How to Optimize iOS 7 Settings to Get More Battery Life

    iOS-7-Battery-Saving-Features-2We all know the more dynamic feature will bring more power consumption, iOS 7 does not like its calm surface, so flat and quiet, it brings more brilliant effects and features. Not only the system itself, some applications will send a lot of push notifications running in the background, which may lead to your battery life faster consumption. Apart from the normal power consumption, more from the 3G, location, push notifications, background downloading, etc. So for these characteristics, we only need to optimize the iOS 7 system settings, and find out those apps too active to improve the settings or remove it completely.

    The following is a guide to help you conserve as much battery as possible while in the beta stages of iOS 7.

    Reduce push notifications from Notification Center


    Go to the settings app and tap “Notification Center” then find any apps you absolutely don’t need to have sending you said notifications. Another thing you can do is disable any undesirable settings or features like “Stocks.”

    Disable some features not commonly used from the General settings


    Next thing to do is go back and tap “General” then disable things in here you may not use. Don’t use Siri? Disable it. If you aren’t a fan of “Spotlight Search”, or don’t use it, then uncheck everything in the list. If you do you use it, disable some things that you may need to search for. If you go back, you’ll see an new option called “Background App Refresh” and it does what it says. Any apps capable of using this feature will constantly run in the background, unless disabled. If there are any apps in this field, disable the ones you don’t want running contantly or disable it all together. Go back and tap “Restrictions” and disable any features in there you may not use like “Game Center” options, “Multiplayer Games” and “Adding Friends”. This will not only save battery, but also RAM as well.

    Turn off dynamic effects and reduce the screen brightness


    Tap all the way back to the main menu in settings and then tap “Brightness & Wallpaper”. Enable “Auto-Brightness” if you wish and try to lower the brightness to a comfortable level. Tap “Choose Wallpaper” and try to stay away from the animated images or the “Dynamic” images, as they call them. They will run a lot of battery life as they require constant background process use to keep the animations going.

    Disable any unwanted GPS location services to minimize the consumption of the battery


    Tap all the way back to the main menu of settings again then tap “Privacy” and “Location Services.” Disable any location services you absolutely do not need for each app or disable it all together. A bug that has been found in the OS is that, even when you disable it in “Background App Refresh”, is that the stock “Weather” app will contantly turn on the GPS chip to locate where you are and auto-reload every so often. Disable this if you don’t care for the weather app or use a different source to find out local weather conditions. Tap “System Services” and disable any system location services you don’t need running in the background. If you don’t care to use this feature, disable “Frequent Locations” as well. Tap back twice and tap the “Advertising” field at the bottom. Enable “Limit Ad Tracking” as the less GPS usage you can get, the more battery you will save.

    Optimize iCloud network settings


    Tap all the way back to the main menu and tap “iCloud.” This is pretty self-explanetory at this point. Disable anything you don’t need running, especially Documents and Data. This no longer allows for limiting to WiFi so it will continue to run on the cellular network, if you have an iPhone or iPad on a cellular network.

    Optimize iTunes & App Store settings


    Tap all the way back to the main menu and tap “iTunes & App Store.” Disable “iTunes Match” if you don’t use this feature. It will not only help with battery life, but also RAM space. Disable anything in “Automatic Downloads” you don’t need running, and disable “Use Cellular Data” if you wish to conserve a bit more battery and save yourself from breaking any data limits.

    Reduce apps background running


    Lastly, tap all the way back to the main menu and scroll to the bottom to your installed apps. Disable any features you feel may cause contant background processes, push notifications, etc.

    Above are only some of the basic tips used to conserve power. The current iOS 7 is still in beta stage, so the excessive battery consumption may also be caused by own bugs, but Apple will eliminate these uncertainties, bringing an optimal optimized iOS 7 in the next month.



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