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Download iOS 7 GM 11A465 Firmware from Developer Center

Download iOS 7 GM 11A465 Firmware from Developer Center

The official download links of iOS 7 GM (gold master) ipsw just gone live on the Apple’s dev center. iOS 7 GM build 11A465. If you have a developer account, then you can directly download a complete ipsw firmware from here. Then restore the downloaded firmware through iTunes to install the GM version of iOS 7 onto their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

download ios 7 gold master

For those who are currently on iOS 7 beta 6, it won’t do any good to head over to the Software Update section of the on device. As with previous years the Gold Master seed of this firmware refresh will not be offered as an over-the-air (OTA) update for existing beta users. It will therefore be necessary to grab the firmware file directly from the Member Center method above in preparation for a custom iTunes install, or download a complete unofficial firmware from the download links we posted below, soon be updated. If you keep a non-developer, then I think You are now need this unofficial download link for upgrading iOS 7 GM.

The Gold Master is the final version of iOS 7, the public version will see come September 18 ahead of Apple’s new iPhone launches.

Update:  Download iOS 7.0.2 Official Version Firmware

iOS 7 GM 11A465 Firmware {Unofficial Links}

The GM ipsw for all devices done!

[toggle title=”iPhone 5″]

Mega link: GSM A1428 CDMA A1429

Mirror link 1:  GSM A1428 CDMA A1429

Mirror link 2:  GSM A1428 CDMA A1429


[toggle title=”iPhone 4S”]

Mega link: All Models

Mirror link 1:  All Models

Mirror link 2:  All Models


[toggle title=”iPhone 4″]

Mega link:  GSM Rev A  GSM CDMA

Mirror link 1:   GSM Rev A  GSM  CDMA

Mirror link 2:   GSM Rev A  GSM  CDMA


[toggle title=”iPad 4″]

Mega link:  Wifi Wifi + GSM Wifi + CDMA

Mirror link 1:   Wifi Wifi + GSM Wifi + CDMA

Mirror link 2:   Wifi Wifi + GSM Wifi + CDMA


[toggle title=”iPad mini”]

Mega link:  Wifi Wifi + GSM Wifi + CDMA

Mirror link 1:   Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

Mirror link 2:   Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA


[toggle title=”iPad 3″]

Mega link:  Wifi Wifi + GSM Wifi + CDMA

Mirror link 1:   Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

Mirror link 2:   Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA


[toggle title=”iPad 2″]

Mega link:  Wifi Wifi Rev A Wifi + GSM Wifi + CDMA

Mirror link 1:  Wifi  Wifi Rev A Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

Mirror link 2:  Wifi  Wifi Rev A Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA


[toggle title=”iPod touch 5″]

Mega link: All models

Mirror link 1:   All models

Mirror link 2:   All models


[toggle title=”iTunes 11.1 Beta 2 (Mac)”]

 Mega link

 Mirror link 1

 Mirror link 2

 Mirror link 3


Note: The download speed may be slow due to regional restrictions. Please use the Chrome browser to download the firmware from Mega.

 How to install iOS 7 GM

If the device is in iOS 6.x, then make sure your device is on iOS 6.1.4 (iPhone 5) others on iOS 6.1.3, it is best to a clean new system. If you have already upgraded iOS 7 beta 6, and want to install GM now,  please click on Shift + “Check for Update” Button in iTunes to install the ipsw file. All your date will still be kept in new version, will not be erased.

Important: Hold down the Shift (Windows) or Alt/Option (Mac) key and hit the Check for Update button on iTunes.

