4 Cydia Tweaks to Convert Your iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6

When the iPhone 6S was released in September, many people who had not upgraded to iPhone 6 were undecided about whether the upgrade was worth it. Although the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S phones look similar, there are some major hardware upgrades to iPhone 6S. This is especially true of the 3D Touch display technology, which allows you to performa a greater variety of tasks by varying the way you touch the screen. The camera was upgraded and users can now record 4G video. Want the functionality of an iPhone 6 but still using an iPhone 5? You can add many of the best features of iPhone 6 to your jailbroken iPhone 5 by using these Cydia tweaks.



Hey Siri allows you to use Siri totally hands-free. To activate, you simply say“Hey Siri,” rather than holding down the home button to activate it. Older phones permit you to use Hey Seri but only when the device is plugged in.

The Cydia tweak UntetheredHeySiri gives older iPhones the ability to keep Hey Siri activated even if the device is plugged in. Once installed, the tweak adds an option to the Siri menu, which can be accessed in the Settings app.



You’ve no doubt heard extensively about peek and pop and other options that are built-in to the 3D Touch capacitive screens in iPhone 6S. RevealMenu gives you some of the 3D Touch Quick Actions on your older device. To activate, you simply long press on an app icon on the home screen, which activates Quick Actions. Then you just need to tap and swipe up to activate Peek.

However, Pop is still not available without the new display technology. The addition of Quick Actions is still helpful, however, since it is the biggest upgrade in the 3D Touch. This tweak makes excellent use of Quick Actions by adding it to apps that do not even officially support it.



You’ve probably experienced grainy, low light selfies with your older iPhone device. Apple finally did something about this problem in iPhone 6S. The new iPhone turns the screen into a camera flash, ensuring that selfies taken in low light conditions are as clear as any other photo. FrontFlash is a Cydia tweak that temporarily brightens your iPhone screen and flashes when you take a selfie. It also gives you the ability to adjust the color temperature of the flash, same as on the iPhone 6s.

Live Photos Enabler

live pho

iPhone 6S heavily promoted its Live Photos, which give users the ability to also capture 3 seconds of video with every photo that you take. The video can then be played back, surprising or pranking your friends. The 3 seconds of video give you the chance to essentially create an animated GIF. There is an older jailbreak tweak called Live Photos Enabler that gives older iPhones the chance to have Live Photos as well.

The Live Photos Enabler also ensures you can communicate with people who have iPhone 6S. By delivering the feature natively to iOS, the tweak allows you to send the Live Photo and video to an iPhone 6S user, and their device will treat it the same as a real Live Photo.

After installation, the tweak is ready to go without any additional manipulation in the settings. It simply adds a Live Photos feature to the Camera app.

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