How to Fix Apple Watch Workouts Not Syncing With Activity

Apple Watch has launched over a month, its various shortcomings, bugs also rapidly followed. User ‘Grnscout5’ complained on Apple Watch forum that the workouts not syncing with activity on the Watch Standard 42mm.

He Wrote:

Several workouts I have logged with the workout app have not synced to the activity app. For example I went for a 58 minute run and I tapped end then save in the workout app but it is not showing up in my activity app. Under exercise it shows 0 minutes.

For this another avid user Winston Churchill explained:

Where did you do the run, outside or in, if you don’t actually move (or have a high heart beat according to some people) it won’t register anything as exercise even though it registers it as workout. As a workaround you can set the workout activity to other when you aren’t moving.

So we speculate the activity app seems to fail to sync to the phone at times and this is only solved by shutting down the watch and phone. Therefore, we judge this is a serious bugs exist in the activity app, maybe a new update from Apple is the only way to fix workouts not syncing.

Via: Apple

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