 Some issues you might encountered

  • Please ensure that your device is iOS 6.1.4 (iPhone 5), iOS 6.1.3 (Other devices) before upgrading.
  • You’d better restore a new iOS 6.X firmware, to get a clean new system for the iOS 7 upgrading smoothly.
  • If you get an Error 3194 when using iTunes, then you probably need to modify the hosts file on your computer, to ensure iTunes can connect to Apple’s update server successfully.
  • If you frozen the Apple logo and progress bar screen, then you must installed many applications in the previous iOS 6, resulting iOS 7 update extremely slow, to fix that, you can only restore the device to iOS 6.1.4 from DFU mode, then try again.
  • If you get -1 Error When upgrading, try replacing another USB port or computer. If it still not works, enter to DFU, then restore back to iOS 6.x. This error may be due to the damaged baseband hardware.
  • If the iOS 7 Activation error occurred, fix it follow this guide we posted.
  • If iTunes prompts unknown error 6, follow this tutorial for fixing.
  • If you iTuns prompts an incompatible firmware, then you must download  wrong firmware, please check your device model to download a correct file, click here to learn how to download the correct firmware based device model.
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  • Guest
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:03

    No iPod Touch firmware :-(

  • pilr
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:04

    why the link goes to fb?

  • OmgLolOmgLol
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:05

    Dont worry, they’re still uploading all the firmware. With a file thats over 1GB in size, it can take a while. But the firmware’s surely gonna be available for download soon! ^.^ (But wait, I heard that you have to RESTORE to install the GM version? If thats the case, then i cant do it since im not a dev)

    • 10/09/2013 at pm 8:08

      I am sure you can restore the ipsw file using the latest version of iTunes. But do you need a dev account to actually use it when installed? Normally you don’t have a dev account to use a GM copy.

      • OmgLolOmgLol
        10/09/2013 at pm 8:21

        Omg, if your right, then thats GREAT! I already went through so much trouble installing iOS 7 Beta without a dev account..Im gonna be so happy if it doesnt say “Activation Error” This time ^.^

        • YesMan
          10/09/2013 at pm 10:38

          Warning!!! You need iTunes 11.1 if you want to do ANYTHING with your phone and your computer, i.e. Restore from backup, transfer music, etc.

  • Franck
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:06

    No iPhone 5 version ? I knew I shouldn’t have paid 5$ and be stuck with the beta 6 version…

  • ian
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:08

    how long does it take to upload those files?

  • BadGief
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:08

    cmon man upload the ipsws 😀

    10/09/2013 at pm 8:09

    Hey! Im on my friends developer account.Would that still count can i still get the GM verison?

  • kikan
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:11

    do we need to install an updated version of iTunes to use these ISPW?

  • BastDut
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:16

    I think there is an error: GSM is A1429 and CDMA is A1428

  • guest
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:16

    no gsm a1429 version ):

  • 10/09/2013 at pm 8:18

    I need the A1429 😉 Pwease.

  • Assada
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:20

    cmon… Upload “iPod touch 5″

  • Adrian
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:24

    I heard you need iTunes 11.1 to install the GM – but I can’t find the iTunes Beta for Windows. Is there even one for Win? 😀

  • Luigi
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:27

    How about upload to Mega?
    The European download for that host it’s very slow.

    But anyway, thanks for uploading!

  • OmgLolOmgLol
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:34

    Please upload it to Mega! The download speeds for this Baidu site are really sloooooooooooooow….

  • Guest
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:36

    It is in German and they are just links to the official Apple download page.

  • Dan
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:40 – shows A1428 is GSM & A1429 is GSM & CDMA

  • Dr. Watts
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:44

    iPhone 5 GSM A1428 downloaded pretty fast, took about 20 mins

    • IrvingDee
      11/09/2013 at am 1:55

      did it work for you? It keeps telling me that my software is wrong. But the back of my iphone says A1428

  • WakaWaka
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:50

    Is it certain that you must downgrade if you have iOS 7 beta 6 in order to install GM properly? You can’t just hold shift and update?

  • andrea_1995
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:51

    iphone 4s

  • skanerx
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:52

    please please iphone 4 rev A

  • JohnnyBoy
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:54

    You should be able to (shift+restore to gm version) Don’t know why he’s saying you need to downgrade to 6.1.4 if you already have ios7 beta 6…..

