AT&T Customers Will Enjoy Hulu Content for Free

You certainly no stranger to Hulu this well-known video site, which operated by NBC Universal and Fox jointly incorporated in March 2007. Yesterday, AT & T announced a partnership with entertainment-streaming service Hulu. Beginning at the end of 2015, AT & T customers will be given the option to have free access to Hulu Plus content that can be used on their mobile devices.


AT&T customers will be able to browse Hulu programs and select the shows they want to watch through an AT&T app for mobile device viewing or an AT&T website for Internet viewing. Combined with a leading TV Everywhere catalog, AT&T customers subscribing to Hulu will have one of the best selections available of current and past season full episodes. AT&T and Hulu also are exploring the possibility of bringing a Hulu app to TV.

The catch is that AT&T users will have to use a specialized application to enjoy the content for free. It will require logging in with an AT&T account to prove that you’re an AT&T customer, and once you get through that first line of defense, you can start browsing the Hulu catalogs. If you don’t want to use a specialized application, AT&T says it will be accessible from the Web too.

Obviously, this is a stealth marketing plan, AT&T like to take this to consolidate their users and make more money when customers accidentally reach overages.

Sources: AT&T

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