iOS Soft Dev Pack to Jailbreak iOS 7.1 on iPhone 4

    Recently, a Russian hacker Smolk published tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 7.1 running on iPhone 4, but the jailbreak is tethered.


    Below is a detailed tutorial.


    • This tethered jailbreak only for iPhone 4 running on iOS 7.1.
    • Before jailbreaking, make a data backup for your device.
    • Make sure your computer installed JRE 32-bit (download link)
    • A tethered jailbreak means that whenever your iPhone is turn off you need to do a quick “Just boot” to get it back on.


    Step 1: Download iOS Soft Dev Pack JB v2  from the this link (Only for Windows) which is a software based on Opensn0w (created by Winocm)

    Step 2: Launch this tool after it downloaded.


    Step 3: Connect your iPhone 4 to computer and click “tethered jailbreak iOS 7.1 for iPhone 4”  in the lower left corner.


    Step 4: You will see 3 easy steps appear on the screen shown above, click on “1)Run SSH RD Tool” A window as below will pop up, which takes a while.

    Run SSH RD Tool

    Step 5: Then manually enter your iPhone 4 into DFU mode, you will see the codes running until the green success appear.


    Step 6: Now, your iPhone is like this. After the green success appears, do not close the above white window, click on “2) Run SSH Connect” then there will be a black window.

    iphone 4_jb_71

    Please confirm whether the following code appears:

    Mounting /dev/disk0s1s1 on /mnt1 ..
    Mounting /dev/disk0s1s2 on /mnt2 ..
    If not, please click re-click 2) Run SSH Connect, until the black window and the codes appear.

    Step 7: If all goes well, do not close the black window, click the button “3) Jailbreak data send” also a black window appears.

    Step 8: Wait until the windows automatically closed, the phone will reboot, and then there’s a iTunes & USB logo, then choose the phone model belongs your iPhone belongs from the“Tethered Boot”buttons, model can be viewed at the back shell of the phone.

    Step 9: But no Cydia icon after reboot, do not worry, don’t touch your iPhone, over forty-five minutes, the phone automatically restart, iTunes & USB appears again, then click the button again,then you will see Cydia icon after the device reboot again, but still need to wait until phone respring. Wait a while, you can enter cydia, Congratulations, iPhone 4 is jailbroken.

    This jailbreak utility is new so you may faced some weird errors or unable to jailbreak your device. Just try a few times and it should work. I tested it on my iPhone 4.


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    1. 22/03/2014 @ pm 9:15 محمد الناصري

      iphone 5 please


    2. 29/03/2014 @ am 12:50 seven mod

      ipad 2 please


    3. 03/04/2014 @ am 9:14 Bharat Singh

      i successfully bypassed the activation screen
      no when things comes to jailbrake
      i ran ssh_rd tool and it ran successfully
      then i ran ssh connect it also worked
      then i clicked jailbrake data sent it also worked
      then i clicked on thered boot for iphone 3.1 (as i have a iphone4 gsm)
      my phone booted up
      after then i put it in to the dfu mode and again clicked thered jailbrake
      then phone restarted and i found cydia on the main menu
      after 2 3 minute it got restarted of it own
      and now it’s stucked at the apple logo and again gets restarted


      • 11/05/2014 @ pm 5:58 beubeu

        same here , but i didn’t found cydia on the main menu :/
        but when he restarted it got stuck at the apple logo and keeps restarting

        i try a few times but always the same -_-

        i have an iphone 4 i tried everything

        bypass is no problem but phone still no service :(


        • 23/06/2014 @ pm 1:07 chafaa oumaouche

          whene you finish jailbreak/ MAKE TETHERED BOOT after that the phone boot u dont see cydia on springboard you wait 4 min or less than it should respring and than you will see cydia on springoard


      • 23/06/2014 @ pm 1:08 chafaa oumaouche

        put it on dfu mode a make tethered boot


      • 28/01/2015 @ am 8:17 AaronDaveA

        Same here. Its all success but my iPhone 4 restarts and then got stuck at recovery mode! What do we do? I tried redoing all the steps and again, success but unfortunately, the restarting issue still occurs.


    4. 19/04/2014 @ am 3:30 yurboi

      does not work for 64bit proccessors. which cpme with the majority of newer pc models. alot of us are out of luck


    5. 29/06/2014 @ am 7:58 minerva

      am stock on step 6 it says operatin system denied what should i do? please help


      • 29/06/2014 @ am 7:59 minerva

        i can open the step 6 what to do? help! help!


        • 19/08/2014 @ am 3:46 taj

          disable the antivirus


    6. 07/07/2014 @ pm 2:56 Adil

      when i press 2nd option its give me error ”the specified file was not found” please help me


    7. 14/07/2014 @ am 6:58 B33K4Y

      does the dev pack remove icloud lock for iphone 5 guys?


    8. 14/07/2014 @ am 6:59 B33K4Y

      iphone 5s?


    9. 31/07/2014 @ pm 1:39 Egils Gridins

      Hey, i cant download this pack, where can i download, or some1 send me please? :)


    10. 27/08/2014 @ pm 2:37 leul

      when i ran this softwer in my pc it ask’s net fromork


    11. 28/08/2014 @ pm 1:26 Davide Curreli

      Does the iphone works as a telephone after this process? I read
      somewhere that the telephone become an ipod (sorry for bad english :D )


    12. 28/09/2014 @ pm 3:25 yahj007

      work like a charm on my iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 thanks alot


    13. 26/10/2014 @ am 5:09 Bunthet Sam

      iPhone 4 (3,1) can’t bypass ID pls help


    14. 02/11/2014 @ pm 11:22 denat

      guys i have an iphone 5 closed with icloud need help plzz help me
      how to really by pass that not just scams im tired from scammss


    15. 05/11/2014 @ pm 1:26 hassan

      thanks 4 helpful


    16. 20/11/2014 @ pm 1:11 Roman

      Plz help me with iphone 4s iclound block. Thanks a lot.