  • smith simpson
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:56

    I press the download button but nothing happens what should I do ??? I tried on ie and chrome and both didn’t work
    unable to download for iphone 4s !!! :/

  • Oğulcan
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:57

    13 hours wtf

  • OmgLolOmgLol
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:03

    The download site they use is from Russia…You have to sign up first or else the download speed gets reduced, and the max. speed i got here in the US was 300kbps…It says “1 hour” remaining though, which i guess is better than the 9 hours people were getting here! XD

  • OmgLolOmgLol
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:07

    Ok, what I dont get is, why isnt ANYONE uploading the Gold Master version to MEGA? All the other beta versions were immediately uploaded to MEGA, so why isnt anybody using MEGA this time? All the download links I found were maxed out at like 200-300kbps…

  • Mr.A
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:07

    links for iPhone 5 models seem to be back to front ?

  • BW
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:13

    Still need a username and Password to download from that site

  • antik
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:20

    Please for mirror of version iPhone 5 GSM A1429
    Big thanks!

  • Mosee Halfway
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:20

    is it that necessary to downgrade it to 6.1.3? whats wrong with upgrading it from 7 beta 6?

  • Mr.A
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:24

    We need iTunes 11.1 in order to use itunes when running 7 GM, so we cannot restore our backup once we are are running 7 gm

    • OmgLolOmgLol
      10/09/2013 at pm 9:30

      Im not even gonna try restoring my iPod, im gonna try updating straight to iOS 7 GM. I already synced everything I need to my iPod anyways(And most people cant get iTunes 11.1 since it’s only available for Mac)

      On the bright side, yay, theyr putting up MEGA links! 😀

      • Henry Young
        10/09/2013 at pm 9:51

        Do a restore, if the upgrade goes bad you will need iTunes 11 to fix it.

  • cb
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:25

    Can you link a 4S version? Big thanks

  • andrea_1995
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:29

    Mega Mirror link for 4s?

  • Guest
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:30

    Where I can find iPad 3 GSM?

  • Henry Young
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:30

    Anyone got iPad 2 GSM?

  • Teke
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:34

    Link for ipad 3 gsm?

  • belkaaloulmm
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:39

    can we install iOS 7 with iTunes not for developers ?

    • OmgLolOmgLol
      10/09/2013 at pm 9:41

      I heard that the shift+click on the update button allows you to update to it. But if you restore to it, you cant restore from backup since it requires iTunes 11.1(which is only available for devs on Macs atm). Anyways, can someone confirm that the shift+click update thing works?

    • JailbreakiOSX
      10/09/2013 at pm 9:42

      Sure you can.

  • Urban_225
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:41

    Please upload Ipad Mini A1455 :)
    Thank !

  • Jack
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:43

    Why does the iPhone 5 CDMA say jailbreak?

  • Rob21
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:44

    Please upload iPad 3 Wifi 😀

  • OmgLolOmgLol
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:44

    Can you please upload the iPod Touch version? I’d be really grateful! 😀

  • OmgLolOmgLol
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:45

    Ok, im trying the link now…

    • OmgLolOmgLol
      10/09/2013 at pm 9:48

      Well, one website maxes out at 100kbps(datafile one) and the other one requires you to pay since the file is larger than 1GB…Those links are of no use to me! It says it would take 6 hours for the download to finish! D:

      • Henry Young
        10/09/2013 at pm 9:49

        Yeah Its slow but its the best their is so far. For me the iPad 2 GSM one will take 3 hours.

  • Dave
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:53

    Is iTunes 11.1 beta required to update to the GM?

    • OmgLolOmgLol
      10/09/2013 at pm 9:54

      Nope, it’s just required to restore from backup or sync with your iDevice running the GM, or at least that’s what i’ve heard so far.

  • The Typical guy
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:53

    Guys, the evad3rs team are uploading all the versions to MEGA! Their website says “Uploading” and “Download: Coming..Soon”! If this takes too long, im going to download from the evad3rs site.

  • tenstrke15
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:55

    just installed this on my iphone 5! can’t wait to play with it!!

