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Apple Event Invitations Will be Issued, iOS 7 GM Follow Up

Apple Event Invitations Will be Issued, iOS 7 GM Follow Up

Apple Event 2013 approaching only one week left, while 19 days from the last iOS 7 beta release, Apple did not continue to send a beta 7 ipsw to developers in accordance with the update law of two weeks interval. Analyze the existing status, Apple will never release a beta 7 for iOS 7, the company is likely to directly publish a gold master (GM) to developers in recent.

According to the latest reports derived from Appadvice

Invitations to Apple’s Sept. 10 iPhone event are likely to arrive tomorrow, Sept. 3, and which could be sent around the same time that  Apple releases iOS 7 GM to developers.

The final public version of iOS 7 will be available for download on, or around Sept. 20, which will be released simultaneously with the new iPhone (5S, 5C).

download ios 7 gold master

For iOS 7 public for iPad, we have reported that the version will not simultaneously release with the iPhone version, it will be postponed until October release together with iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.

If the above reports reliable, we will be able to download iOS 7 GM ipsw Today, of course, the news may not be 100% accurate, it is also likely to appear in the September 10 iPhone event.

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  • Jssj
    10/09/2013 at pm 8:04

    My current system is iOS 7 beta 6, wether I can get a free update when iOS 7 GM release, because I was a non-developer, I’m afraid I can not carry GM OTA update or upgrade from a free ipsw file. Who know where I can download a free iOS 7 gm ipsw file, I do not want to register a developer account.

    • Dexter Miguel
      10/09/2013 at pm 8:53

      What?… English please.

      You cannot download the iOS 7 gold master through the air (OTA). Whether you have a developer account or not, you can simply download the gold master IPSW and flash it on your phone. It’s a gold master… it is essentially the final product that will be released in a week. They do this to give developers a week of time to migrate their applications to the new version.

  • Roope
    16/09/2013 at am 11:42

    Hmmm. When updating to the GM I can’t connect my iPhone to iTunes as it require 11.1 which I could imagine will be released together with “all” other stuff around SEP 20 :-(

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