    17. 21/11/2014 @ am 7:18 Sasi Kumar R

      Kindly provide me a link for download
      Will it works iphone 5 ?


    18. 28/11/2014 @ pm 7:06 Shawn

      after sending Jailbreak data, it says **usb connection error**


    19. 06/12/2014 @ am 10:42 malik shakir

      i want to unlock my iphone i have forgot my icloud id .friends is it possible to unlock?


    20. 06/12/2014 @ pm 9:12 bdv

      at step 5 there isn’t coming “conect a dfu device” but everything is staying red, what to do?


    21. 08/12/2014 @ pm 3:43 wavemix

      On step 7, it doesn’t open a new window? Do I start the process from the beginning, until I get the window to appear.


    22. 11/12/2014 @ pm 6:11 sri

      hi frnd please help me,,,firstly when i done with all steps with jailbreak and tethered boot my iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 jailbreaked and cydia installed successfully as new iphone but my wifi and bluetooth is not working also network for my inserted carrier is not accessed …hence i tried all reset network options still problem not solved so i connected to itunes and restored it but the restore is failed as error(16) so iphone4 not restored stucked at itunes & Usb logo,again i tried ios soft dev pack on my iphone all steps are success when clicked on model 3.1 tethered boot button it start kernel booting on iphone screen by line are going up but it suddenly screen goes bleck and it wont restart even after 45min,,if i restart it same itunes & Usb logo come and it wont restart so please tell me the solution for this ,,,i have the backup of it.


      • 24/02/2015 @ pm 6:20 med

        step 9 what is it the button I will click again help pleaaaase


    23. 13/12/2014 @ am 11:23 ginel

      iphone 4 please


    24. 14/12/2014 @ am 11:49 boopathi

      i had i phone4 and i have bypass the cloud lock but my sim service was not active, the error is no service, how to rectify that problem


    25. 16/12/2014 @ am 9:22 jagrala

      iphone 4s activation bypass iclod account remover


    26. 20/12/2014 @ pm 5:53 tij_bk

      I have an iphone 4 with iCloud enabled I try to activate it, but no solution . I Utilised jailbreakiosx the tool but it asks me to install the JAVA (which is already installed ) and it arrète.aider me if you like it .connect me with my hotmail addres


    27. 31/12/2014 @ am 8:07 Natius

      Thank you. worked for iPhone 3.1. Still says no service on baseband 12.09 though.


    28. 10/01/2015 @ pm 2:04 Noob

      Followed everything, stuck on step 8, when I see the iTunes logo, I clicked 3.1 tethered boot button because its a GSM iPhone 4, all windows were automatically closed and yes a black window (cmd) appeared on the bottom of the black window (cmd) it says “Connect the device in DFU mode. [numbers counting from 1,2…594 so on and so forth] should I wait or what?


    29. 10/01/2015 @ pm 2:30 Noob

      Never mind my first post about being stuck at 8, I already figure it out, now my concern after rebooting twice (automatically) is it normal that my phone is shutdown? its all black? is this the time where I wait 45 minutes?


    30. 10/01/2015 @ pm 2:32 Noob

      Nevermind my first two post, its all working now haha… sorry… peace.


    31. 08/02/2015 @ am 4:21 jayrusel

      i can’t turn my phone in dfu mode????


    32. 21/02/2015 @ am 4:36 Aaron

      Everytime this application opens i get a java script error. it wont run scripts from this application i have tried many versions of java 7. i have even tried uninstalling java 64bit still no luck what em i doing wrong


    33. 23/02/2015 @ pm 12:13 mohamed

      hwo o know the iphone model please help


    34. 24/02/2015 @ pm 2:45 mohamed

      step 9 what is it the button I will click again help pleaaaase


    35. 25/02/2015 @ am 1:44 med belhani

      Step 9
      you said : …iTunes & USB appears again, then click the button again…
      what button ???
      plz i need help


    36. 27/02/2015 @ pm 3:47 Mohammed

      it says downloading 7.0.4 ipsw !!!
      can i download it manually ??


    37. 07/03/2015 @ am 9:02 Tezah

      Hi I tried to run the first step and I’ve got this error and I don’t know what to do please help me. Thanks

      This is the error I’ve got.
      SSH ramdisk maker & loader, version 06-12-2013 git rev-04b-A
      Made possible thanks to Camilo Rodrigues (@Allpluscomputer)
      Including xpwn source code by the Dev Team and planetbeing
      Including syringe source code by Chronic-Dev and posixninja
      syringe exploits by pod2g, geohot & posixninja
      Special thanks to iH8sn0w
      device-infos source: iphone-dataprotection
      Report bugs to msft.guy (@msft_guy)
      Edited by deVbug (@devbug0) to support iPhone3,2
      iOS 7 patches from opensn0w by winocm (@winocm)

      Extracted resource to C:\Users\TEZAHZ~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ssh_rd\native\jsyringeapi.dll
      Extracted resource to C:\Users\TEZAHZ~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ssh_rd\native\mux_redux.dll

      INIT FAILED (mux thread)!
      Possible causes:
      iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed.
      Could not bind to the port 2022 (make sure only one instance is running!


    38. 07/03/2015 @ pm 5:29 pac

      please help, which one is for the iphone model a 1332, im stucked in step 8 thanks


    39. 07/03/2015 @ pm 10:42 Mile

      How to download icloud to the iPhone 4 appel id and password


    40. 23/03/2015 @ pm 1:58 Hikki

      im new bie from iPhone how activate the dfu mode?


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