Bring tvOS-Style Alerts to Your iOS Device with Palert Tweak

Apple TV 4 has a new operating system, tvOS, which is the fourth operating system in Apple’s stable, including Apple OS X, iOS and watchOS. The fourth generation of tvOS has alerts and notifications that many users envy because of their clarity and lack of clutter. Now a popular developer, Robin Vekety, who goes by @Integeritis has developed a jailbreak tweak that ports the Apple TV alerts to iOS for those who are still running jailbroken devices (iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch).

Vekety’s tweak is called Palert, available for 99 cents on Cydia’s Big Boss Repository. The tweak adds tvOS-style alerts to iOS, which includes text input boxes and buttons, and also the blurred background that Apple has added to the Apple TV 4. that means when an alert pops up, everything in the background is blurred so you can immediately read the notification. With Palert, you can also use your finger to tap and drag the alert buttons, causing them to animate the same way they did in tvOS. (On tvOS, you move up and down between the buttons.)

All of your alerts will be re-themed to match the tvOS style, which includes the messages pop-up and AirDrop alerts. You can configure Palert to your specifications. This means you can change the size of the alerts, which is good for those who like larger text and animations on larger screens. You can also change the blur style by adding a specific background color, or modify the blur radius and amount. You can disable or enable Palert immediately, switch between the default and alternative alerts styles (default buttons are white, but you can change them) and the changes take place effortlessly.

Palert is a cosmetic tweak that some people will like and others will not be excited for. I recommend the tweak for several reasons. First, the ability to modify the notification style is important, since iOS lacks this functionality. Second, it’s good to support developers who are bringing some of the best ideas from tvOS into other operating systems. There are multiple tweaks that borrow from watchOS, but until now few have migrated from tvOS. This should open up other fun tweaks for iOS. The primary thing that is attractive about tvOS is how streamlined and minimalist it is, so for people who like that style, Palert is a must.

To install the tweak, you simply download it from Big Boss Repo and bring your device back up. Once installed, it is access through the Settings > Options area, which sets up a Palert preference panel. Launch Cydia, search for “Palert” and your new options are all available.

Palert is available for just 99 cents and is compatible with iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices which are currently jailbroken.

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