    • The Typical GUy
      10/09/2013 at pm 9:57

      new charing sound, new Siri sound, new wallpapers and dynamic themes…thats what i’ve heard they implemented in it! Cant wait to see the new Siri “BEEP BEEP” sound! xD

  • LEnavy
    10/09/2013 at pm 9:57

    CAn you PLEASE Post the iPhone 4 CDMA PLEASE?

  • danny
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:06

    do i shift and update or restore and update

  • The Typical Guy
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:07

    Those links all lead to the datafile website, which limits your download speeds to 50-100kbps…Takes even longer.

    • hencm
      10/09/2013 at pm 10:10

      yeah, but there are links for some devices that haven’t been uploaded here yet

  • Higles
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:08

    Please upload for iPad 2 wifi

  • mike
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:21

    need iphone 5 A29 model link that wont take 6 hours

  • TTM
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:32

    I live in the UK. May I clarify that I should download the A1429 ipsw? Thank you!

  • Johnny On the Spot
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:33

    Iphone 4 GSM please!

  • nelsongruber
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:39

    Can´t download iPhone 5 CDMA mirror, says Temporarily Unavailable

  • danny
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:45

    what about activation screen is that still on ios 7 gm i want to restore from icloud

  • Thinkpatience
    10/09/2013 at pm 10:48

    Anyone find one for iPad 3 wifi only yet? Seems to be missing from everywhere…

  • Thinkpatience
    10/09/2013 at pm 11:09

    iPad 3 wifi wasn’t posted there

  • Jason Hur
    10/09/2013 at pm 11:12

    Worked on my iPhone 4S without problems. Be warned that you WILL need iTunes 11.1 to sync your iPhone. There is a link to download iTunes 11.1 somewhere out there. I just synced with iCloud.

    • Claudia Martelly
      11/09/2013 at am 12:22

      So I won’t be able to sync music?

      • Jason Hur
        11/09/2013 at am 9:53

        Looks like the iTunes 11.1 beta was posted above. Download that and you’ll be able to sync your iPhone running iOS 7 GM. I was able to sync just fine with iTunes 11.1.

  • T
    10/09/2013 at pm 11:19

    need iphone 4 cdma

  • Pipp
    10/09/2013 at pm 11:43

    I’ve a problem! How can I upgrade from iOS 7 Beta 6 to GoldenMaster? Have I to wait for the official release? (I’m not a developer, so how can I do?)
    Thank you very much!

  • pduak
    10/09/2013 at pm 11:50


  • applefreak55
    10/09/2013 at pm 11:54

    cannot restore backup after successful installation of iOS 7 GM. iTunes states that it needs beta 11.1 or later in order to identify iPhone. Is there a link to get iTunes 11.1 or later for Windows?

  • Peter
    10/09/2013 at pm 11:54

    Do i need developer login for these downloads?

  • hjogi
    10/09/2013 at pm 11:59

    there are some problem with the link for ipad 3 WiFi – Please fix it!!!

  • J
    11/09/2013 at am 12:03

    ipad 3 wifi links broken

  • Guest
    11/09/2013 at am 12:03

    please fix ipad 3 wifi link

  • Pipp
    11/09/2013 at am 12:04

    I’ve got an “european” GSM A1429: here in the website there’s the link for the A1429 CDMA only. Is it the same or have I to wait till the GSM A1429 link?
    Thank u very much from Italy

  • Rishi
    11/09/2013 at am 12:08

    iPad 3 Wifi file is missing. Please update

  • hjogi
    11/09/2013 at am 12:09

    what is this ?????

  • PC
    11/09/2013 at am 12:33

    how to install iTunes 11.1 beta 2 to Windows ?

  • Vinícius
    11/09/2013 at am 12:35

    iPad model A1459 pleaaase :(

  • pistolas50
    11/09/2013 at am 12:37

    iPad 3 Wi-fi link down :(

  • David
    11/09/2013 at am 12:39

    I’m not great with all of this so I’ll try phrase this as basic as possible. I have an iPhone 5, if I restore it/wipe it, then upgrade to iOS 7 gold master, can I restore it from a previous computer backup from iOS 6.1.4?

