Top 10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks for Jailbroken iOS 7

    We all known the current iOS 7 has entered fifth beta, according to recent rumors, Apple will release the new iPhone 5S & 5C on September 10th, and iOS 7 GM (Golden Master) version will soon available for manufacturers. Meanwhile, the news revealed by Planetbeing also shows that untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 coming soon once the official firmware to public, then what cydia tweaks are you must have in iOS 7?

    iOS 7 cydia tweaks

    Here a simple list of 10 popular tweaks will appear in iOS 7.

    • Activator (Almighty gesture tweak)
    • Barrel (cool flip effect)
    • Bitesms (SMS Enhancer)
    • Flex (powerful file modifier)
    • IFile (powerful file manager)
    • NCSettings (convenient system toggles)
    • Springtomize (free system customization)
    • Velox (new application interaction)
    • Winterboard (popular theme installer)
    • Zephyr (Gesture Switch)



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    2. 27/12/2013 @ am 2:09 TJ taylor

      what does activator do?


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