Disable Frequent Locations to Prevent Apple Tracking Your Location in iOS 7

    660q (1)If you are using iOS 7 beta, then I am afraid you don’t know it has a terrible feature “Frequent Locations” which will instantly track your location and uploading them to the Apple server.  This service tracks your location in order to “learn places you frequently visit in order to provide useful location-related information” in the new Notification Center. Also, I think one of the purposes of this service is to help Apple improving their Maps feature. Although this feature is designed to improve the user experience and products for Apple, but we will certainly worry that their privacy is compromised for advertising or other commercial purposes.

    This location-tracking feature is turned on by default once you enable the position feature in iOS 7 activation. And Apple did not declared the purpose and details on this feature, which is probably as the iOS 7 still in beta. Perhaps this service will be disabled by default until iOS 7 official release.

    If you ‘re scared your own whereabouts been leaked, just disable the “Frequent Locations” feature to prevent Apple tracking your location.

    How to disabled Frequent Locations

    Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations.

    iOS 7 Location tracking

    In addition, you can also disable the Ad tracking in iOS 7

    Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising -> Limit Ad Tracking, turn it “on

    ad tracking


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    1. 09/08/2013 @ pm 8:14 Michael

      I am on iOS7 Beta5 now and cannot find Location Services under System Services. Either Apple took it out or it is somewhere else.

      Can you help here out?


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