  • Joshua Minor
    11/09/2013 at am 12:41

    iPhone 5 A1429 link is unavailable. =( Reup please?

  • Ryan
    11/09/2013 at am 12:43

    iPad wifi 4th gen please

  • Mikey D. Luffy
    11/09/2013 at am 12:44

    ipad mini a1455 pls…………………………

  • lucas
    11/09/2013 at am 12:45

    can i just upgrade my iphone 4s ios 7 beta 6 to gm without downgrade?

  • Flex
    11/09/2013 at am 12:46

    iPad 3 Wifi is missing people! Upload asap please!

  • Zibby
    11/09/2013 at am 12:47

    Iphone 5 CDMA A1429 is not working

  • Na
    11/09/2013 at am 12:50

    Has anyone tried this on a 4s yet?

    • WolfGoodfellow
      11/09/2013 at am 3:22

      having difficutly here too.. Mac user with the iTunes beta….

    • WolfGoodfellow
      11/09/2013 at am 5:04

      Yes. Using a Mac… Make sure you have iTunes 11.1 Beta 2… Download the file for 4S… Then hold alt/opt button then hit restore… It will take a while so be patient

  • Earl
    11/09/2013 at am 12:52

    anyone else missing translucency on ipad 4th gen?

  • nunu10000
    11/09/2013 at am 12:52

    Could you please upload the version for the CDMA iPad 2? Thanks.

  • Ricardo Goulart
    11/09/2013 at am 12:55

    they leave the ipad4 for the last :(

    3+ hours waiting here…

  • Matheus
    11/09/2013 at am 12:55

    iPad 2 Wifi + GSM is missing. Please Update!!!

  • Jay
    11/09/2013 at am 1:07

    Now iPad 2 WiFi froze.

  • Kevin Ariza
    11/09/2013 at am 1:08

    anybody has the link for iphone 4 CDMA?

  • Ryan
    11/09/2013 at am 1:08

    iPhone 5 CDMA A1429 not working :(

  • Vinícius
    11/09/2013 at am 1:14

    iPad 4 Wifi + 4G Please :(

  • Mikey D. Luffy
    11/09/2013 at am 1:27

    iPad mini Wifi + Cellular (Model A1455) LINK PLEASE…

  • Kevin Ariza
    11/09/2013 at am 1:28

    whats mirror link mean?

  • Rico G
    11/09/2013 at am 2:08

    Anyone have any problems installing and using the iPhone 4S ipsw? Please let me know! I’m downloading it now!! :)

  • Edward
    11/09/2013 at am 2:12

    I cant sync iTunes when I have ios 7 Gold Master why can Someone help me

    • JailbreakiOSX
      11/09/2013 at am 2:15

      iTunes 11.05 currently unavailable for iOS 7 GM, if you are Mac user, please download iTunes 11.1 beta 2 from the above link.

      • ed
        11/09/2013 at am 4:51

        I don’t have a Mac I have a window now from having ios gm in my iphone I cant get any of my network it doest connect to sprint I restored and put in dfu mode aww man :( My phone cant activate anymore

      • Edward
        11/09/2013 at am 4:54

        I have a window aww man I restored back to ios 6.1.3 and put in dfu mode my phone doesn’t activate anymore to sprint aww man :( do you now how I can activate my phone back.

  • fobi
    11/09/2013 at am 3:36

    if you back up the phone on ios7 beta 6 will you be able to restore the back up on the gm version?

  • jano
    11/09/2013 at am 3:58

    anyone tryied to simply upgrade from ios 7 beta 5 to ios 7 GM o iPhone 5 without been developer??

  • Nicholas
    11/09/2013 at am 4:32

    If I install ios7 Gm seed, can I update to official ios7 OTA when it released?

