iOS Soft Dev Pack to Jailbreak iOS 7.1 on iPhone 4

    Recently, a Russian hacker Smolk published tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 7.1 running on iPhone 4, but the jailbreak is tethered.


    Below is a detailed tutorial.


    • This tethered jailbreak only for iPhone 4 running on iOS 7.1.
    • Before jailbreaking, make a data backup for your device.
    • Make sure your computer installed JRE 32-bit (download link)
    • A tethered jailbreak means that whenever your iPhone is turn off you need to do a quick “Just boot” to get it back on.


    Step 1: Download iOS Soft Dev Pack JB v2  from the this link (Only for Windows) which is a software based on Opensn0w (created by Winocm)

    Step 2: Launch this tool after it downloaded.


    Step 3: Connect your iPhone 4 to computer and click “tethered jailbreak iOS 7.1 for iPhone 4”  in the lower left corner.


    Step 4: You will see 3 easy steps appear on the screen shown above, click on “1)Run SSH RD Tool” A window as below will pop up, which takes a while.

    Run SSH RD Tool

    Step 5: Then manually enter your iPhone 4 into DFU mode, you will see the codes running until the green success appear.


    Step 6: Now, your iPhone is like this. After the green success appears, do not close the above white window, click on “2) Run SSH Connect” then there will be a black window.

    iphone 4_jb_71

    Please confirm whether the following code appears:

    Mounting /dev/disk0s1s1 on /mnt1 ..
    Mounting /dev/disk0s1s2 on /mnt2 ..
    If not, please click re-click 2) Run SSH Connect, until the black window and the codes appear.

    Step 7: If all goes well, do not close the black window, click the button “3) Jailbreak data send” also a black window appears.

    Step 8: Wait until the windows automatically closed, the phone will reboot, and then there’s a iTunes & USB logo, then choose the phone model belongs your iPhone belongs from the“Tethered Boot”buttons, model can be viewed at the back shell of the phone.

    Step 9: But no Cydia icon after reboot, do not worry, don’t touch your iPhone, over forty-five minutes, the phone automatically restart, iTunes & USB appears again, then click the button again,then you will see Cydia icon after the device reboot again, but still need to wait until phone respring. Wait a while, you can enter cydia, Congratulations, iPhone 4 is jailbroken.

    This jailbreak utility is new so you may faced some weird errors or unable to jailbreak your device. Just try a few times and it should work. I tested it on my iPhone 4.


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    1. 22/03/2014 @ pm 9:15 محمد الناصري

      iphone 5 please


    2. 29/03/2014 @ am 12:50 seven mod

      ipad 2 please


    3. 03/04/2014 @ am 9:14 Bharat Singh

      i successfully bypassed the activation screen
      no when things comes to jailbrake
      i ran ssh_rd tool and it ran successfully
      then i ran ssh connect it also worked
      then i clicked jailbrake data sent it also worked
      then i clicked on thered boot for iphone 3.1 (as i have a iphone4 gsm)
      my phone booted up
      after then i put it in to the dfu mode and again clicked thered jailbrake
      then phone restarted and i found cydia on the main menu
      after 2 3 minute it got restarted of it own
      and now it’s stucked at the apple logo and again gets restarted


      • 11/05/2014 @ pm 5:58 beubeu

        same here , but i didn’t found cydia on the main menu :/
        but when he restarted it got stuck at the apple logo and keeps restarting

        i try a few times but always the same -_-

        i have an iphone 4 i tried everything

        bypass is no problem but phone still no service :(


        • 23/06/2014 @ pm 1:07 chafaa oumaouche

          whene you finish jailbreak/ MAKE TETHERED BOOT after that the phone boot u dont see cydia on springboard you wait 4 min or less than it should respring and than you will see cydia on springoard


      • 23/06/2014 @ pm 1:08 chafaa oumaouche

        put it on dfu mode a make tethered boot


    4. 19/04/2014 @ am 3:30 yurboi

      does not work for 64bit proccessors. which cpme with the majority of newer pc models. alot of us are out of luck


    5. 29/06/2014 @ am 7:58 minerva

      am stock on step 6 it says operatin system denied what should i do? please help


      • 29/06/2014 @ am 7:59 minerva

        i can open the step 6 what to do? help! help!


        • 19/08/2014 @ am 3:46 taj

          disable the antivirus


    6. 07/07/2014 @ pm 2:56 Adil

      when i press 2nd option its give me error ”the specified file was not found” please help me


    7. 14/07/2014 @ am 6:58 B33K4Y

      does the dev pack remove icloud lock for iphone 5 guys?


    8. 14/07/2014 @ am 6:59 B33K4Y

      iphone 5s?


    9. 31/07/2014 @ pm 1:39 Egils Gridins

      Hey, i cant download this pack, where can i download, or some1 send me please? :)


    10. 27/08/2014 @ pm 2:37 leul

      when i ran this softwer in my pc it ask’s net fromork


    11. 28/08/2014 @ pm 1:26 Davide Curreli

      Does the iphone works as a telephone after this process? I read
      somewhere that the telephone become an ipod (sorry for bad english :D )


    12. 28/09/2014 @ pm 3:25 yahj007

      work like a charm on my iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 thanks alot


    13. 26/10/2014 @ am 5:09 Bunthet Sam

      iPhone 4 (3,1) can’t bypass ID pls help


    14. 02/11/2014 @ pm 11:22 denat

      guys i have an iphone 5 closed with icloud need help plzz help me
      how to really by pass that not just scams im tired from scammss


    15. 05/11/2014 @ pm 1:26 hassan

      thanks 4 helpful


    16. 20/11/2014 @ pm 1:11 Roman

      Plz help me with iphone 4s iclound block. Thanks a lot.


    17. 21/11/2014 @ am 7:18 Sasi Kumar R

      Kindly provide me a link for download
      Will it works iphone 5 ?


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