IPSW Format)

 Wifi  Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

IPSW Mirror link 2:

 Wifi  Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA


iPad 2  Wifi  Wifi Rev A Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad 2 Mirror link (IPSW Format)

 Wifi  Wifi Rev A  Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

IPSW Mirror link 2:

 Wifi  Wifi Rev A  Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA


iPod touch 5  All models

iPod touch 5 Mirror link (IPSW Format)

 All models

IPSW Mirror link 2:

 All models

If the file you downloaded is dmg format, you need to extract it to get an ipsw firmware. HOW TO EXTRACT

If you don’t know your device model, click here to learn how to download the correct firmware based device model.

B5 Expires on Sunday, October 6, 2013 @12AM (GMT)

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  1. 1
  2. 2

    i used this beta link to install IOS 7 and when I do ..It says I am not part of Apple Development team…and I have no access to my phone now..PLEASE HELP!!!

  3. 3

    I have been searching all over google, Baidu, yahoo, even bing. Why can’t i sync my ipod touch 5G 32GB ios 7b6?! I cannot get my music to sync through, no matter what i try. i have downloaded the package to do with media library files you refer to in your iOS 7 beta 6 installation guide, but i still cannot sync any media files over other than photos, I always get the sync process to “Step 4 of 4: waiting for changes to be applied…”

  4. 4

    Hey guys I Downloaded iOS 7 Beta 5 it completed its download but when I want to install it with iTunes it Gives ERROR
    WHAT SHOULD I DO???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and also now I am using iOS 6.1.4

  5. 5
  6. 6

    Flawless love it! Now have iOS 7 beta 6, BUT when I go tonay a song kn iTunes the songs do not match the titles . Unknown i saw fix for this but can’t find it . Can u help?

  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. 11

    Alright, i’ve done everything to the tee..
    I’m on iPhone 4s 32 gb 6.1.3, i restored it the the BRANDNEW 6.1.3 for iPhone 4s then tried updating it using shift click & beta 5 & it came up with not compatible 🙁 please help me? i’ve done everything right haha

  11. 12

    Hi, I installed the ios7 beta 5 and I receive notification that there is an update on ios 7 beta 6. Can I just update it through phone or I still have to wait for the unofficial links?

  12. 15

    help me plssss…. iphone 4 gsm eror 3194 im using ios 6.1.3 updating ios 7 beta 4 but not working always eror 3194 in itunes. my itunes is 11.0.1

  13. 17
  14. 19
  15. 20
  16. 21

    Using Google Chrome but the download for IPhone 5 (A1429) is not fully downloading and freezes around half way. What should I do?

  17. 22

    Hi , I have iphone 4 8GB, i have downloaded Rev A version ipsw….My phone is currently on 6.1.3
    Still i am getting error with iTunes that firmware is incompatible.
    Itunes is version

    wat shud i do…plz help ASAP

  18. 23

    I’m following the guide for Beta 4 for iPad 2 Wifi (since the page says to upgrade to that first) but I keep getting error 3194 on iTunes. I’ve change my host files etc., but still nothing seems to do it.

    Any idea?

  19. 25

    hallo my iphone is 4s with ios 6.1.3 can i upgrade it with no errors nd it has a pblm of no service please help if i can do it?????????????

  20. 26

    My iPhone is now running the iOS 7 beta 3, I was too late to update the beta 4 and now the beta 5 is available to update with or without OTA. I think I’m unable to update the beta 5 directly from my iPhone because I haven’t updated the beta 4 before, now when I check the software update it always says that my iPhone is up to date. So would you recommend me to update the beta 4 first and then OTA to the beta 5, or is it just safer to download and install the beta 5 from my beta 3 version? Thanks.

    • 27
      • 28

        Okay I’ve downloaded the beta 5 firmware for iPhone 4S. I’m still in iOS 7 beta 3, so I decided to update it from my MacBook Pro because I was unable to update the latest beta directly from my iPhone (holding the alt/option key + left click) and I targeted to the downloaded firmware. Now I’m stuck right after the Hello screen. Thanks for your advice.

  21. 29

    my iphone 4 is ios 6.1.3 i download the ios 7 beta 3 and 4 but when i update in itunes theres an eror 3194 how do i fix this please help me tnx in advance. and im using windows laptop itunes vr:

  22. 31

    Downloaded the ios7 beta 3 for iphone .It is the correct build for my phone but when restoring it and updating it it gives me the error message 3194. How do I fix this?

  23. 33
  24. 34

    Hi , I have iphone 4 8GB, i have downloaded Rev A version ipsw….My phone is currently on 6.1.3
    Still i am getting error with iTunes that firmware is incompatible.
    Itunes is version

    wat shud i do…plz help ASAP

  25. 41
  26. 42
    • 43

      just updates it
      and if you use OTA or itunes to update you wont lose anything at all, or just wait until they relise it in fall.
      I downloaded beta 4 then ota to 5.
      Have fun!

  27. 44

    I got a question once I put ios7 beta 5 . If the public release has come can I update using OTA? Or I should be on ios6 to download the main release of ios7?

  28. 45
  29. 46


    I have beta 3 running on my phone and I got a pup up saying that beta 4 was available but i did not have enough space to download. Also, when I go Settings -> General -> Software Update, it is saying I am up to date. What is my best option without having to lose everything?

  30. 47

    I’m on the start up and I’m stuck on the wifi part and it says activation server is temporarly unavalible??

  31. 48
  32. 49

    iPad mini a1432, once i download the unofficial link, do i have to download a converter of some sort ? windows does not support dsw if im not mistaken. Or should it come up just fine on itunes when i go to update ?

  33. 50
  34. 51

    I need help with the iPhone 4S….The links take like 5 hours and don’t even work…please I really want this, but for free.

  35. 53

    iPhone 5 (A1428 GSM) Download through Mega continues to freeze at 26%. Multiple attempts yielded the same results. What do you suggest I do? My internet is fine. The download just keeps stopping.

  36. 55
  37. 56
  38. 58
  39. 59
  40. 60

    I have a slight problem I’m running beta 4 and my phone only wants to update to beta 5 using wi-fi, How do I use 3G network?

  41. 61
  42. 66

    after i click the link dev page coming up for me and write in my pw and a.n. and it’s saying severs are offline,anybody same issue?

  43. 69
  44. 72

    This is the best beta release ever, it feels so much like using an OS without any errors… I had many problems with other paid and free apps… Skype would crash all the time… all of these have been fixed now.
    Support to Eastern Languages have been applied…
    also new SMS appears firstly bolded and then goes back to normal… this is really cool.
    It feels a lot faster than before on the iphone 5…
    I faced one problem with my 4th Gen ipad with IOS7 Beta 4 and that it used to heat up while it was locked…
    So far with IOS7 Beta 5 it seems to be working fine.

  45. 73

    Guys i need ur help my phone is an iphone 5 on ios 6.1.4 and i want to upgrade to ios 7 b5 but i have ios 7 b3 so can i upgrade it from ios 7 b3 to ios 7 b5 plz reply

  46. 75
  47. 76

    can anyone help i have trouble updating to any ios 7 beta on my iphone 4 gsm with the correct firmware. ive tried every beta please help

  48. 79

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