iPhone 5C & iPhone 4C Price Leaked by Walmart’s Price Tags

There have been rumors that Apple will launch an iPhone 5C as the low-cost mobile product in this September, then we wonder how low this price? The previous rumors that iPhone 5C will be priced between $ 400 to 500. Obviously, this price is acceptable to the public. But today a purported iPhone 5C price tag leaked, which spotted at Walmart and coincide with the phone’s pricing on the retailer’s prepaid Straight Talk wireless service. The tab shows off-contract iPhone 5C sells for $649. However, it is puzzling that, we can see an iPhone 4C tag on the side, which priced at $449.


An “iPhone 4C”, we no heard any rumors about Apple to launch two “C” models  in September.  Perhaps they just look the same, but slightly different internal hardwares? Of course, all these are just casually guess, after all, no one associated rumor associated with this guess so far. So this is highly unlikely, the most reasonable explained that the tags are mislabeled in some way or this is simply a fake.

If a name mixup is the culprit, we could have final clarity on next-gen iPhone pricing. $ 649 is should be a reasonable price of the iPhone 5S, the 5C would then get a cheaper (but not dirt cheap) off-contract pricing of $449.

Via iSource

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