How to Get a Nintendo DS Emulator on iPhone by Installing Nds4iOS

    We have posted a guide on how to install a GBA emulator “GBA4iOS” on the iPhone without jailbreaking. Then soon Apple blocked it, but now we can still install it on the iPhone by modifying the system date. According to the same principle, we can install another classic game simulator a “Nintendo DS Emulator” on iOS device, and no jailbreak required.

    As one of the best-selling game console, NDS (Nintendo Dual Screen) has been synonymous with classic, but now it has been replaced gradually by the powerful smart phone, if you are still nostalgic, so why not try to install an NDS emulator by following these steps.

    How to Install Nds4iOS Without Jailbreaking

    The nds4ios is extremely outdated on non-jailbroken device, so you will need to modify the system time in advance to get permission to install.

    How to Change the date on your iOS device

    • Open Settings, and go to General.
    • Tap on “Date & Time”
    • Toggle off “Set Automatically”
    • Change the date to any date before July 16th, 2013!

    Install nds4ios

    Step 1: Open Safari, enter this address: “

    Install nds4ios

    Install nds4ios

    Step 2: Tap on “NDS4iOS”, new page will be opened, click the blue “Download” button.

    Install nds4ios

    A new page opened, scroll down, tap on “Install nds4ios (Stable) via OTA” button.

    Install nds4ios

    Step 3: A prompt will pop up, click the Install button, then the installation running on your Home Screen. Remember to modify the system time back after installation.

    Install nds4ios

    WARNING: This will overwrite GBA4iOS! Back up your saves beforehand!

    The jailbreak users can directly install NDS4iOS from Cydia by adding aXw-Repo (

    If you are browsing this page on your iOS device, then click on the following direct source links for insalling (You must have aXw-Repo added on jailbroken device)

     nds4ios (Stable)nds4ios (Testing)

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    1. 02/09/2013 @ am 4:59 alejandro

      can i set the date to normal after the download?


    2. 01/10/2013 @ pm 10:35 Dove valentine

      Whenever I download Pokemon Heartgold, I get to the tittle screen and it shutsdown….


    3. 01/10/2013 @ pm 10:37 Dove valentine

      I dont want to hear it about my name


    4. 26/10/2013 @ am 9:09 Jorne

      It doesnt work anymore! Link has been blocked


    5. 27/11/2013 @ pm 5:00 Pokeboy582

      It said cannot connect to for me :-(


    6. 08/12/2013 @ am 1:07 Yousef

      Every time I play a game for example Pokemon soul silver it is soooooooooooo slow why is it like that


    7. 08/08/2014 @ pm 5:48 Abbid Garcia

      I tryed to go to the website angelxwind it safari told me this server could not be found can anybody help


      • 03/12/2014 @ pm 7:22 HelpfulHare

        You have to change your date like the instructions said before visiting the site. It seems Safari has blocked it from view so changing your date allows you to get by that.


    8. 09/08/2014 @ am 7:31 Rikki

      There’s no install button to press I have tried to get to the other website but safari can’t find the page I’m gunna give up on trying to download nds4ios anybody got any ideas????


      • 13/08/2014 @ pm 7:53 heat bomb

        Nintendo took down NDS4IOS and the team is trying to get it back up. Not sure how long it will take but don’t give up on it just yet. It’d be worth it, I promise.


    9. 17/08/2014 @ pm 11:56 Dynamo855

      Yeh I found the same does anyone now how long it will be until it’s brought back up


    10. 20/08/2014 @ am 5:04 Codt

      Please some one get NDS4IOS back up soon


    11. 08/09/2014 @ am 2:28 Snake

      Yeah, it got taken down. Somebody tell me when it gets put back up again! I neeeeed it! >n>
      Go team!


    12. 04/10/2014 @ am 10:09 lelouch

      i went to angelxwind but i dont see the link on nds4ios why?


    13. 03/11/2014 @ pm 3:27 Jake

      It seems that website it tells me to look up doesn’t have the link anymore, any other suggestions?


    14. 26/11/2014 @ am 8:12 EdbertXD

      Is nds , emulator and other stuff illegal to apple , cause android is still allowing users to download it. So why did they take it down ??


    15. 14/02/2015 @ am 12:13 Lewis

      It doesn’t show the nds4ios thing on the screen


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