Jailbreak Apple Watch Status Update

In people’s minds, the Apple device seems always be jailbroken, people always trying to jailbreak the various versions of iOS running on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch since they are born. All this stems from people’s enthusiasm and the system restrictions by Apple.

hack apple watch

Apple Watch as a new wearable product has undergone watchOS 1.0 and watchOS 2.0. However, wathOS not so open as iOS, developers be restricted have to use WatchKit to define interfaces. They can not use superior frameworks like UIKit and SceneKit in the Watch apps like iPhone apps. Even so hackers are constantly trying hack them. Well-known Cydia developers, Steve Troughton-Smith, Adam Bell and Cydia Founder, Jay Freeman aka saurik have successfully hacked the Apple Watch both on watchOS 1 and watchOS 2 to run UIKit & SceneKit apps on the device.

As Steve T-S tweeted below they managed to get an interactive 3D object running on the Apple Watch powered by Apple’s SceneKit framework. Steve explains that he picked SceneKit as “it is an example of something you can’t do through the WatchKit”.


Not just watchOS 2. Steve has now successfully hacked his Apple Watch running watchOS 1.0 to run UIKit based apps. Just like the previous hack, this has be done without jailbreaking Apple Watch. He says that “watchOS 1.0 is just as app-friendly” as watchOS 2.

Not just utilizing SceneKit and UIKit, another developer Hamza Sood got a clone of Flappy Bird on an Apple Watch by taking advantage of native SpriteKit rendering. With that app, someone could use the Digital Crown for input controls, as demonstrated on video as well:

Although we continue to wait for a jailbreak for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4, it would be interesting if a jailbreak could be achieved on the Apple Watch and released to the public so users could do what they wanted with their Apple Watches.

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