  • Turanga06
    11/09/2013 at am 4:33

    Hola! Me pregunto lo siguiente: ¿al instalar el iOS 7 GM, cuando salga la versión para el público general el 18 de este mes, tengo nuevamente que devolverme a iOS 6.1.3 y actualizar, o si se podrá actualizar via OTA desde la versión GM? Gracias.
    PD: En cuanto al problema con el iTunes 11.1 para Windows, usé temporalmente “iTools 2013″ para agregar música y fotos a mi iPad Mini :itssomething:

    • Turanga06
      11/09/2013 at am 6:23

      Hi! I have a question! I already install the iOS 7 GM version in my iPad mini, when the final release comes at september 18th, do I will be able to update my iPad via OTA, or do I will have to downgrade again to iOS 6.1.3 and then update to iOS 7?

  • Diego
    11/09/2013 at am 5:04

    Ok I’m on iOS 7 GM first I was on an ipad running iOS 6.1.3 with music and apps ! Then I downloaded iOS 7 GM and with iTunes 10 I clicked shift+ update mad now it works like a charm :) and all my data didn’t erase

  • WolfGoodfellow
    11/09/2013 at am 5:06

    Takes a while on the 4S to install… so be patient. must use Restore button in iTunes only… its freezes on the Update button and then you will have to put it in recovery mode then restore to the last iOS 6 update and try again.

    • zerofivetwozero
      11/09/2013 at am 5:08

      should it be on 6.1.3? or is it ok to restore directly with ios 7 beta 6?

      • WolfGoodfellow
        11/09/2013 at am 5:47

        Yes 6.1.3

        • zerofivetwozero
          11/09/2013 at am 7:29

          is your deveice UDID registered? you have a dev account? im afraid of the “activation error” thing :(

          • WolfGoodfellow
            11/09/2013 at am 10:10

            No, I don’t have a dev account. Anyone can install the GM’s but only debs can install the beta

  • Vinnie
    11/09/2013 at am 5:10

    The links are broken.

  • Srivas
    11/09/2013 at am 5:23

    the ipod touch links are not working. Only Mega is working..

  • Derrick5
    11/09/2013 at am 7:16

    How do you upgrade the gm when regular iOS comes out?

  • Mosee Halfway
    11/09/2013 at am 7:32

    so if I wanted to sync anything with my 11.05 version of itunes, I can’t? or is it only for restoring things?

    • Jaz808
      11/09/2013 at pm 12:24

      Win PC and iOS-7 GM needs a new ver of itunes to sync,
      Prob is v11.1 is not out, iCloud and iTools will Sync

  • Tealsteam
    11/09/2013 at am 10:17

    I just updated from iOS 7 beta 6 direct to iOS 7 GM, using the Shift + Update button, and selecting the ipsw, one step I took was to disable the internet on my pc whilst I updated and no issues with Apple activation, and not having to downgrade to 6.1.4

  • Kane
    11/09/2013 at am 11:56

    What does he mean by “You’d better restore a new iOS 6.X firmware, to get a clean new system for the iOS 7 upgrading smoothly.”?

    • Jaz808
      11/09/2013 at pm 12:22

      A Clean Install is always better than a update,
      So if you want your phone to run like new then start from scratch, and don’t just update/restore from where you are now.

  • Jaz808
    11/09/2013 at pm 12:17

    Non Dev + GM + Win PC = NO Itunes Sync
    iTunes 11.1 is not out yet,
    iCloud and iTools can solve this :)

  • morph3eus
    11/09/2013 at pm 12:41

    works for me with ( Shift + Update ) from ios7 beta 6 to ios7 GM . Iphone 5 CDMA

  • dimitri
    11/09/2013 at pm 12:50

    cant update on ipad mini + cellular, says not compatible, worked on 5 and 4s

  • token714
    11/09/2013 at pm 1:17

    Don’t shif+click “Restore”. You’ll have to go through the whole process of putting all your data back onto the device. Shift+click the “Check for updates” button.

    11/09/2013 at pm 1:41

    i want itunes 11.1 for windows 7

  • Usman Ahmad
    11/09/2013 at pm 2:06

    i have iOS7 beta 6 and i am not a developer of apple. i must need to upgrade to this GM version or when iOS 7 will be released on 18 i will be able to jump straight there?

  • Endem
    11/09/2013 at pm 2:31

    Can anyone confirm that I don’t need to downgrade and that I can update directly from iOS7 beta 6?

