iOS 8.3 Now Downgrade-Unable Due to Apple Stopped Signing iOS 8.2

As always, Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.2 firmware today, this means iOS 8.3 becomes a downgrade-unable version, and users can no longer restore or upgrade to iOS 8.2 firmware even if their device is running iOS 8.2.

You can also personally check the signing status of iOS by visiting, a website that provides real-time signing status for iOS firmware files.


Obviously this matter does not have any impact on jailbreakers. Because there is no one available tool can jailbreak iOS 8.2 – 8.3, unless there is a possibility to allow users to downgrade their device to iOS 8.1.2, which can be jailbroken using TaiG and PPJailbreak. However, there is a good news reported before that hacker @notcom is working on a new version of TinyUmbrella for downgrading iOS 8.x with saved SHSH blob. This more or less gives us a little hope to re-jailbreak our devices.

In addition we can only wait for an iOS 9 jailbreak issued by Pangu, TaiG or other new team in the future.

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