How to Install Apple WatchOS 2 beta Without Developer Account

Apple Watch is a brand new product line, which has a completely independent ecosystem, on par with the iOS Device and Macs. The company also seeded a new watchOS 2 for developers in the WWDC 2015 event that recent held.

Typically, to use this new watchOS 2, you should be an Apple developer member, a privilege that now extends across all platforms for only $99, then download and install WatchOS 2 manually.

Wathos 2

idownloadblog give us a simple tutorial on how to install WatchOS 2 update.

Quoted below

You should first successfully installed iOS 9 beta on your iPhone, and register your device UDID with a valid developer account.

Then pair your Apple Watch with this iPhone for installing.

Note: Charge the Apple Watch at least 50% and keep it connected to its inductive charger throughout the installation process.

How to Install

Step 1: Download the watchOS 2 beta Configuration from the Apple Developer portal directly to your iPhone, you can also download the form this third-party link without a developer account.


Step 2: Launch the profile, tap Apple Watch as install location and reboot when asked

Step 3: Launch the Apple Watch app on iPhone

Step 4: Tap My Watch → General → Software Update

Step 5: If requested, enter your passcode

Step 6: Wait for the Apple logo to appear and watch the progress bar fill in completely

Step 7: Your Apple Watch will reboot once the update is completed.


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