Jailbreak Tweak of the Week: SafariHistory

This week’s best new jailbreak tweak is SafariHistory, which you can get for free from Cydia. It will let users who do not typically use the Private Browsing mode another way to delete their Safari history.

Safari on iPhone and iPad does include a “Clear” button that lets you delete your entire history. When you use the Clear button, you can delete a single item, but you must do so manually, by swiping to the left to bring up the “Delete” button. If you want to delete history items en masse, this becomes a time-consuming process. The difference between the Clear button and SafariHistory is that the Clear button will delete everything, whereas SafariHistory allows you to remove things in bulk or individually.

You can use SafariHistory to remove the items without clearing an entire history of your device. Some people don’t clear their history at all, but it is strongly recommended that you periodically exercise your right to privacy by clearing your history. People can use your history section to snoop what you are browsing. It’s also a way that thieves and hackers gain access to your most important information, such as banking, email and work data, that leave you vulnerable to identity theft.

Shortcomings of Private Browsing

Users of Safari may not want to utilize Private Browsing mode. When you use the mode, your history will not be saved at all while you browse. This doesn’t work for everyone, since many people like to use their history to find websites they browsed earlier.

Problems with the Clear Button

The Clear button in the normal Safari interface will remove absolutely everything you ever browsed. While this is fine for some people, most people don’t want their entire histories wiped out. Safari makes it possible to get rid of individual entries but only manually by swiping left.

SafariHistory’s Benefits


SafariHistory gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to delete in bulk, and the ability to delete single entries. The interface is changed under the history section, adding an Edit button. By tapping the Edit button, you can choose any amount of items you want from your History list. Once you are satisfied with the items you have selected, you simply tap on the “Action” button. That brings up a pop-up prompt that asks whether you want to continue or complete the action.


If you have determined that you never use your Safari history, then Private Browsing is probably more than adequate. But if you finding yourself searching for history or deleting some websites, then SafariHistory is a no-brainer for a jailbroken device. Apple easily could have added this function in its newest version of iOS. If enough people in the jailbreak community pick this up, odds are that it will one day be adopted by Apple, which is what happened with Night Shift and f.lux.

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