  • John
    11/09/2013 at pm 4:32

    I am 100% sure I have got an A1429 model, checked thoroughly, but I keep getting incompatible firmware error. The software extracts, goes to Apple Activation, then promps me with the incompatible firmware error… Any help, suggestions will be most appreciated… Thanks!

  • danni
    11/09/2013 at pm 5:55

    hi my device is a1430 i can not find the file can u help thanks

    11/09/2013 at pm 6:25

    APPLE TV GM???????

  • ibs
    11/09/2013 at pm 6:40

    am using IOS 7 beta 6 , its that necessary to do step 1 and restore IOS 6.4.1 first !!???

  • JimmyKonSon
    11/09/2013 at pm 9:07

    I have my iPhone registered as a UDID, will there be any problems with some “activation” error at anytime?

  • MaybeACentury
    11/09/2013 at pm 9:44

    I was running iOS 7 Beta 6 and am not a developer. I was able to upgrade to iOS 7 GM in about 20 minutes by hitting alt-click (on my Mac) update. Not restore. From what I can tell, that seems to be working for some people but not others. It verified the GM installation at least three times with Apple. Best I can tell, the fact that I had iOS 7 Beta 6 made it think that I was a dev. Not sure. Either way, it worked for me without downgrading to 6.1.whatever.

  • justin89
    12/09/2013 at am 12:11

    is this a non developer version

  • thelostsheep
    12/09/2013 at am 1:34

    just updated iphone 5 A1429. it says it needs itunes 11.1 or later. hahahaha. too bad this newer version of itunes is not yet available. maybe until the 18th.

  • andre
    12/09/2013 at am 1:45

    i have signal bar issues and wifi issues after upgrading from BETA 6 to GM, on my iphone 5 the wifi and cell signals are really low and internet is very slow, i had to go back to iOS 7 BETA 6

  • Julia
    12/09/2013 at am 4:30

    I followed the directions given. Can someone tell me what this message means?

    • JailbreakiOSX
      12/09/2013 at am 5:24

      Because GM is still a beta version, Apple only allows us to sync using iTunes 11.1 beta equipment GM, lower version of iTunes will not recognize iOS 7 GM, so if you are a Mac user, please download iTunes 11.1 for Mac from the above link we posted.

  • julia r
    12/09/2013 at am 4:42

    What does the error message

    “your iphone” cannot be used because it requires iTunes version 11.1 or later?

    Please help.

    • JailbreakiOSX
      12/09/2013 at am 5:01

      Because GM is still a beta version, Apple only allows us to sync using iTunes 11.1 beta equipment GM, lower version of iTunes will not recognize iOS 7 GM, so if you are a Mac user, please download iTunes 11.1 for Mac from the above link we posted.

  • bobbyzzzz
    12/09/2013 at am 4:52

    I’ve downloaded two different files, neither from the iPad 2 category. But, both files have iPad 2 in their name. Seems like I don’t have the right files for iPhone 4 and iPad 3, do I?

  • rosa
    12/09/2013 at am 5:48

    The “update to 11.1″ is the message i get when I plug my phone up. Help?

  • vivek singh
    12/09/2013 at am 9:03

    i have updated my iphone 4 gsm 32gb to ipsw IOS 7 but in itunes is not dectecting its always show to update itunes to 11.1 or later but currently my itunes is on latest version but still is not dectecting.

    any help will be appreciated

  • LoL
    12/09/2013 at pm 2:19

    is it only intended for those who are using MAC? what about the WINDOWS?

  • skysliver
    12/09/2013 at pm 8:39

    please help me now for installing IOS 7 GM! when i button shift+checking for update , it`s said “The iPhone could not be updated because firmware file is not compatible “

  • skysliver
    12/09/2013 at pm 8:43

    my iPhone “iPhone 5 model(MD298ZA/A)” it can`t in installing ios 7 GM, always error”firmware file is not compatible” help now please….

