How to Use iOS 7 Touch ID Feature on iPhone 5S

     What is Touch ID

    Touch ID is a new feature integrated in iOS 7, at present it can only work on iPhone 5S.  With Apple’s exclusively designed fingerprint sensor to complete various of security validation related features on iPhone 5S. Such as unlock the iPhone and makes purchases on iTunes. Compared to the traditional security certification, Touch ID is more advanced, more humane, more convenient and more secure. Especially that it will lead the mobile payments rising, which is also the future market trends.

     How does Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor Work?

    Touch ID

    Apple embedded a capacitance fingerprint in the Home button, when you touch the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor, it measures the minuscule differences in conductivity caused by the raised parts of your fingerprint, and it uses those measurements to form an image, all of this happens in the blink of an eye.  Apple added a ring to turn it on and help reduce signal errors. The ring also adds a little current to your finger to help boost and clean the signal, and the button itself is made from sapphire crystal, making it extremely durable to scratches and damage.

    More doubts on Touch ID, please refer to a definitive Q & A about the sensor built into the iPhone 5s written by Rich Mogull at TechHive.

     How to Use Touch ID

    Add a fingerprint

    Step 1: Go to Settings app on your iPhone 5S. Tap the General button, select Passcode &Fingerprint, then tap the Fingerprint option.


    Step 2: Tap the Add a fingerprint button towards the bottom of this pane. A panel will open with a grey fingerprint in the center of the screen. Begin by lifting and resting the edge of your finger on the Home button. You’ll see the grey fingerprint begin to turn red.


    Step 3: Continue pressing and tapping on the Home button, until the on-screen fingerprint graphic has turned completely red. Congratulations, you have now added your fingerprint to your iPhone 5S.


    Once the iOS 7 successfully recorded your fingerprint information. Then you can use it to experience the convenience of fingerprint authentication.


    Apple Touch ID video: how iPhone 5s fingerprint scanning works

    Scene: Unlock or Purchase Using Touch ID

    Back on the Fingerprints settings panel you’ll see toggle buttons that enable you to both unlock your device and buy items from the iTunes and App Store. Toggle these to your preference. When enabled, you can purchase apps, music, TV shows and books using your fingerprint.


    Right now, only the iPhone 5s has Touch ID, currently no pre-order program is being offered for the iPhone 5S. Apple’s latest flagship smartphone will be released in nine markets, including UK, US, China and Japan on September 20th.

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