Panoramic Wallpapers Not Working in iOS 7: Here’s Probably Why

    iOS 7 brings brand new dynamic effects of UI, parallax effect background and ‘panoramic wallpapers‘. But the panoramic wallpapers only works in iOS 7 beta 4 and the previous beta versions, we observed that it not working in beta 5, beta 6 and even the latest official version. Frankly, the Panoramic dynamic effect is indeed very stunning, below is a Video Demo of this Panoramic effect.

    Obviously, this effect was pretty neat, the background moving alone with the phone repositioning, but It is regrettable that the feature has been abolished Apple, and now we can no get this panoramic effect in iOS 7 once again.

     Here are some possible reasons why Apple abolished Panoramic Wallpapers.

    1. Keeping such a high-resolution image in memory while your device is awake is very expensive, especially when it’s done for a long time on devices with 512MB RAM and older GPUs.

    2. Apple seemed to have tried a few optimisations that kept only the visible portion of the image in memory, but this caused visual defects when you tried to quickly move your device. Black boxes started showing up because iOS had to bring a new area of the image in memory, which takes time.

    3. To pan around the wallpaper, iOS used data from the three motion sensors — accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. Continually accessing data from these devices is expensive, since it burdens the CPU and consumes battery.

    Well, the biggest possibility is because Apple wants more battery life, higher user experience on their new iOS 7, to keep a positive user satisfaction. Although the iPhone 5s features a brand new A7 + M7 processor architecture that can handle larger data and achieve low power consumption, but we are still not clear whether iPhone 5s still has Panoramic wallpapers.

    Maybe Apple just disable this feature by modifying the code in the short term, until a more perfect optimization results in a future version of iOS 7. If it is simply disabled, it would be quite easy to enable it again once an iOS 7 jailbreak is out.


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