    • Ben
      13/09/2013 at am 3:39

      Check the file size. I’m betting it hung like my download and I ended up with a 60 mb file which obviously didn’t work.

  • Gell Flores
    12/09/2013 at pm 10:58

    we need iTunes 11.1 beta 2 for windows.

  • Arturo Mendoza
    13/09/2013 at am 2:40

    Lo instale en iPhone 4s sin problemas y en windows sin ningun itunes beta ni eso

  • Miguel Rojas Cortés
    13/09/2013 at am 2:41

    Hi Kevin! I went into the whole process and it worked like a charm! … Until today I was attending a call, when suddenly the system just crashed, and it has been impossible to make it work again… I’ve tried to restore it to 6.1.4 and even 7.0 with no results (in recovery and DFU modes). The iPhone 5 GSM is stuck at the apple logo… can you help me? :(

  • AL Lawati
    13/09/2013 at am 4:35

    please help i am getting the following message when clicking the Mega link for CDMA A 1429:

    The file you are trying to download is no longer available.

    This could be due to the following reasons:

    The file has been removed because of a ToS/AUP violation.

    Invalid URL – the link you are trying to access does not exist

    The file has been deleted by the user.

  • wz
    13/09/2013 at am 6:06

    I want available mega link for iPAD3

  • willian
    13/09/2013 at pm 2:21

    i will lose somethisng from my iphone if i do this?

  • A. Lawati
    14/09/2013 at am 11:34

    Dear Kevin,
    I have upgraded i phone 5 from beta 6 to GM smoothly. Do you prefer to down grade now to 6.1.4 and update IOS7 fresh when ready on 18th Sept.

    • JailbreakiOSX
      14/09/2013 at pm 2:19

      I think we can directly upgrade to iOS 7 official version from GM on September 18

  • daniel
    14/09/2013 at pm 6:52

    When I update to iOS7 GM, will I have to downgrade to 6.1.3 when the official update comes out sept, 18th?

  • dm2015
    15/09/2013 at am 12:16

    I cannot figure out where my file is saved to on my mac.. I have an Iphone 4 8 g

  • Avi
    15/09/2013 at am 3:53

    Hey guys after i update this will i be able to update the upcoming updates using OTA?? is this the same version gonna get released on 18th of sept?

  • Benjamin
    15/09/2013 at am 11:44

    why does it say software is not compatible?

  • Banhawzz
    15/09/2013 at pm 1:56

    Can I upgrade from ios 7 beta 6 to ios 7 official directly without downgrade to ios 6.1.3? (iPhone 4S)

  • Nicole
    15/09/2013 at pm 7:46

    I have a iPhone 4 from sprint. I have Firefox, Safari, and google Chrome on this MacBook. Which links do i click on? PLEASE HELP ME !

  • Junjiae
    15/09/2013 at pm 9:25

    do you need a udid to use the linked files listed here?

  • Jay
    16/09/2013 at am 7:31

    Non of the Iphone 4 rev A downloads worked Help!!!

  • Alejandro Palencia
    16/09/2013 at pm 7:36

    which will it be the best for iphone 5? i see 3 optios ..

    Mega link: All Models

    Mirror link 1: All Models

    Mirror link 2: All Models???? either one of the gsm?/

  • Alejandro Palencia
    16/09/2013 at pm 7:43

    need to know which link outta the 3 is for 6.1.4 gsm.. anyone.//??

    • weztimonial
      17/09/2013 at am 3:24

      check the back of your phone. A1428/A1429
      Use MEGA links for fast download.

  • frank
    18/09/2013 at pm 10:34

    so build11A465 is the final version? the one everyone else will get?

  • Gandhi
    24/09/2013 at am 3:55

    the gold master links are not working properly the file is downloadable about 500MB only/// dear admin please check the links
    thank you

  • m!ilo
    14/11/2013 at am 9:13

    can u pleeeeeezzzzzzzz add ipod touch 4th gen coz i really want to update to ios 7

  • 06/12/2014 at pm 9:03

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    your post. They are very convincing and will definitely work.
    Still, the posts are too quick for starters.
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