Download TinyUmbrella Beta for iOS 8.2 for The Future Downgrading

Today Semaphore aka @notcom finally fulfilled his promise, rewrited the TinyUmbrella both for OS X and Windows. This tool is currently in the testing phase, requires a Java environment to run.

Semaphore hinted the new TinyUmbrella may have far-reaching implications in downgrading 32-bit and 64-bit devices. TinyUmbrella is an important tool to help users downgrade their iOS devices. Later Apple blocked the effect of SHSH blob produced on the downgrade, so TinyUmbrella can no longer play its role for downgrading the latest iOS 8.2.

Semaphore wrote in his blog:

TinyUmbrella rewrite – BETA
I’ve rewritten TinyUmbrella from the ground up. I’m releasing a very BETA version to the wild. I hope this version doesn’t cause your machine to explode or smoke to rise from your monitor. It is, after all, written in java.

This release is a limited BETA. It has the very basic functionality that the original firmware umbrella had years ago; that is, it saves your shshs. This one, however will save them automatically. There are no options. There are no cumbersome settings. There is one button. This one button will save the optional ‘OTA’ shshs. If you have a device selected, it will save them for that device. If no device is selected, it will save all OTA shshs for all known devices.

The new TinyUmbrella works with the device regardless of its state: DFU, Recovery, or otherwise. If you’ve connected a device to TinyUmbrella and later that same device connects in DFU/Recovery mode, your settings/device info is automatically detected.

This release is not bug-free. What is? I did my best to test this with the resources I have available. I intend on releasing an update within the week to address any bugs that are found in this initial BETA. Further, I will be updating this tool to work with much more admirable features that many of you want. 🙂 Until then, Save your SHSHs!

Legal: You use this tool on your own. There is no guarantee of support. There is no license to reuse my code elsewhere in your projects. If you find my code useful, ask me before cannibalizing my work.

Thank you for your support and I hope it works for you.

But now everything seems to have a turn. Semaphore full of confidence to TinyUmbrella, SHSH blobs and the future downgrade. This new tool has been greatly simplified, it has a dedicated button to save the SHSH blob.


As you can see above, TinyUmbrella has saved the SHSH blobs for my iPhone 6 Plus for iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.1.3. It is because Apple is currently signing iOS 8.2 (which is the latest version currently) and iOS 8.1.3 (Apple tends to stop signing the previous version in a week or two).

If you need a new TinyUmbrella beta, then downloaded via this link.

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