IOS 9.3 Beta 2 Now Available to Public Testers: How to Get It

The iOS 9.3 beta 2 has been released to Apple’s public testers. The 9.3 beta 2 can be downloaded if you have a device enrolled in Apple’s public testing program. Those who have the credential can find the update through the software update option in the iOS Settings application.

This public release is just two days after Apple gave its developers the second iOS 9.3 beta.

Night Shift

Night Shift is a function that makes the biggest change from the first beta round to the second. Night Shift allows users to access and then control the display temperature on compatible versions of iPad and iPhone, which are currently limited to 64-bit hardware with most recent beta versions. The feature uses the device clock and geolocation services to calculate local sunset. Night Shift then automatically shifts display colors to give warmer hues, making it more viewable at night. To access Night Shift, users swipe up from the bottom of the screen, where they can go to the quick access icon in the center, just between the calculator and timer shortcuts.

Other iOS 9.3 features include the ability for users to individually encrypt notes, pair multiple Apple Watches with a single iPhone, and a few new 3D Touch actions. Apple is not expected to launch iOS 9.3 to the general public until later this spring.

As readers of this site know, the ability to control brightness on iPhone display is one of the most popular jailbreaks. Due to popular demand, the brightness adjuster f.lux, a Cydia tweak, was made available as an app without jailbreaking.

At the time we speculated about whether Apple, which kept the app out of the Apple store, would simply implement similar features in a future iOS update. And now it seems they have.

How to Get 9.3 Beta

There are two ways users can get access to Apple’s OS beta updates: by having a developer license or having a public beta invitation.

To get a free public beta account, just sign up to participate in Apple’s Beta Software Program.

public beta

Apple has been offering OS X public betas since 2014 and iOS betas since March of 2015. Just enter your Apple ID and password. There will also be a verification code. After you have signed up, you will receive a link to download your profile. After installing the beta profile, you will be prompted to restart your device. It will then be installed over the air like other OS updates from Apple.

If you opt to go into the Apple Developer Program, it will cost you a paid developer account, which runs $99.00 a year.


Developers have access to betas in order to develop new apps and to ensure their existing apps are compatible with newer versions of Apple software.You developer account gives you access to betas of OS X iOS, tvOS and watchOS, so it is very comprehensive. To enroll, go to Apple’s developer page, click “enroll” and follow the prompts. Before your account is approved, there is a waiting period of up to 24-hours.

Just remember to backup your device and if possible, not to experiment on a device you use daily.

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