How to Downgrade Tweaks in Cydia App

Yesterday, Saurik brought a major update for Cydia Installer, new version allows jailbreakers to downgrade the Cydia tweaks they have installed on the device without uninstalling and reinstalling. This means you can easily downgrade the cydia tweaks back to the previous version if you found the new version not stable enough. Course the premise is an older version is available on the repository where the tweak is hosted.

Well, below is a simple step-by-step tutorial guides you how to downgrade cydia tweaks to an older version. Of course, first you should ensure the Cydia Installer has been updated to 1.1.23 or later version.


How to Downgrade Cydia Tweaks

Step 1: Launch Cydia App on your jailbroken device.

Step 2: Find out the jailbreak tweak you want to downgraded.

Step 3: Just tap on the Modify button in the top right corner.

Step 4: If the package has an older version available on the repository, then you will see a Downgrade option listed, just tap on Downgrade.

Step 5: Choose the version which you’d like to downgrade to.

Step 6: Press Confirm to start downgrading the package to the selected version. Once done, you might be required to respring your device.

That’s all, the tweak has been downgraded to an older version, course if you still not satisfied with this version, you can still upgrade it to the latest version again.

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