How to Prepare for Installing iOS 7 Official Version on iDevices

Apple’s upcoming iOS 7.0 official version avialable for download soon on September 10, I guess there must be a large percentage of users willing to upgrade their devices to this new system, even losing jailbreak. Well, if you really want to upgrade to iOS 7.0, then I suggest you’d better do some preparatory work in advance to ensure that the entire upgrade process without issues, such as iTunes unknown error, loss of personal data, etc.

iOS 7.0

 Device Status

First you must have a clear understanding of the current situation on your phone, such as which version of iOS it is running, and whether been jailbroken.

1. If you want to keep the existing individual data and applications to maximize, then you’d better choose OTA upgrade or iTunes upgrade, which will not erase your data.

2. If you want to get a new, clean system, then you’d better choose to download a complete iOS 7.0 ipsw file for restoring with iTunes.

3. If your device is jailbroken on iOS 6 with Evasi0n, then you will fail to OTA upgrade on the device, you must first download a firmware and then restore it with iTunes, but this will lose the jailbreak ability and cydia tweaks, and an error message is likely to be appeared during the installation process.

In summary, if you want to upgrade iOS 7.0 smoothly and without trouble, then you’d better upgrade the device to a clean state without jailbreak and any apps installed.

Of course, before doing this, you will need to backup data prepared for restoring them in the new iOS 7.

 Backup Data

Sync and backup your device using iTunes

1. Connect your phone to your computer and do a full sync in iTunes. If your computer is not set up to automatically sync when your phone is connected, choose the phone from the source column in iTunes and click the Sync Now button.
2. Then you should initiate a manual backup just to be safe. With your iPhone connected to your computer, right-click it in the source column in iTunes and choose Back Up.
3. You can also back up your iOS device over the air using iCloud. iCloud automatically keeps your device backed up whenever it’s plugged into power, but you can also back up manually by opening Settings, selecting the iCloud pane, then tapping Storage & Backup, and tapping the Back Up Now button.

Note: If you decide to completely restore your device to factory settings, then you better take good care of the password information for some specific Apps

If you’ve done all three of these, you should be ready to upgrade.

 Prepare for Upgrading and Installing

Step 1: Restore device to a clean state.

  • Download iOS 6.1.3 Firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Download iOS 6.1.4 Firmware for iPhone 5

If you have installed iOS 7 beta 6, then please skip this step.

Step 2: Once  the firmware downloaded, connect your device to a computer, open iTunes, hold the Alt key (on Windows, this will be the Shift key), and click Restore. iTunes will then allow you to select the .IPSW you extracted in the previous steps. Select it.

Few minutes later, your device should be ready to go on iOS 7.

 Install iOS 7.0 Official Version

If you really want to upgrade iOS 7 few days later, then we recommend that you follow the above steps to restore the device to a pure state, then operate according to the following steps to get updates.

1. Once Apple released iOS 7.0 to public, you will be able to see the update prompt from iTunes when connecting the device with computer, you simply click the update button for installing.

2. If you feel the firmware download speed of iTunes is too slow, or more willing to install the firmware from an independent ipsw file. Then please click here to download the latest iOS 7 firmware for all devices. Note that selecting the correct download link corresponding to the device model.

Once  the firmware downloaded, connect your device to a computer, open iTunes, hold the Alt key (on Windows, this will be the Shift key), and click Restore. iTunes will then allow you to select the .IPSW you extracted in the previous steps. Select it.

 Restore backup

Restore personal data, backup and apps using iTunes or iCloud in iOS 7.

More complex due to the specific operation, we are no longer describe it in detail here, you can search for relevant tutorials according own needs from Google.

PS: We speculate jailbreak iOS 7 will become a reality in the near future, possibly in iOS 7.1 or 7.1.2, how do you prepare in the future for jailbreaking iOS 7.

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